Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.

The Call of Duty series, or COD for short, is arguably one of the most well known video game franchises of all time behind the Mario and Legend of Zelda series. Ever since its release it has gone on to have one of the highest fanbases in video game history and continues to make millions of dollars. Many people have gone on to say the series is either a masterpiece, overrated, or horrible. I feel that I shouldn't defend this series because quite frankly it's irrelevant to me, but I feel I should clear the air of it a bit. Do I think COD is bad, no. Do I think its a masterpiece, no. I think the COD series is the most overrated video game series of all time. The reasons for this are mainly the repetitive gameplay, the story, and the fanbase. For the record I own only four COD games, Modern Warfare 1 & 3, Black Ops 1, and World at War, but thanks to my friend that collects video games I've played many more, I can honestly say the best game in the series and the one that deserves any credit is World at War, it has a compelling story, great gameplay, realistic scenarios, and decent characters, not to mention a great ending. Modern Warfare 1 & 3, while fun, are only truly exciting the first time, then after that you get bored. Worse is Black Ops, the story was weird, the gameplay was repetitive, and it also got boring after the first time, I'm actually planning on selling it on ebay. The main reason I don't like first person shooters is because the gameplay gets repetitive, COD for example. Just going around shooting stuff is boring unless you have other elements that distract from it, COD doesn't really do that, it mainly focuses on the shooting. The story isn't anything special either. While I can say that the stories in COD aren't bad, they're just so ludacris and bizarre that I can't get into them, Black Ops especially. However, I could forgive all of those flaws if it weren't for the fanbase. Oh my god, is the COD fanbase annoying, and it's also the biggest flaw of the series. COD fanboys will denounce every video game ever made and call it inferior to COD, stand out in long lines to buy the same monotonous game, and it's even worse online where they swear, insult people better than them, and treat it like religion. COD fans annoy me so much it's actually the main reason I don't play that many games in the series, I don't want to deal with that bulls**t. I guess what I'm saying is while the COD games aren't bad, they get way too much undeserved credit for being just above average. There are some good aspects such as great graphics, easy controls, and a nice homage to the military, so its not all bad. So to all the people who hate the series, it's not that bad, and to all the fanboys who obsess over it, calm the f**k down, it's not a deity, it's a game.


I couldn't agree more with this. - evil7

Honestly, I haven't played call of duty, but I want to see what the game is like - EpicJake

NOT A BAD GAME! HIGHLY OVERRATED! But I love Black Ops 2! It's fun I think. - visitor

Overrated, yes. Bad, to me that's a yes/no kind of question. - visitor