Halo: Combat Evolved


In fact, I don't really think it's overrated. Halo 3 is my favourite game of all time and all the games are also great. You don't really get screaming little kids on multiplayer, the worst you get is someone putting a vacuum cleaner in their mic, which you can easily solve by muting the chat. Job done. Great offline and online multiplayer, amazing storyline and NOT a horrendous fanbase. I may not have gone deeper into the fanbase, but by actually playing the multiplayer for the last 3 games, the people are OK.

I don't really agree with this placement... As I've always loved these games.
Although, now that I strain myself to criticize it, I CAN see that it is... Overrated... But understand that it is hard for me to think that, given my good history with it.
I am at least appeased in knowing that (at this time) Call of Duty is higher up on this list than Halo.
Whew, that was tough.

WOW I see people here saying the story is bad...don't wanna say too much but Halo has one of the greatest stories ever. If you don't think so, then you clearly don't know it...

It doesn't have shotguns in multiplayer, why, that the only gun you must have in multiplayer to start a round with. As for the game yea I mean this is a game you play when your bored.

always seemed like such a big deal for such a simple concept, it works sure, but it has hardly be a revolutionary game. - lethaldose

Halo is NOT overrated. Without Halo, there would be no Xbox. Without Halo, Rooster Teeth wouldn't exist. Without Halo, Destiny wouldn't have existed, which actually, wouldn't have bothered me. But Halo is NOT overrated. I absolutely love Halo and doesn't deserve to be on this list at all.

Halo Is A Series, Not A Single Game, If You're Referring To The First Game It's Called "Halo: Combat Evolved" Besides Mario Kart 8 Is Overrated And Yet People Like That Crappy Game So Much - VideoGamefan5

It's not really crappy and it's liked for good reasons, I think you should give it another chance. - DCfnaf

Played the Master Chief Collection. Online was fun but the single player campaign aged horribly.

It's definitely not the franchise it was 10 years ago;. - marmalade_skies

There's waaaay better FPS's than HALO. - cheesytaco

Halo 1, 2, and Reach deserve the praise, everything else is really overrated. Halo 3 was boring from what I've played and Halo 4 just flat-out sucks!

Halo 1 & 2 I still stand by as the best games of all time but since then they really have been overrated - especially Reach.

It is one of the best game of all time, but the fans ruin it because of their comments, too much overpraising the game

I don't know, I still love the Halo games

A lot of flaws that get overlooked. Many enjoy it but that doesn't make it unassailable.

Most overrated series ever. A mediocre game with a weak plot and a terribly annoying player-base. What kind of name is Master Chief anyways? - Iron_Rose

Halo is not overrated! It is rated how it should be! In fact it's underrated because on ign halo 4 got 9.8 instead of 10 even though Greg miller said nothing bad about it!

Was really boring and why are people putting gta and saying that other gta are better there all the same *Beeping* game! - ballaboi17

It is pretty overrated, but I think we can agree it's a lot fun nonetheless

It's definitely not bad at all, but it doesn't deserve this much hype.

Halo actually is not as overrated as other games on this list

Halo isn't gonna save Xbox one, it failed. So Overrated.

It was so disappointing hearing good stuff about it and its just GOD AWFUL

Halo was good but it's not like the best game ever. - recaller

Not just a bad game, actually, the worst game ever made in the history of first person shooter!

Halo is 2? The only reason this series stayed alive is for the multiplayer! It should be #1!