Half-Life 2


The people that praise this game have no real argument for it being the "game of the decade". They say, you should have played it when it came out. Well first of all, the best game should be timeless and shouldn't ever feel boring or slow. Secondly, I thoroughly enjoyed the first game and it's counterparts, and I played that after the I played the second and expected it to be just as boring and dull, but it was actually really fun. The weapons were original and cool, they had more than 1 cool weapon unlike 2 with its "fantastic" weapon, the gravity gun which just ended up feeling like a gimmick. The game itself just felt as if it needed to show it's cool new engine rather than do anything else like make it not feel like a chore to play through where as the first actually had good gun play and decent story.

Never got into it myself... Yet everyone is always screaming about how epic it is, and how all other games suck in comparison and blah blah blah... I just don't see the appeal. It's probably there, just not for me.

You guys are missing the point, it is not a bad game by any means. However, giving it constant 10/10 and saying it is the best video games ever no matter what kind of irks me. I get it, it had innovation, and Steam probably wouldn't be the same without it. But a game can have innovation and still be overrated.

I played them when they were released and I dunno what world some of the people posting were living in but the first really wasn't that mind blowing at all. Doom and its sequel were better games level design, atmosphere and fun wise, and came out about 5 years before it. Hell they even ripped the story off from it and Doom barely even had one to begin with. That's what you're trying to say is impressive about it? They're both pretty generic in that regard Half-life just flushed it out a little more and gameplay wise was very boring and weak. But it was rendered in 3d so I guess it was the best fps ever made? It's presentation was nice but it was severely lacking in other areas in my opinion. Half-life 2 was just more of the same for me, gameplay just was not fun and the story was as generic as ever

Half-Life 2 isn't flawless like everyone says it is, the grab mechanic is glitchy as hell, the controls is just okay, and the game is kind of easy. But hey, it's my opinion, I'm not trying to change yours. - PinataonSugar

This game was okay, but from the way that people were talking about it you'd think it would be the greatest game humanity has ever done. While I do recognize that this game is revolutionary, it is not even close to being the greatest game of all time, the characters are all flat and stereotypes (with the exception of Alyz) the story is okay, not great. The gameplay is just okay and sone of the dialogue is cringeworthy, can someone explain to me why this is a great game?

First off I want to say that I like this game. BUT it isn't perfect. In fact no game is! I first was fine that it was popular... before it was "the game of the decade". I'm sorry but in my opinion it does NOT deserve that title.

I have played it, and I found it entertaining, but it is far from perfect. People consider it amazing because of the gravity gun, but a game can't be made perfect by one weapon. The game often feels empty, the ai is crap, and valve has made many far better games.

I used to think half life 2 was over rated, then I played it.

Who the hell put this masterpiece here. This masterpiece is the best FPS ever. Show me a game that have better graphics for it's year, a better story, better main character (Gordon Freeman is so badass), better character personalities, a weapon like the Zero Point Energy Manipulator (Gravity Gun), a wide variety of enemies (Metro cops, Overwatch soldiers, Elite Overwatch, Zombies, Headcrabs, Striders, Hunters, Gunships, Antlions, Choppers and many more, a character like G-man... If you show me a game that have all of this I will... wait... that's impossible. You cannot find a better game! Half-Life 2 is the best game ever! This masterpiece should be ranked higher.

Black PS2 better than this.
-worst characters
-bad voice acting
-crap story
-no puzzles

It's not overrated, but still not underrated because many people love it (and for good reason! ). - Extractinator04

There is nothing special about this game

Most overrated game ever! It was good in 2004 but now in 2015 it's really BORING BORING BORING

I bought this game a few years back, tried it out, and returned it after the first day. This game is so damn boring, yet people treat it as though it's the best game ever created. And people call Ocarina of Time overrated? If you ask me, the most overrated games ever made are Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Halo, Portal, Minecraft, Angry Birds, and of course, Half Life. ENOUGH OF THIS!

It did not fix anything at all! Like the first game, I got a headache despite at low sensitivity. - YourWaifuSucks

I see why people liked it at the time, but today it's lame. The action is so boring

A game that rides on a wave of nostalgia, nothing more.

This is in fact my favorite game. No really, it is, but I understand why many people say that this game is overrated. It's not perfect, hell, even Valve said that they wished to add more to the game. The game has a large modding community, so you get pretty much endless community content, an interesting story, great graphics considering the time period that it was released in, and the gameplay, including the Gravity Gun. But still, the game suffered from linear paths, long map loading times, and what I hated most was having all the main characters like Alyx, Kleiner, Eli, and Mossman treat Gordon like a baby, basically in a manipulative way, like do this, go here, kill the sniper, whatevs. I still found it fun as hell, and as a masterpiece from Valve.

Whoever Says This Is Overrated Is Obviously A Fanboy Of Mario Kart 8, - VideoGamefan5

It's a great game but it's so overrated. - Aguythatpeopleignores

The whole "Half-Life 3 confirmed" comments is getting old. I really like HF 2 but I believe it's getting too much credit then it should have. But it's just my opinion.

The fact that this is on the list proves to me that the world has gone to crap.

This is one of the best games ever. it's not overrated or anything

Half-Life 1 was awesome but this game is just overrated.