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1 Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty in general is overrated. I'm going to be honest, Call of Duty is just a terrible game. Its just point and shoot. I mean come on. At least try people. Call of Duty is the most overrated game of all time. It's so generic an I think most indie games would top it.

Gonna be junk like the previous 3-4 Call of Duty titles... The developers are completely milking this series way to hard. It wont be long before even the 12-13 y/o's playing realize all it is is a copy-paste of the same game each time

They do try to make this game differnt every installment but I feel that it does get old once and a while but they get to add new guns and maps and maybe killstreaks or equipment besides not everything is perfect.

How is it overrated when 80% of Call of Duty fans hate it and it is the least cancerous and highest quality in a long time? - EliHbk

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2 Grand Theft Auto V

Haters Gonna Hate. Grand Theft Auto 5 was an Amazing game, but was incredibly over hyped and quite disappointing. This Game had Such High Expectations and was incredibly anticipated. The Trailers looked amazing. The Radios Seemed Amazing (NWA, Kendrick Lamar. What more could you ask for... ) and the Graphics looked incredible for a Current Gen Console.

When the Game Came through the Post on September 17th I was very Excited. The Install was Surprisingly fast for Gigabytes and I was so Excited. I Managed to Complete the Game In 4 Days and was content with my experience so far, but much had to come. Grand Theft Auto Online had 1004 (figure of speech) problems for the first 3 months and there were many overrated aspects of the Games which I feel is necessary to address...

1. Graphics: Although the Graphics of the Game were Fantastic they looked like an incredible downgrade to the Screenshots, or the Screenshots were edited. Textures looked much worse, there are jaggies ...more

Just saying although this game is absolutely epic it's incredibly overrated.

How is Grand Theft Auto 5 overrated it way better then saints row it more realistic, better graphics, way bigger world, more stuff to do, and saints row it to foolish. Also in 3 days Grand Theft Auto 5 billion dollars and you say Grand Theft Auto 5 is overrated retard

Admit is overrated. The storyline is mediocre, the handling and shooting mechanics is too easy, the missions are too easy, the cops and AI are horribe, and the multiplayer consist of 12 year old trying to kill you every minute or blow you up. - keontesampson76

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3 The Last of Us

Great game! You get emotionally attached to Ellie and The last confrontation nearly caused me to rip my controller in half because I felt helpless and thought it was all over...

Good story but very poor gameplay.

After Call of Duty, this is the most overrated game of all time.

Last of Us sucked. Deal with it.

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4 SimCity V 2 Comments
5 Minecraft

This is just way to overrated. Would you like to know how many videos of Minecraft are on YouTube? 500 VIDEOS! Every time I go to YouTube, BOOM there are lots of Minecraft videos. People who love Minecraft so much should move to fun and underrated SimCity 4. - TopTenJackson

It isn't even funny how overrated Minecraft is. It's just a game where you place square bricks. I never liked Minecraft (despite my friends trying to get me to play it). Everywhere I go it's Minecraft this and Minecraft that.

Minecraft is one of the best games ever, but it's one of those games after about 45 minutes of playing you just get bored. It isn't overrated

I love mincraft its stupidly awesome

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6 Tomb Raider

Drowning in silly, infuriating QTEs, gives no respect to L. Croft, super boring, awkward in a dozen ways.

This just spits on the old TR as much as possible. None of this crap happened, according to the old games. I thought Tomb Raider was too good for the latest fads. (The latest fad is origin/survivor stories) According to TR:LR, NONE OF THIS HAPPEND. If you want a good TR game, get legend, 3, 2,4, and Anniversary.

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7 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

No this game deservves its rating because it's awesome slasher

How THIS game is considered one of the best Hack n slashes of all time BAFFLES me

No this game deservves its rating because it's an awesome slasher

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8 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Game was way over hyped for a seemingly never ending circle of running around and sailing ships very disappointing for a game as popular as AC is.

Nah it deserves its praise - christangrant


It has very bad story the worst story in gaming history

9 God of War: Ascension
10 BioShock Infinite

It was a good game with some of the best twists I've ever seen but the ending confused me - shfydgi

Not overrated. If anything its underrated

I liked this one - DatRabidSlushie

Those game is terrible, sick, twisted, demented, racist and sexist. I mean come on!

Hello the game takes place in 1911 of course there's going to be racism - shfydgi

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11 Pokemon X

This game is a bit like gta5 of the last of us. Its incredible, but very overrated. - coolguy101

This is too hated to be overrated. - KingofHoundooms

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12 Watch Dogs

Wouldn't say its overrated, just a letdown for all the hype given.

This was released in 2014

You are joking this game is awesome

Not overrated. - EliHbk

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13 Super Mario 3D World

How is this and tomb raider overrated? - Harri666

This game isn't OVERRATED! People keep saying super Mario 64 is the best, which is not, so this is actually underrated! I'm not aaying it's the best game ever, don't worry. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Hey, HeavyDonkeyKong. Super Mario 64 is much better than Super Mario 3D World.

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14 Battlefield 4

How is this not. #1?! This game isn't even finished! It's the most disappointing game I have ever played

"Call of Duty is overrated, it sucks! "wow, real original guys

Just cause it has one of the best graphics doesn't len its the best! There are way better war games

No this game is awesome minus the crashes

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15 Pikmin 3

I respect your opinion. I'm not that big into Pikmin, but seriously, that was a powerful move for Nintendo to create Pikmin!

How is it overrated, it is one of the best Wii u games but not overrated

16 Pokemon Y

Great Pokemon, but really bad gameplay.

Literally, "Pokemon X and Y". Does anyone else find that to be kind of amusing? - xandermartin98

17 Earthbound Wii U

The people who think this is overrated haven't played the original earthbound

This game is a remaster of a game from 1994. And graphics don't make a game bad.

Why is it a best seller it is not that good like mega man 6 -

It has the worst graphics for a game in 2013 flappy bird looked better than earthbound -

18 Flappy Bird

It's pewdiepie's fault it's popular

Pewdiepie released his Flappy Bird video in 2014, so yeah.

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19 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

When Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat are together in a Mario & Sonic crossover instead of all Mario/Sonic characters of each gender, the game get automatically lauded even though it does not make the game. Plus Knuckles the Echidna seems to be looking as Princess Peach because she is the only competitor whom he is behind. There are way better aspects in the M&SatOG series for sure, such as how elite all the athletes are.

20 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
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