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1 Family Guy Family Guy is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffins, a family consisting of parents Peter (Fat, Idiotic Dad) and Lois (Nagging Bitchy Wife), their children Meg (Socially Awkward Daughter) Chris (Fat, Idiotic more.

I love a dysfunctional family more than anything but this is just four criminals, an idiot and a normal person living under one roof.

Just like SpongeBob SquarePants, Family Guy was once a very good show. Nowdays the show is kinda bland and most of the characters have changed into unlikable pricks (Don't get me started on Peter and Brian) Tbh the only character who is still a good character is Stewie, not to mention he's my favourite cartoon character of all time and is the reason I still watch Family Guy.

Family Guy used to be funny back in the day but now it sucks. I also hate the spin-off shows like American Dad and The Cleveland Show because they're all EXACTLY the same kind of shows. All three shows have the same doofus fat husband/father with the hot wife/mom, the fat and/or looser son, and the teenage daughter whose hated by her own family. Also there's usually a talking animal and/or a baby genius involved in some way.

This show was funny the first couple of seasons, but now it just looks like a repeated ritual. By the way, why does everyone say this show is more offensive than South Park. Family Guy just makes a 10 second joke about races, sexuality etc. South Park just keeps crossing the line and takes EVERYTHING way over the top.

2 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a children's animated fantasy television series developed by Lauren Faust, produced by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Vancouver. Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has also gained a large following of men, usually adults, mainly young more.

This really isn't a bad show, it's just really overrated. There are plenty of other cartoons that are better than this and I don't understand why bronies were so obsessed with it.

One time I was a 12-year old kid, I would occasionally watch television and one time an advertisement for this show had popped up (this was back in 2010 by the way), I just ignored the commercial and moved on...

A few years later we come to a godawful fandom that cannot accept criticism, makes fanart involving these unfunny, terrible characters (sans the rabbit, and Spike), tells anybody with minor to no interest in the show to "kill themselves", 'ponifies' everything from Eversion to South Park, you get the idea.

As for the show itself, I watched one episode and I warned myself straight after to never watch any other episode of this "show" again. The characters are annoying, especially that pink brat that never shuts up and manages to make Angelica or DeeDee look like the calmest people on Earth. The humor is bland, the desigins are awful and make me think that this isn't My Little Pony at all. Finally, the antagonists are absolutely terrible, especially that "Discord" ...more

I really hate it when bronies say that it came out during a bad time for animation. I can name a lot of better shows that came out around that time. They treat this thing like it's the ONLY good cartoon nowadays!

I honestly don't have a problem with the show (I don't watch it) and it’s a good show for kids, but I think it is pretty overrated. I personally don’t see how a show with magical talking ponies could attract an older audience, but if you like the show then I guess you like what you like. Also a lot of parts of the show’s fandom is awful.

3 Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I definitely hate this show including that gecko-face fraud named Kim! She's America's most hated celebrity ever and she'll go on making terrible shows! I hope that she'll be burned in corrosive acid all over her freaky face!

This show SUCKS! The Kardashians are the trashiest show ever! I feel like Kim or Kylie would take over the world and kill us all! Their faces are scary cause their lips are HUGE and not natural! Never watching this again!

10/10 don't watch!

I hate this show, HATE IT, HATE IT! It's like they can rule the universe and create an apocalypse where poor people like us work as slaves! Plus, Kim Kardashian is the most hated bombshell in the universe!

Its fine.. Its got some good sides as well as bad! But the show is fun! Especially for people who likes melodrama for no reason.. But sometimes it can get on people's nerves..

4 The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, both of whom serve as executive producers on the series, along with Steven Molaro, and also some wasted guest stars from time to time.

What a retarded show, I watched one small clip and stopped because of the click track. I don't see how this is supposed to be funny. It's obvious that the writers were trying to create smart characters, but the geniuses only seem to do idiotic things. No one with so little practical intelligence would have gotten this far in life.

