Grand Theft Auto V


The game is great. The single player is fun. The online section is not. Everything costs WAY to much, you get killed for no reason, originations will hunt you down, level 400 millionaires who hacked money in will repeatedly kill you in jets, tanks and cars. The online portion of this game is the definition of insanity.

Most Overrated Game Ever, What Do You Guys See It That Game, Whole Grand Theft Auto sucks. Rockstar Probably Bribed Ign To Give Grand Theft Auto V 10/10!

Rubbish, this game is indeed one of the greatest games ever created, another example of a game people love to hate due to it's universal acclaim.

Grand Theft Auto V is also bad with how money is always tight, cash flow is slow and the fun stuff is expensive, feels like they've designed it around pushing people to spend on buying in-game cash. This style of game doesn't mix with grinding. Sometimes it seems like all the microtransations and DLC stuff is a drag on the game industry these days. - Sephilin

Didn't deserve to sell a quarter of what it sold (54 MILLION units). It definitely isn't that good. If they don't change up the game in the future, Grand Theft Auto will end up like Call of Duty.

Single Player was fun then gets boring after your done with the main story. Multiplayer is gets boring fast

Multiplayer is kinda messy and the load times are annoying.. The story mode feels like a ghost town apart from the main storyline.

It's the second best in the series but still a little overrated number 3

This game is #1 on literally every top 10 game lists. Doesn't even look fun. (Haters gonna hate)

Great game, overrated. I would rate it 8.5/10 while a lot of people say 10/10. I mean its great but overrated.

All you do is steal cars and bang chicks.

Great game but not a masterpiece. - kaspertheminer

Maybe a bit overrated, but still awesome.

It got massive hype. People were disappointed. But now people seem to be coming back to it. - marmalade_skies

This game is NOT better than Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas. I find it very disappointing how Grand Theft Auto 5 is bigger, but Rockstar didn't even bother adding San Fierro, Las Venturas, or the smaller towns. I found the exploring and graphics entertaining, but agree this is overrated. I'd give it a 7.9/10. - doodie

This needs to be swapped with IV the online is swamped with a bunch of kids, and the story is absolute garbage. The graphics on the cars took a huge downgrade from IV. POS game.