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101 Resident Evil
102 Killzone 3

The entire Killzone franchise is overrated. Sorry PlayStation fanboys, but I never liked your crappy Dutch Halo/Medal of Honor clone.

103 Destiny

The game got so much hype before its release with its commercials, merchandise, in-game cinematics and pre-order bonuses. Also, the Taken King should've been the real Destiny game to be released in the beginning. Only then the hype would've been worth it.

I don't think enough people like Destiny for it to be overrated

This is a major contender for this list destiny was worse than halo 4 and was made by bungie too and everyone complians that halo 4 sucks because it wasn't made by bungie the game isn't bad like another game like five nights at freddys but the game is so boring without the taken king expansion pack the story what story all it is is gaurding the dumb bot to open the door and the characters that do stuff don't do anything we know nothing about them and what did bungie promise a good story even borderlands the pre sequal had a better story and now the first two expansion packs are pointless just like 6 levels 6! and its like 20 dollors if you want this game buy the taken king and it fixes all the issues in the original release this game was better off delayed like the witcher 3 not rushed - ikerevievs

Destiny was ahead of it's time. It had xb1 graphic quality on my 360. And isn't that popular anyway. Fun, high quality game! - EliHbk

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104 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Game isn't overrated, it's easily an instant classic, it took everything from the first entry, and made it ten times better, and much longer.

Why is this game lower than the first one? It's just its 1.5 version and it got more praise especially by critics. - DaisyandRosalina

This should be top 1!

Seriously, people are fussy about rescuing Princess Peach & listening to her aggressive, overrated voice. And guess what? This game is the highest-rated video game ever!

This is my lest favourite game. It absolutely sucks compared to the first one.

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105 Hello Neighbor
106 Star Fox 64

The 64 Elitists need to shut up!

This here is why Star Fox Zero didn't have an original storyline. I miss when there was newer stuff to Star Fox but only if they did them right, like Star Fox Assault. But no, Nintendo had to pander to the 64 fanboys and created a flimsy rehash of Star Fox 64. - Rue


I would much preffer it if we got starfox 2 over this. This game right here, no matter how decent or fun it is created the starfox fandom which is full of furries and nostalgia whores. That is why we will never get a starfox game with a new storyline, its always a remake of this (which is already a remake of the original, just far less impressive). And thanks to sonic syndrome (cartoon animals with a semi serious plot, including voice acting) the fandom is also full of furries who want to barrel roll their ass for a cartoon F R O G. - DensestPotato

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107 Pokemon Ruby

Honestly I've seen more hate than love for gen 3, probably from classicists but whatever, the gen 1 remakes were far cooler. - DensestPotato

I beat ruby with just 1 Mudkip

It's not overrated, it's just too good for you :-P

108 Subway Surfers
109 Pac-man

P! $$3s me off good and proper but it's fun, simple and is a great classic!

Pacman can be annoying

Pacman has a voice?

This is a classic!

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110 Frozen Free Fall

Oh god I knew Disney couldn't resist spreading frozen into everything they make. Seriously this movie was so hilariously bad that even Atlantis Squarepantis was a better musical. The game isn't necessarily overrated just the movie

Take this off. I don't think it's that good a game, but it's very obvious it was only put here so somebody could make another dig at the movie Frozen- something irrelevant to this list.

It's Something Frozen Related

An even worse version of candy crush...

actually, it is...

111 Sonic Adventure

No more Sonic games should be put on this list, mainly because, when a bad game franchise (I love the franchise, but it's pretty bad) has a good game, it needs the praise

The best sonic games is the original adventure and the first game and generations - ikerevievs

The extensive voice acting was bull.

This games awesome. A mariofan put this probably..

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112 Pixel Gun 3D

The game wasn't so bad until the new update where it is so hard to level up and get coins

I used to play it but after buying the 'desert eagle' gun it's hard to get new ones unless your really skilled

Pixel gun was good when it was in its early years. The old default skins where fantastic but now it's a total crappy wreck.

This is good!

113 Mega Man Legends

Yeah sure, the megaman community barely talks about this game, it's the castlevania bloodlines of megaman. - DensestPotato

Classic Mega Man/Mega Man X >>>>>>>>>> Mega Man Legends (yawn)

Finally somebody other than me who thinks that Mega Man Legends is overrated! - PerfectImpulseX

114 Sonic Adventure 2

Why is this here? I don't see people saying this is best, I see people saying Sonic 1 is best. Either way, it's my opinion.

The mech stages and hunting stages sucked! People literally admit they only like the speed sections! Of course it deserves to go on this list!

How ironic that people hate this game nowadays, "shadow is an edgy tool", "why do we have to play as a robot tails? ", and yet also complain about the sonic series being too linear nowadays (see sonic forces, anything about it on youtube), when the previously considered worst playstyle (chuckles the enchilada) was "too open ended". This doesn't even need to be on this list, hell it could be on the underrated list (or maybe not). - DensestPotato

I really don't like this game.
The controls aren't good.
The gameplay is meh.
The music is actually good...
..but the soundmixing is bad.
The Visuals are dated and depressive (in my opinion).
The cutscenes are laughably bad.
The story sucks.

The game is for me a 5/10.
I don't know why people say that this is one of the best sonic games ever. I can see the positives, but a lot of people can't see the negatives.

This game is for met the most overrated.

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115 Super Metroid

By far the second most overrated game of the Metroid series next to Metroid Fusion. - xandermartin98

Them ROM hacks though - xandermartin98

Quite possibly the most overrated game of all time.

116 Super Mario Bros. 2

This isn't a Mario game at all, it's underrated... Even the Lost Levels isn't overrated, so no Mario 2 should be here.

Wait... WHAT! This game is consideredly called a very bad Mario game. Get this off the list!

This game is technically underrated, not overrated - GentleTrouter

How is it overrated when nobody likes it?

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117 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The only people who call this the best are probably newcomers who haven't seen castlevania 4, bloodlines or any of the gba games which improve on the metroidvania style. - DensestPotato

Extremely broken it is. - xandermartin98

118 Bioshock Infinite

This game I anything is underrated. It has amazing game play a beautiful story and interesting characters. But it show you the darker themes of supremacy and religion and that things aren't as they seem in Columbia. This game deserves the praise. Its is without a doubt the greatest game of all time

BioShock Infinite does get a large amount of praise, but I think that (for the most part) it is completely deserved. Few games can create an atmosphere as immersive and spectacular as the city of Columbia. The world feels so authentic yet surreal. This game easily lives up to it's BioShock name.

119 Gran Turismo

It was the best sim when there were no racing sims.Now we have Forza,project cars and assetto corsa

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120 Rolling Sky
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