This show is just a mix of dirty "jokes" that are supposed to be funny solely because they're dirty, and "humor" at the expense of nerds. People act like this is a show for geeks, but really it's for exceptionally dumb people who think it's funny to make fun of geeks.

How come that they didn't cancel that show after the first 2 episodes is a real mystery to me. Annoying characters, stupid and retarded persons ( they supposed to be geniuses? ).

Horrible, lame, boring show that wouldn't be funny to most people if it weren't for the laugh tracks. I am absolutely befuddled at the popularity of this show.

5 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator the late Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is currently the most popular show on Nickelodeon, as well as the longest running show, running for 20 years, and is beginning its 13th season. more.

The older episodes were great but the newer ones are horrible for so many reasons. The new writers of the show have ruined all of the characters and made them completely unlikable by focusing only on their worst traits (making SpongeBob more obnoxious, Patrick more disgusting, Squidward more selfish, Mr. Krabs more greedy and not to mention making him more of a villain than Plankton). The humor just keeps getting more disgusting and tasteless, and to top it all off it doesn't even feel like the show is set underwater anymore because they either keep adding animals and plants that belong on land or they have those weird monster alien creatures that don't make any sense... I think this show should have been allowed to die a long time ago.

Ugh. disgusting garbage that I could manure my lawn with. Horrible. no depth to anyone, its just ugly bad jokes and terrible graphics with absolutely no plot whatsoever

Okay show, but sooooo overrated. It needs to flat out end, I don't care if its Nick´s most popular show, It needs TO END. Characters have almost no character development at all.

I am one of the few true spongebob fans left since the show became really popular back in the early 2000s. I do agree that the newer episodes have not lived up to the legacy of the show, but I could easily name ten episodes since season 9 that I have found enjoyable and even as good as the first three seasons. The trick is that they are making Patrick either too smart or too dumb and that needs to change, but I think plankton has only improved as a character. Not to mention the animation is superior now to what it was in 2005

6 Jersey Shore Jersey Shore is an American reality television series which ran on MTV from December 3, 2009 to December 20, 2012 in the United States.

Why did you dislike my comment that says "The picture here shows what the people are doing makes this show underrated! "?! It's not my favorite comment, but do you like how these people fight in the picture or are you a good user that is proving to me that literally nobody likes how these brats fought! Sigh... Viacom in a nutshell

ITS NOT A SHOW. SERIOUSLY. A bunch of guidos doing nothing but humping, fighting and partying is not a show. The fact that people even like this garbage is proof how brain dead and stupid MTV is. How is it not cancelled yet?

This show is TRASH. I hated this show. It's just a bunch of irresponsible guidos drinking, having sex, and fighting like teenagers. The worst part, they're all adults.

It's not overrated. People watch it for fun not because they like it or because they think it's high quality entertainment.

7 Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.

This show went completely downhill ever since Sean Bean's character died, even before then this show was nowhere near as "great" as people claim it is. Not to mention it's horrific fanbase, a bunch of psuedo-intellectual teenagers who think they are "really clever" for watching this "really smart" show when in reality they are basically watching a soap opera merged with softcore porn disguising itself as "fantasy". Every time I've tried to stop watching this show, I've had fanboys keep telling me "Oh wait, it get's better." "This is where it starts to get good". You've been saying that since the second episode of the first season and it's still the same boring, monotonous, pretentious drivel that it was to start with except with less characters than before.

It's not necessarily a bad show, but my god it's overrated. HBO has made way better shows in the past such as The Pacific and Band of Brothers, those shows are definitely worth watching more than this. But I will say this ...more

I can see why people don't like it, but it's not overrated in any way. I used to dislike it at first, but then I gave in and watched the first episode and ended up binge-watching season 1 through season 7 in a matter of weeks. I may be biased, however, because I like both history and fantasy in no particular order.

