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1 Like

Like why do people like use word like every five seconds. Like it's getting like really annoying. Like it's not like you like have to like talk like how like I'm like doing it like right now. I mean like stop it!

Like, this is, like, so totally annoying! Like, anyone who uses "like" is, like, so annoying!

YouTubers be like: Like, leave like a like like to the like video like wow

I use "like" a lot, but since people around me say it, I just can't stop. HELP

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2 Racist

Tell me about it even if you are talking about what your favorite color is and I'm not talking about skin color people will call you this word and it's so damn overused to the point where it has no meaning at all. - christangrant

The word racist is so abused to the point where it haves no meaning anymore.

Unfortunately most people that use this word as a label or insult for the littlest of things don't even know what it actually means. Similar to the word "F***" pretty much.

3 Gay
4 Swag
5 Overrated

People think it means bad. Just because you hate something...DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OVERRATED! - DCfnaf

6 Retarded
7 Cringe
9 Elitist
10 Twerk

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? Trash

Every time people don’t like something, they call it this. It’s so annoying. - Aha223

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11 So
12 Actually
13 Has
14 Totally
15 Awesome

Hate it, cringe every time I hear it, along with "amazing"-next most overused adjective, especially on fashion reviews

Shows a very limited vocabulary. Listens, or rather absorbs, their children's use/overuse of words.

Overused by virtually everyone. Can no one think of another adjective?

And the fact that everyone spells it wrong. "that's so awesome"

16 Troll
17 Literally

This should be #2 after the word like.

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18 F***

Can't you say you hate someone without cursing? - Turkeyasylum

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19 Autistic
20 Dude

Every time I watch a YouTube video made by teens:
"Dude, this is like dude so awesome dude come check this out dude! " And I hate it when it's said to me, since I'm a girl not a 'dude'.

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