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1 Racist

Whenever I'm done speaking, I'm like "Just please count how many times I said like in that sentence, like" but come on it's natural for humans to say like!

It is annoying when you are referring to someone's race (like "That black kid wrote it") and then people call you racist. Also, if someone asks you if you like the colors white or black more, people will call you racist if you pick either one.

Tell me about it even if you are talking about what your favorite color is and I'm not talking about skin color people will call you this word and it's so damn overused to the point where it has no meaning at all. - christangrant

The word racist is so abused to the point where it haves no meaning anymore.

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2 Like

I went home she was like ugh and I was like oh my god and she's was like my life is so rough like literally like I'm like not joking. This word is the most overused and irritating word because they the word "like" meaning the same thing. - Soulstealer

Like I like can't like stand like people like who like uses like the like word like like - MrGuyDudeMan

Well, is it "like" something or is it really something? It's not definitive and extremely annoying. It reflects both indecision and immaturity.

Like why do people like use word like every five seconds. Like it's getting like really annoying. Like it's not like you like have to like talk like how like I'm like doing it like right now. I mean like stop it!

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3 Gay

Why do people use gay and racist so much. It offends me. I'm not a social justice warrior though

It's so misused.

4 Overrated

Everywhere I go in TheTopTens, I see the word Overrated!
I can't go to one single list without seeing this word!

If I see this word one more time, I'LL GO GET RAN OVER BY A TRUCK!

I will always hate this word.

People think it means bad. Just because you hate something...DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OVERRATED! - DCfnaf

5 Swag
6 Retarded

Yeah/yes very unacceptable and infuriating

The Hungarian version of the word retard is retardált. Maybe it's like that in a few other languages as well, and their speakers think there's a suffix in English as well. - Alkadikce

This technically isn’t a real word. You see, the first six letters are a derogatory term for the mentally disabled, and is a noun. It’s like saying your footwear is shoed. It’s stupid. - Cyri

7 Cringe
9 Elitist
10 Twerk

Someone turn Miley into a viral meme right now. - Kwaysar

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11 Literally

This should be #2 after the word like.

It's the most overused word. - Deed

(cough) LeafyIsHere (cough) - xandermartin98

12 Actually


13 Awesome

It's very overused, but when thinking of 'limited vocabulary', remember that English if not the mother tongue of every English commenters. - Alkadikce

This word is used more than any word I have ever heard..Especially with the rise of Yoga Studios and their clothes. See how long it takes for someone to use this word..I do live in California by the beach if this matters as to the frequency of usuage.

Hate it, cringe every time I hear it, along with "amazing"-next most overused adjective, especially on fashion reviews

Shows a very limited vocabulary. Listens, or rather absorbs, their children's use/overuse of words.

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14 F***

Do you know what I have to go through everyday hearing this word every 2 seconds - DrayTopTens

At my school someone uses it in about every sentence they say

Can't you say you hate someone without cursing? - Turkeyasylum

So overused

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15 So
16 Troll
17 Has
18 Totally
19 Dude

This word is so dumb

Every time I watch a YouTube video made by teens:
"Dude, this is like dude so awesome dude come check this out dude! " And I hate it when it's said to me, since I'm a girl not a 'dude'.

20 Autistic

This isn’t an insult. This is a condition that affects social interactions. - Cyri

21 Homophobe
22 N***a

*Completely overused by 12-year old normie Drake worshippers everywhere

Completely overused by 12-year normie old Drake worshippers everywhere

23 Cool
24 Transphobia

People are making up words for people they disagree with now.

25 Kawaii

Number one weeb word

26 Pedophile
27 Man
28 Hilarious
29 Hi

Everyone uses it but not annoying

30 Hey
31 Toats

Toats toats ugh so irritating!

32 Smart

Everyone is smart...right? Wrong. - CityGuru

33 Stop

Used mostly by people under the name of Maya's.

It’s so annoying every time I do something people don't like they say stop this stop that I will always hate this word when it’s used too much.

34 Hate
35 Arch-enemy
36 Bigot
37 Whatsoever
38 Epic

The Iliad was an epic. Your new socks aren’t. - Cyri

Totally overused. I have a list of other words that are so much richer and better! Nonplussed, conjoined, serendipity, admirable, and antidisestablishmentarianism! Epic, awesome, amazing, and cuss words (especially f***) are so overused

39 Slut
40 Terrible
41 Sh**
42 Bitch
43 Annoying

This word is so overused and irritating. - Soulstealer

44 Talent
45 Bro
46 Hater
47 Bruh
48 Cancer/Cancerous

The word itself has become cancerous.

49 Clickbait

Clickbaits are more overused than the word clickbait. - Alkadikce

50 Trash

Every time people don’t like something, they call it this. It’s so annoying. - Aha223

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