Best. Show. Ever. Not the shows fault it follows the books and has sex in it. We arnt 5 year olds or 90 year olds that are offended by sex. This show has an outstanding storyline and you never know if a character is on the edge of death or not which makes it so much more intense/dramatic then any other show ever.

This show sucks. Period. I watched a few episodes, and the most action I got was some witch rip off killing a few dudes and never making another appearance. It also had a brother and sister doggy styling it and then killing a child?

8 Adventure Time Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape more.

This show isn't that bad but the fanbase is really annoying. I just never found why most people liked it and/or it deserved this much attention.

I am part of the fanbase and honestly, I'm a nice person. just because there's a bunch of sour grapes doesn't mean everyone is one.

I love marceline so I love adventure time too because she's one of the characters. but I also agree with the people complaining about the fanbase:some ashaming fanfictions,drawings etc. Made me weep for anger!

Seriously Cartoon Network, stop making shows that are made for the mentally ill

9 Friends Friends is an American television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which originally aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, lasting ten seasons. It now airs on Nick at Nite. more.

I honestly really don't get how people can be like "this is the best show ever! ". Friends is far from it. There are some funny jokes and I have laughed pretty hard at some jokes, but the humor overall isn't really clever and feels pretty lame. The main characters can be quite whiny, ridiculous, and childish and yet they all are adults. Ross and Rachel's relationship is overrated. They are off and on too much and they just argue so much. The "we were on a break! " joke has gotten old and stale. And it's horrible how Rachel has been such a bad person to so many of Ross's girlfriends. But I find her to be just an overall annoying and bad character. Monica is ridiculous and annoying. Ross just seems like a huge annoying, obsessive, and controlling ass. And he got mad at the fact that his son was playing with a doll. Yeah, he got mad at the fact that his CHILD was playing with a TOY! And it just creeps me out at how Phoebe easily talks about her mom's suicide. The ...more

Unfunny yet so popular. I like it but its not as great as people say. Proves my sense of humor is more refined than the majority and I like that fact lol (sorry) People like to laugh at so dumb stuff nowadays, many scenes on this are cheesy to the point they are cringy and make me want to cover my face from the cringe. Ross, Chandler and Rachel save the show from totally suck. The other characters are ridiculously one-linear and Monica is plain boring.

I'm sorry but is this show really all that great? And am I the only one who straight up HATES Ross? Ross is the worst character on the show. There are so many better sitcoms than this. You want to see a good sitcom? Watch Cheers. That will do you some good.

I always find people comparing Seinfeld and Friends. I haven't finished friends but I never could enjoy friends like I did Seinfeld. Even after all these years seinfeld seems like a good sitcom but most friends jokes are boring. To me.

10 South Park South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network. The show is about four boys, who are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, and their adventures in South Park, Colorado.

Okay, I'll say this much, South Park was a good show back in the late 90s and early 2000s. But much like Pokemon, it overstayed its welcome, and it has grown stale over the years. And its humor has become less funny and entertaining. Nowadays I'm simply indifferent of South Park.

I don't see what people think is SO GOOD about the show! All it is is offensiveness. Jesus doesn't kill people, idiots! This show is also really racist! All it does is swear and rant on Christianity! Get cancelled, South Krap!

It was good up to season 5. Then it was great from 5-8. Then it was good again. Season 18 was okay. 19 was A little better, and 20 was a hot mess. Season 21 went back to the original format and was good.

Worst show ever, first seasons are good but now it's just swearing and just lame handicapped people.

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? King of the Hill King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels that ran from January 12, 1997 to May 6, 2010 on Fox.
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11 The Simpsons The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening that originally started on April 19, 1987 as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. It got its own series on December 17, 1989 and is still running as of 2021, making it the longest running animated sitcom. It is about a man named Homer more.

I love that show, but why is this Number 12? South Park never declined, SpongeBob did an overhaul to improve quality, KUWTK is Kim Kardashian at her worse and My Little Pony is kinda a dead joke.

