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381 Power Stone
382 Power Stone 2
383 Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Can't I just go a day without seeing someone like "SL IS BETTER THAN ANY FNAF GAME! " - TeamRocket747

384 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
385 Pikmin 3
386 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Who gives this game way too much hype? This is game is terrible, and it's one of the things that destroyed the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

The Crash Franchise Is A fantastic franchise like cortex strikes back, ctr and twinsanity and titans and mutants were very good game. However wrath of cortex wasnt. With tOO MANY VIECHLE LEVELS LONG LOAD TIMES BORING P, LATFORMING AND BAD GRAPHICS WITH TERRIBLE CONTROLS YET TITAN GET HATE WHEN CRASH OF THE TITANS IS A GOOD GAME. WRATH IS CRAP.

387 Wipeout Fusion
388 Call of Duty: Ghosts

I don't really think Call of Duty is too overrated, But this is by far the worst Call of Duty game!

389 Pokémon X
390 Fallout: New Vegas
391 Terarria

Why would anybody put a series a ton of people I know dislike on here? That's like putting using the bathroom as under-appreciated.

I guess terraria is a good game, but nearly every YouTuber almost does the same thing

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392 Halo Wars
393 Bloons Tower Defense 5

Not as good as everyone makes it

394 Sonic & Knuckles
395 Tomodachi Life V 1 Comment
396 Portal

Portal is underrated, maybe middle-rated, but not overrated - lolingdog9000

397 Batman Arkham Origins

Fun? Yeah I guess. Great game? NO! Arkum Origins is really not all that great at all. It's just Arkum City with new crap. Nothing really special about it. Oh and the story sucks. - Chaotixhero

398 Sonic Generations

I LOVE SONIC GENERATIONS! But why is it on here you may ask? Well because it's too short, too easy, and the final boss is awful. But it's still good just not as good as Sonic Unleashed. - Chaotixhero

This game is not even well liked. How could it be overrated

399 Jak 2

Not to be a rage kid but... THIS IS UNDERRATED - lolingdog9000

400 Halo 2
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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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