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141 Mass Effect 2

ME series deserve all the praise they get. A fantastic story in a fantastic universe.

142 F-Zero GX
143 Halo 4

Really? Another Halo game, really getting uncreative. Certain games needs to just die. It should of just ended with Halo 3, though given Money$oft likes to milk franchises, I don't see this game coming to a end till they close down their gaming department, or just go bankrupt. Either Way Halo 4 was beyond overhyped and is much worse than ODST.

I'd switch this and where 3 is this one is the most overrated in my opinion - htoutlaws2012

This game was a huge letdown, it sucks so bad that it makes Halo Reach look underrated.

144 Final Fantasy

This game in just plain rubbish garbage.

Uhh, which one are we talking about here?

145 Iron Man 2
146 Medal of Honor
147 Amnesia
148 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
149 Mario Kart DS

This game is so overrated & Pauline could've replaced Peach. Also, what's with the terrible graphics?! Everything (except Mission Mode & Retro Cup) sucks about this game!

Pauline could replace Peach? You did not seriously say that. You. Did. Not. The graphics are called 2005 Handheld. What makes Retro Cup better than anything else? Also, Mario Kart DS is not nearly as talked about as Wii, Double Dash, 7 or 8, so how is it overrated?

This game is awesome

The normal tracks are great but most of the retrio tracks are bad

150 Slender Man and the 8 Pages
151 Outlast
152 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Oh, crap. I meant to say "Never give Paper Mario: Sticker Star a chance unless you want to be tormented by anti-feminism" in my comment. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I can't give all the other Mario RPGs a chance yet. I only have some Mario & Luigi games. Never give Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story a chance unless you want to be tormented with anti-feminism. But the first two Paper Mario games are overwhelmingly phenomenal.

I Can't Believe This Game Is All The Way At The Bottom - VideoGamefan5

This Game Should Have A Much Higher Spot - VideoGamefan5

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153 Sonic CD

Good sonic game but is it really the best sonic game? I think not.

Sonic: wait people hate this game?! Tails: People these days hate everything. Next they'll be saying Call of Duty sucks. (Which I hope they do)

I don't understand why critics day this is the best game of all time when it isn't true, it's bland as hell.


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154 Clash Royale

Top 10 best games

The new Clash of Clans.

155 Lego Dimensions

The thing I don't like is they put sonic on here but not mario, I like them both, but no mario? please nintendo make a mario story.

156 Mario and Sonic

What's even the point of this series existing outside of promoting the Olympics? This series is a giant waste of potential for a Mario and Sonic crossover. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Really bad sub-series that devaules both Mario & Sonic

When are they gonna make a real crossover

Rosalina was supposed to replace Princess Peach (who has no technique & wouldn't do well at Figure Skating, in fact, she's Speed-based). Even so, how can she be Amy Rose overall?!

What the heck are you saying? It's not supposed to be realistic! If you want realistic go play a walking simulator or something and stop complaining about such insignificant things.

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157 Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

This game would have been better off as a new pirate franchise.

Not bad games. Just way too many installments. - Money1208

158 Dragonball Xenoverse V 1 Comment
159 Fallout 3

Can't believe this buggy piece of unplayable garbage is so praised

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160 Doodle Jump

To me, it's very boring now that it's been one of the biggest iPod games. I still play it, but it's definitely bland.

Its problem is not that it gets repetitive but that (contrary to its title) it's not even marginally addictive! (to me at least... )
For me it was BTF - Bought it, tried it, forgot about it.

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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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