You people don't understand what the definiton of "overrated" is. The term doesn't mean to hate the show, but you just don't like the fact that the show is incredibly popular and liked way too much.

The Simpsons isn't terrible, but in my books I find South Park to be much funnier and more interesting than this cartoon. I respect those that like the show and I do find Bart, Maggie, Mr. Burns, etc to be some of my favorite characters but I just don't find much interest in The Simpsons at all.

The only thing that pesters me is how popular this show has gotten, I don't mind it receiving a star in the Hall of Fame or earning many nominees and awards but there has to be at least a few that find any other animated sitcom to be more funnier and more creative than The Simpsons.

One more thing, I've noticed that if anybody makes a negative (not insulting, just criticising) statement about the show on here (and anywhere else) the users get overprotective of The Simpsons and ...more

The Simpsons has been around for a very long time but honestly I don't understand why so many hate it. True the newer episodes aren't as good as the old ones but they're not that terrible like the new Family Guy episodes are and one thing I've always liked about The Simpsons was how they poked fun at a lot of issues without trying to be too offensive the way Family Guy and South Park does.

Incredibly boring show, used to be funny but never been hilarious. One episode takes around 200 days to make, compared to one episode of South Park - 6 days to make. I'd say South Park is more intelligent and funny, however it does tend to be far more childish at times. I'd quit if someone was able to do something better in 6 days compared to my 200 days.

12 Glee Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. It focuses on the fictitious William McKinley High School glee club, New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate more.

Glee was amazing at the first three seasons, it was inspirational and it meant something. It was a show about teenagers made FOR teenagers and it had a lot of great messages like being yourself and that everyone is special. But after the main characters graduated, it became so crappy and cheesy. Season 4 was okay even though it didn't live up to my expectations but Season 5 was a disaster. That's so sad because this show had potential.

I feel bad for the fans of this show who loved Puck

Small evidence, wasn't on world television news I mean other countries did watch it.
Just pleaded guilty and committed suicide. I wouldn't bother counting how many trials he had I think someone wanted to make a show of him because he was the bad boy.

It seems that's all hear on television these days all about glee. Even when the show has nothing to do with the show. What is Desperate Housewives doing on this list. That show is my favorite show, it is worth all the hype, they live up to it to.

I loved the earlier seasons, then they added stupid and annoying characters. Rachel became a spoiled, uptight, cynical, and greedy character. Seasons 1-3 were the best. Then it all went downhill.

13 Gravity Falls Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.

Gravity falls is for tiny kids who are nerds and think they like horror movies/games but are actually scared of it.

Why is this so high in the list?

Shut up this show is amazing.

One boring cartoon

14 Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

I think this show is honestly a little underrated. Yeah, it's talked about on the internet a lot (and for good reasons, in my opinion) but I personally think that it should be at the same level of popularity as Spongebob or The Simpsons. If you don't like the show, that's fine. I'm just a huge fan of it and this is what I think. (Though, if you haven't watched it yet, it gets WAY better after the first half of season 1. Trust me.)

I hate this show and it's fanbase. They make out Steven universe is perfection even though the whole show sucks and is very overrated like teen titans go

This is very overrated should be in the top 5 at least

Teen Titans Go is not overrated. This is.

15 Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets. It was first broadcast in Japan on April 1, 1997, in the United States more.

They should have made a different protagonist for every season made in a different region and have pokemon journeys be an epic meeting between all of the protagonist trainers traveling together trying to prove who's the best, it'll be so much more interesting and better than having the same protaganist fail again and again doing the same stuff every time, although he did win the Alola League I don't see what they more they can do.

