Most Overused Advertising Cliches

Experts say that the average person is exposed to about 3,000 advertisements every day. With that many advertisements out there, it is no surprise that advertisers have a hard time coming up with something new. It seems that many advertisers out there have completely given up on being original and are simply recycling the same old ads. This list is a collection of the cliches that advertisers keep on throwing in their ads.

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41 Making memories that will last a lifetime!

Disney World, Florida did this. I'm sure all the lifelong memories it gives me are creepy people dressed as Mickey Mouse stalking me everywhere. What a cliche!

42 Sports ads

They always say that "Football just got better", which only appeals to the absolute imbecile. It's all the same and it's just watching the same thing with a slight variation to it. People pay good money to watch people kick a ball. The ad is as big a cliche as the game.

43 These offers can't last forever

Especially if I believed you

44 Honestly...

How many commercials start with this stupid word? Honestly I don't give a crap - says everyone.

45 Enjoying life with no side effects

Hidden side effects may be present

46 Love it or your money back

So one time, my mom bought something with a 30 day money back guarantee and it was 11 days later and she did not think the product was worth it so she called to return it and they said "I'm sorry, miss, we do not accept returns." - lovefrombadlands

47 We are able to do so much more than our rival companies
48 We are cheaper than all of the other companies

I think this pretty much sums up every T-Mobile commercial... Ever. - NicholasYellow

49 Better than the competition!
50 Use of celebrities
51 Shampoo girls with flawless hair

And then you try it and your hair looks horrible. - lovefrombadlands

52 Don't miss it!
53 Each sold separately
54 A cool looking ad with some adventurous theme but in reality, it's just a playset without anything cool

I saw a lego ad on this and I wanted it. I decided "I want it! ", but then I realized it's just a playset with no theme whatsoever - TeamRocket747

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