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21 Crazy in Love - Beyonce

Best song of the 2000's? I think that poll shared their own opinion and nothing more. This song topped only 6 or 7 countries. Totally overrated piece of trash - Alexandr

Horrible song, annoying and over played. Anytime I hear any Beyonce song change the station. All because of crazy in love. Get over it Beyonce sucks

Take this off its an classic! - JaysTop10List

This is when Beyonce started to suck, since she wasn't in Destiny's Child anymore. Overrated song. - olliv

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22 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

It's a great song, but come on. It has been overplayed time and time again being features on so many movies, and I personally think that it isn't even journeys best work

Annoying song relegated to bars where drunk girls scream along.

Journey has released better. Nonetheless, the band as a whole is just overrated. - naFrovivuS

So cheesy and packed with every conceivable cliché. This has way less depth than many songs that get absolutely crucified

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23 Single Ladies - Beyonce

If you hate it then you should've put a lid on it!

Hey Kanye your girl Beyonce created on of the worst songs of all time!
Of all time!
Not to mention the video is really stupid. She has no lyrical depth whatsoever with this as a prime example of just how shallow she is.

Annoying, this deserves to be one. - LukeTargaryen

The start of the song has the "woop woop" like Stupid Hoe

24 Viva la Vida - Coldplay

I don't like Cold Play, but for this, X&Y, Talk, Clocks and Fix You, I make an exception.

this is a song from a rock band. but is this a rock song all i could hear was the piano coldplay has better songs than this

Coldplay are a great band, but this isn't their best song.

Lol calling Coldplay a "rock" band. Cut me with that edge

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25 Ravens - Mount Eerie

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Best song of the year? Nah. I don't think so at all because it's just so...boring. The story is sad but this is so boring that I just can't get myself to enjoy it. - DCfnaf

No. - ProPanda

26 Crank That - Soulja Boy

Nobody likes it, therefore its not over rated

All the idiots tried to look cool dancing to it and it got big and soulja boy got 15 minutes of fame, and now works at burger king

Pure cancer. One time I saw a guy dabbing to this song, and he called it a "classic". I think I lost brain cells from that statement.

27 Hello - Adele

Boring, depressing song. Amazing voice but song sucks

Boring, depressing. Just horrible.

This song is so BORING. There is nothing inspiring masterful or original about this song. Nothing about it makes you go wow. It's only popularity because Adele sings it.

It is okay, but nowhere near her best. Someone Like You or Fire to the rain are better. - 445956

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28 Poker Face - Lady Gaga

I can't stand this song it actually sucks. So overrated

Do you want to smoke weed then din


Yeah...this song just annoys me.

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29 Royals - Lorde

I don't understand why everyone is all like " ROYALS IS LIKE MY FAVORITE SONG" and how it's even "real music." Like come on there is way better songs too. This didn't even deserve to be #1. Same with Roar.

Royals is Extremely overrated. - Gamecubesarecool193

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this song! From the other stuff I've heard from Lorde, I can easily say that she will be an artist that will make no good songs in my book.

I Despise this song. There's very few songs that make my head hurt to the point where I wanna die, and this is one of them. Stupid, egotistical, meaningless lyrics, bad instrumental and a talentless "singer". This is the kind of song I would use as torture.

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30 Watch Me - Silento

Now watch me whip? Now watch me Nae Nae? Its like a conversation between a horse and its rider. The rider says to watch him whip and then the horse says to watch him Nae Nae.

Crank That is overhated for sure. This is even WORSE and less hated. I'm confused right now...This song deserves to be hated the most. - AlphaQ

Why do people like this song? It is overrated because this song is so bad it doesn't deserve a rating above.5/10 - christangrant

This is 40? This should be #2 - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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31 I C** Blood - Cannibal Corpse

Pop and rap songs with "bad lyrics" like Wrecking Ball, Real Slim Shady, All About That Bass and Anacondas all get hate for being dirty while this song which is about masturbatinf and having sex with dead girls anuses and IT'S PRAISED? You guys are hypocrites! - AlphaQ

Since when was this praised? - naFrovivuS

32 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

In The chorus that little kiddish voice is somewhat catchy.


This song is so obnoxious. It sounds like little kids are singing it, if you
call this music, you must be deaf. every time I hear this song I cringe.
I'm sorry, but I really don't like it.


33 Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers

It was either this or closer but this is considered good more often than closer so this is why its on my list - christangrant


34 Hey Ya! - Outkast

I love this song so much! Yes! Another good song with no bad words! Rap songs with no bad words are cool.

Actually I'm fine with rap with cursing but I said that because I like rap as a whole. - AlphaQ

All it really seems to be is a pop-rap anthem with a message probably no one was expecting (a man wanting to leave his girl). Nonetheless, a catchy song. 6/10 - naFrovivuS

I like this song. It's not that overrated. Yes, the lyrics are repetitive but it has a good sound to it.

Boring, generic song, that really goes nowhere! Except to the part of the brain that triggers annoyance X10

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35 Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin

This is a ripoff of two songs - christangrant

36 Bennie and the Jets - Elton John

Elton John is overrated by so many old people it's not funny. - NuMetalManiak

37 Lose Yourself - Eminem

Number 10 on Best Songs Of All Time? If that isn't evidence that Eminem is overrated, I don't know what is! - yaygiants16

This song is amazing - harr4

This song is overrated. And that means something's considering I'm an eminem fan. Seriously, not afraid and kings never die are 10x better than this

It's good but it is no Rakim really or even Amoc

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38 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

Seriously, what's so special about this garbage? Except that two famous sweepers are carrying it

You may think it's garbage because you don't know the storyline. That's why people don't like All About That Bass - AlphaQ

Eminem still is the best. Though I think Rihanna ruined it. Eminem still covered some of it to good.

What?! How can you call Eminem a clown? Eminem, one of, IF NOT THE GREATEST lyricists and musicians of all time! How?! YOU ARE AN IDIOT! YOU REALLY don't UNDERSTAND MUSIC

In terms of Eminem status, I'll say this isn't one of his best. Definitely preferred Not Afraid and No Love. - naFrovivuS

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39 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

This is a good song! Although it might be just a bit overrated. Still, it's great! - micahisthebest

This is not a bad song... It's actually fantastic. No wonder so many people ' love it. - Napstablook

The song is (or was. Nobody remembers it nowadays) overrated by the fact people didn't know other sad songs that were waaay better

Song is not great, it's just boring, it's trying to be a sad song, but there are much better sad songs out there. + instrumental part is garbage not gonna lie.

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40 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

How are some of Katy's more underrated songs( Not including her big hits) more overrated than Shake It Off? This song is extremely overrated.

This song should be #1. - railfan99

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