Flappy Bird


I like how people were so angry about Nintendo seeing them for, oh I don't know, literally stealing backgrounds from them. The thing is it wouldn't have hurt them to be a little more unique with them instead of just being thieves. Nintendo had every right to sue they were stolen from.

Here's my account of flappy bird. Flap, flap, flap, flap oops I died! Hold on I'm addicted to flapping now flap, flap, flap hold on gotta kill my brother for beating my high score flap, flap, flap my phone died and since I can't look away from it for 2 seconds so did I

The only reason it is famous is because PewDiePie played it.

There should be more copyright laws in the app gaming industry, like the 70s of console gaming. There is so many ripoffs and very few good games and copyright laws. So maybe eventually app gaming will end up like console gaming. - Harri666

Just a ripoff of Jetpack Joyride's Profit Bird.

It's also really boring after a while... all you do is fly through spaces between pipes.

I was playing angry birds at school once and some kids came over and were like,

"Hey why you playing angry birds? that's so old! you should be playing flappy bird! " - SammySpore

Just a ripoff of the Profit Bird from Jetpack Joyride.

Dumbest game ever made! A redneck could come up with a better game than that.


I think angry birds is way more better than this boring and ENRAGING game

This game overrated! You can only fly around pipes. The game also ripped off textures from mario. - Q-Q

This game is just addicting to people and it's EVERYWHERE! I tried playing the game but well I got bored with it.

This Game Needs To Be Number 1 On This List! It Is Easily One Of The Most Boring Games I Have Ever Played.

My God this game sucks. You just flap through Mario pipes over and over and die the first 10 seconds in. - Mcgillacuddy

Absolutely overrated. I was just waiting for this to show up on this list.

This game is basically the game that I really don't like, You can only fly around Mario Pipes. - Fullwalking

The game is pretty fun, but dear Lord, people give it way more love than it deserves

There are so many fandom and indie games that copied this abnormal piece of crap.

Not gonna lie, I'd rather have a year with FNaF being the popular thing instead of a month of this garbage being the popular thing. This game is so enraging. - DCfnaf

I'd rather play superman 64 than this. at least superman 64 is ACTUALLY A GAME!

Good, At Least I Know That I'm Not The Only Person Who Dislikes This Game.

It's not a game. It's a former of torture

The most overrated game because it is a time waster

This game sucks it is more overrated than Call of Duty halo and Grand Theft Auto together. it is just stupid tablet game I don't know why are people so opssesed about it

This Game Is Extremely Overrated!

Why was this a thing? The only thing you could do was touch the screen and pray that the dang bird doesn't hit the ground or any of the frigin pipes