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101 Garry's Mod

I play Garrys mod, but I will admit it's YouTube
Fandom makes it into an overrated mess, I guess the person who is the worst out of all of them would have to be venturiantale due to the fact that he is annoying, not funny, loud, and he is cursed with the worst fandom ever.

This isn't a Game, this is a mod for TF2... - noo7na7

It pisses me off that everybody has heard of this only because of YouTubers, FNaF, Undertale, or just because someone who played in 2011 or before told them about it.

This game is now very overrated ever since it didn't require HL2 to play.

102 Star Wars Battlefront II
103 Bendy and the Ink Machine

The song I am Alive is horrible, boring, shoved down your throat, overrated, trashy, edgy, itchy, painful, Justin Bieber wannabe, to me. - TeamRocket747

This game is not scary, it's garbage, enough said.

Stupid fanbase


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104 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
105 Candyland

Isn't candyland just a board-game - lolingdog9000

106 Splatoon

This game isn't really overrated. - Rue

I don't enjoy this game but its not over rated

Not overrated.

At least it's low on the list... - mattstat716

It is a good game yes.
But it has so many problems that nobody notices.
We where all hyped for a shooter that would made by Nintendo, since they mainly do puzzle games like Zelda, JRPG's like Pokemon and platform games like Mario it was rather surprising to see them making a game of another genre.
And we centarily where happy of them finally making an original I.P. after so many years.
But with that many hype, it was kinda disappointing.
The singleplayer was kinda...boring.
The shooting was kinda dull, the levels where repetitive, the enemies weren't the most intelligent and the bosses where just dull "Shoot the spot and he dies."
And the platforming sections just didn't fit.
The multiplayer was quite repetitive, there where no game modes, it was just "Fill the whole place with paint and you win." Yes it is original and fun but it wasn't the best of ideas to make it the single game mode now was it?
And there is absolutely no weapon variety, ...more

107 Rock Band
108 Mario Kart: Double Dash‼

Did you seriously say 'stop whinnying? ' We are not horses, no matter how much you wish.

What! best game ever!

Fudge you this game RULES! - Extractinator04

My god, Mario Kart fanboys everywhere. DD is good, but not great. Stop whinnying; it's nowhere near the best Mario Kart.

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109 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
110 Resident Evil
111 Killzone 3

The entire Killzone franchise is overrated. Sorry PlayStation fanboys, but I never liked your crappy Dutch Halo/Medal of Honor clone.

112 Hello Neighbor
113 Star Fox 64

The 64 Elitists need to shut up!

This here is why Star Fox Zero didn't have an original storyline. I miss when there was newer stuff to Star Fox but only if they did them right, like Star Fox Assault. But no, Nintendo had to pander to the 64 fanboys and created a flimsy rehash of Star Fox 64. - Rue


I would much preffer it if we got starfox 2 over this. This game right here, no matter how decent or fun it is created the starfox fandom which is full of furries and nostalgia whores. That is why we will never get a starfox game with a new storyline, its always a remake of this (which is already a remake of the original, just far less impressive). And thanks to sonic syndrome (cartoon animals with a semi serious plot, including voice acting) the fandom is also full of furries who want to barrel roll their ass for a cartoon F R O G. - DensestPotato

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114 Subway Surfers
115 Pac-man

P! $$3s me off good and proper but it's fun, simple and is a great classic!

Pacman can be annoying

Pacman has a voice?

This is a classic!

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116 Sonic Adventure

No more Sonic games should be put on this list, mainly because, when a bad game franchise (I love the franchise, but it's pretty bad) has a good game, it needs the praise

The best sonic games is the original adventure and the first game and generations - ikerevievs

The extensive voice acting was bull.

This games awesome. A mariofan put this probably..

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117 Cuphead Cuphead

Not only is it overrated, it is a bit bad, and NO, this is not easy to say. - Extractinator04

I agree 100%. First FNAF, then UT, then Tattletail, then BATIM and now THIS!

A week has passed and it's already overrated.

So, I went to the top ten best 2017 games, and one person types in:
"better graphics than the witcher 3 and biosock infinite."
what? Seriously, WHY?

118 Mega Man Legends

Yeah sure, the megaman community barely talks about this game, it's the castlevania bloodlines of megaman. - DensestPotato

Classic Mega Man/Mega Man X >>>>>>>>>> Mega Man Legends (yawn)

Finally somebody other than me who thinks that Mega Man Legends is overrated! - PerfectImpulseX

119 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

The game is great but the fandom is really annoying. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's fun but (((SPOILERS))) people like to make jokes about the characters' suicides, like I KNOW THEY'RE NOT REAL but it's kinda disrespectful y'know? " LOL YURI uSED CUT ItS SUPer EffEctIvE" don't you realize that people are actually going through that stuff? overall, amazing game but the fanbase is the opposite

120 Sonic Adventure 2

Why is this here? I don't see people saying this is best, I see people saying Sonic 1 is best. Either way, it's my opinion.

The mech stages and hunting stages sucked! People literally admit they only like the speed sections! Of course it deserves to go on this list!

How ironic that people hate this game nowadays, "shadow is an edgy tool", "why do we have to play as a robot tails? ", and yet also complain about the sonic series being too linear nowadays (see sonic forces, anything about it on youtube), when the previously considered worst playstyle (chuckles the enchilada) was "too open ended". This doesn't even need to be on this list, hell it could be on the underrated list (or maybe not). - DensestPotato

I really don't like this game.
The controls aren't good.
The gameplay is meh.
The music is actually good...
..but the soundmixing is bad.
The Visuals are dated and depressive (in my opinion).
The cutscenes are laughably bad.
The story sucks.

The game is for me a 5/10.
I don't know why people say that this is one of the best sonic games ever. I can see the positives, but a lot of people can't see the negatives.

This game is for met the most overrated.

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