Pokemon gives a bad name to anime. It's boring, stupid, predictable and it's the same thing every time. Ash and his friends meet a trainer, Team Rocket catches the Pokemon and Pikachu, Ash uses his Pokemon to defeat Team Rocket, they move onto the next town. Ash gets all the badges, competes in tournaments and then loses and gets rid of his old Pokemon, rinse and repeat. This show needs to end. It's mindless garbage. Play the games if you want the real Pokemon, even read the fanfiction or the comics.

Pokemon was good back when it started but just like Doctor Who and SpongeBob, at this point in time you're asking yourself, "why is this show still getting made? " They should have just stopped after the original series was over instead of making new spin offs that just have a different title and team, Pokemon has run it's course so let's just leave it alone

Pokemon started the rising of human stupidity and the downfall of good television shows. It gave us more crappy animes that even thought they were better than Pokemon, they were still unwatchable. Anime is a whole is complete garbage.

16 Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

Frankie J. Grande. - The Ultiamte Daredevi to whoever said "Why did I have to add that to the list for?

Why did I have to add that to the list for?

Get this to number 1 please


17 Breaking Bad Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The show originally aired on the AMC network for five seasons, from January 20, 2008, to September 29, 2013.

When it was great it was great, but the show has a lot of issues that stop it from being one of the greats.
The first two seasons are poorly paced and repetitive, often starting and dropping storylines very quickly.
The final season felt rushed, after the slow rise of Heisenberg, most of his time at the top is skipped in a montage. More time passes in this season than the first 4 seasons.
Some side characters seemed out of place (the twins) others were very under developed.
All of the female characters are irritating and seem to be written in a very similar way.
Overall the show is great, but definitely not the best of all time.

I'm surprised this hasn't been added yet, as it's the only thing that anyone can talk about these days. To put it simply, who really wants to see a show about a teacher ruining his life by selling drugs? That's really all that happens in the story. A teacher selling drugs and trying not to get caught is what the whole show is about. As you can see, the sheer amount of creativity and planning that was used to develop this show is breathtaking.

Overrated, but there's an obvious reason why it's in the top 5 best T.V. shows of all time on IMDB, nearing a perfect 10.

Oh come on people we all know this show taught us lessons we could apply perhaps

18 How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom that originally aired on CBS from September 19, 2005, to March 31, 2014. The series follows the main character, Ted Mosby, and his group of friends in Manhattan.

The show was barely even about how Ted met the mother. It was more about Barney and the women he had sex with! Even I wouldn't want my own father telling me that kind of story, unless I was really bored. The whole show was dumb however, I did like the characters except barney! He's annoying!

Actually I think How I Met Your Mother is quite underrated. its always in friends shadow so people always assume it's a complete ripoff of friends. it has tooken lots of inspiration from friends, but it is so much more that just a ripoff

I hate How I met your mother. To me it's nothing more than a cheap ripoff of Friends. On top of that, the characters are obnoxious and unlikable and sometimes chauvinist. At least Friends is actually funny and not sexist.

How I Met Your Mother is an Incredibly addictive show and the first few seasons were possibly the best of a multi camera sitcom for the previous decade. UNDERRATED ACTUALLY! Appaling its on this list.

19 The Walking Dead The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard . Andrew Lincoln plays the show's lead character, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma discovering more.

It had a great idea but they turned it into this crap. Did the writers seriously think that a total lack of zombies was a good idea for this show? And the characters would be more interesting if they actually did something, zombies are infecting the world and they're just sitting around in a farm. It makes me mad that even a great channel like smosh constantly talks about hoes "awesome" the walking dead is, cause it's not

Not a very good show. Every episode is people and/of zombies getting brutally murdered in over-the-top ways. All this show really is is just death scenes, and sex. That's it. The comics were probably better. And I know an 11 year old that watches this. Absolutely ridiculous

Zombies = the most overrated fictional creatures, and anything related to zombies are overrated. Zombie apocalypse is impossible, I don't get why people fear of zombies. And this show is pure bull with a terrible fanbase.

