Most Overused Advertising Cliches

Experts say that the average person is exposed to about 3,000 advertisements every day. With that many advertisements out there, it is no surprise that advertisers have a hard time coming up with something new. It seems that many advertisers out there have completely given up on being original and are simply recycling the same old ads. This list is a collection of the cliches that advertisers keep on throwing in their ads.

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21 We?re overstocked so we are running a sale to reduce our inventory

Just give it to HowToBasic

22 2 day sales

Is there such thing as a two day sale. I've seen "Two Day Sale: This Friday through Sunday" Can't these people count

23 Get More

Countless advertisers think they're being oh so original and cute and "provocative" by using this tired double entendre.

Ad�s that display the idea of �You get More with us� by showing a dog with 6 tails or an ice-cream with like a hundred flakes or a human sized box of popcorn with a weedy man crumbling under its weight etc

24 Annoying songs in the background
25 Are you tired of.....

Are you tired of hearing are you tired of?! Great! - ArpstaAmy333

That one wrote itself.


26 "Get a second one free! Just pay separate processing & handling"

The free part just becomes useless when they say that.

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27 Best In Class

But horrible at home

28 Only 19.95

And it's only $1990573456836, 34884678364734676, 23872873867346736. 99 - lostgirl19

29 1-800 Numbers

You can't dial letters, so you gotta find out what number the letter means - Yatagarasu

They suck, and they're everywhere! Case closed.

Dial 1 800 Product today!
I wish they just told me the numbers. - lovefrombadlands

30 Ask your doctor if it's right for you

Of course it may increase your risk of cancer, liver disease or a stroke... But...

31 Do the math

I'm not Asian...

32 Group of hipster friends laughing while using product
33 It's just great for a gift!

I don't want band-aids for Christmas! - RalphBob

Yay, I've always wanted an egg cracker for Christmas!

34 Introducing...

Every other commercial on T.V. uses this at the beginning or somewhere in the content.

35 Fakin' It

Commercials that simulate TV news alerts, game shows, etc. are way overused. Especially annoying and potentially deceptive are the make-believe "consumer reports. " - DrDanM

36 Fake testimonials

These are done by actors who have never been on T.V., so they are perceived to be 'normal' people. Usually shot outdoors or some location to make it look like they were chosen at random.

37 ...That's Right!
38 Hurry in!

My brother-in-law is a cop and needs more tickets for his quota.

39 XYZ Sales Event is going on NOW

And as soon as it ends, we'll have another sales event. There will ALWAYS be a sales event here.

40 All half-off
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