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121 Eve Online

Horribly clunky interface, over the top complex and dull gameplay, and a player community of cutthroat sociopaths. What's there to like?

122 Secret of Mana

People think it's the best snes square game ever but that title goes to FF6

123 Gran Turismo

It was the best sim when there were no racing sims.Now we have Forza,project cars and assetto corsa

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124 Game of War: Fire Age

Just clash of clans only copied with confusing gameplay and horrible graphics

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125 Chojin Sentai Jetman V 2 Comments
126 Kid Icarus
127 Candyland

Isn't candyland just a board-game - lolingdog9000

128 Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go... Away. And close the door behind you. And never come back.

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129 The Legend of Zelda

The game was revlionary for its time it was the first open world game and the first game with a save awesome boss fights secrets to find and sidequests this game it the numder 2 game for the nes next super Mario bro 3

Far too much love in the series

130 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

It is not that good

Not a terrible game but lots of dumb kids think this is the greatest thing ever made

Isn't it in the list already? - POWERStarz2004

This is my favoritie Call of Duty game

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131 Terraria

The people who say this is overrated are Minecraft lovers.. - hype

If anything this game is underrated. It's more deep than kids praising it like Jesus ' Christ.

No way! This is an awesome game! Minecraft is what you call overrated!

Great now there's a bunch of minecraft haters...seriously this needs to stop right now...look I like the game itself but the fanbase is like all of the other fanbases that I've come across...oh and stop comparing terraria to minecraft there both different GAMES! this game is probably way more underrated than other games but the fanbase is god awful! like everything else! of course when I see a minecraft vs terraria video I always see a terraria fanboy that says "No TerrAria is better and minecraft should go die" yeah sure some minecraft fans are like that to (i mean the minecraft fanbase is full of darn kids for godsake) but terraria has kids to...but there are those who are biased about the game and some of them are adults! SOME!... look I know you like the game and I'm sorry if I offended you this is just my opinion

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132 Clash Royale

Top 10 best games

The new Clash of Clans.

133 Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

Overrated game with a lousy character.

Don't listen to them this game is awesome especially in the hd collection

134 Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

This game is like the new Angry Birds. It's everywhere, there's a million and one copies of it, and isn't even that fun much like angry birds.

Whenever I get a sudden urge to play it, I play it, and then I get super bored - lolingdog9000

The worst thing ever just a bunch of balls eating each other

I got bored so fast by playing this game

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136 Final Fantasy 10-2
137 Mass Effect 2

ME series deserve all the praise they get. A fantastic story in a fantastic universe.

I bought Mass Effect because I wanted an RPG, not a shooter.

And I liked the Mako.

138 Mother 3

Overrated my butt. This game is just good. Who the heck thought this was an overrated game.

Why you people just don't get that this series and this game is a bunch of mediocre rpgs but final fantasy 7 higher than this stupid game that tries to be colorful but the boss battles were lackluster the gameplay is just tapping the botton in a rhythm its like dks final smash but the combos are not needed the complete the game the enemies are generic animals dinosaurs zombies ghoshts there's not much humor its should have been cancelled this should have been treated like duke nukem forever because of its delays but there's still more the game is too sad it's a fad the poplaity will just go and this game has a very cliche story very bland characters like we seen them all before unorginal soundtrack but still better than that earthbound #lamestgameever this game gets a 6/10 not a 10/10 - dinosaur

139 Portal 2

This is not an overrated game. I gets all the praise it deserves. The people who put this on here probably just saw a walkthrough on YouTube. Playing Portal 2 is a totally different experience than watching it. When you play the ending it will drive you to tears. Play this game then come back here say say to my face that this masterpiece is overrated.

I love how both Portal games are nowhere near the top of the list.

I don't understand why this is on here. - PinataonSugar

I liked this onec - DatRabidSlushie

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140 50 Cent: Bulletproof

OH MY GOD it made no sense it was just one pointless mission after another starring a some washed up rapper. - PlayboyX429

Bad Grand Theft Auto clone

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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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