The effects on this show are lazy and terrible most of the time. When people are shooting off pistols, there's a crappy gun muzzle flash effect, the slide doesn't move, no recoil, and no casing ejection.

20 The Loud House The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. more.

It's way too stereotypical. There's your average ditzy fashionista, the tomboyish sports lover, the child prodigy... and it doesn't end there. They decided to make one of the sisters have a crush on a girl, and which one is it? The butch one with short hair, of course.

Growing up with only sisters, I found this show to be outstandingly relatable, and I felt that each of the sisters had at one point lived in my house.

It's overrated, but not as overrated as Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Of course they made the white kid the main character but made the black kid the sidekick with gay parents which they stereotyped into making the gay dads overprotective

21 American Idol American Idol is an American talent reality television series that first aired in 2002. As of May 2019, there have been seventeen seasons.

It's an awesome show but it would be even better if all the winners/contestants were as succesful as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Its ridiculous that people take this as seriously as government elections

Stopped watching after on one season the best of the final two did not win

People put it in a pedestal of greatness that it doesn't deserve.

22 Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb is an American animated comedy-musical television series. Originally broadcast as a one-episode preview on August 17, 2007 and again previewed on September 28, 2007, the series officially premiered on February 1, 2008 and ended on June 12, 2015 on Disney Channel, and follows Phineas more.

I loved this show! But now, I find it REALLY REPETITIVE and Gravity Falls is a better alternative. Gravity Falls is awesome. Just watch it. It's got humor, mystery, sibling bonds, positivity, and heart melting moments. And its mostly weird. That is good.

Actually Pokemon is the most repetitive show ever because unlike Phineas and Ferb, Pokemon never adds anything new to the next episode except a new person or a new Pokemon.

I want to know why people love this so much...

Best damn animated Disney cartoon ever!

23 13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama web television series developed for Netflix by Brian Yorkey, based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

How is friends higher than 13 Reasons Why? Friends helps so many people experiencing anxiety and depression due to its heartfelt tone and jokes, and 13 Reasons Why does nothing. Furthermore, David Crane and Marta Kaufmann are better creators than Selena Gomez and Brian Yorkey. Gomez and Yorkey have violated so many guidelines when dealing with suicide, and the unflappable chemistry in Friends continues to gel so well that Friends becomes a binge-watching treat for anyone who's looking for a good show for laughs.

Cardboard cut out characters, an unrealistic plot that pushes people to suicide, and acting so bad it'll make you want to watch a kindergarten Christmas play make this show quite possibly the worst T.V. drama ever created.

This show deserves to be much higher on the list - in fact I absolutely despise it. It romanticises and glorifies suicide and has terrible acting. And for some reason it’s getting a second season. It needs to be cancelled.

Boring, and it lacks suspense.

24 Modern Family Modern Family is an American television mockumentary family sitcom that premiered on ABC on September 23, 2009, which follows the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family, all of whom live in suburban Los Angeles.

This show is not even remotely funny. This show has so many awards and lasted so many seasons. If you want a good sitcom with out a laugh track, watch the middle (no I’m not talking about Malcolm in the middle).

Just like every T.V. show about a dysfunctional American family the characters on this show are still a lot closer to each other and get along better than any real dysfunctional American family.

I don't know a single person who likes this show! The fact that it has been on air this long really surprises me!

This needs to be in the top ten. This show is not that funny but EVERYONE loves it.

25 Breadwinners Breadwinners is an American animated television series created by Gary "Doodles" DiRaffaele and Steve Borst for Nickelodeon. more.

The show isn't overrated. It is terrible, but not overrated. To prove my point, read all the negative reviews on it on IMDB and read how baseless the positive reviews are on there.

I knew it was going to be stupid from the first preview. There. Is. No. Plot. And there's no point for Nick to keep making more episodes. Cancel it!

Not overrated, just plain terrible and a waste of time. There's a difference between the two terms 'bad' and 'overrated.'

Just the fact it's on the air means it's overrated.

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