Top 10 Most Painful WWE Finishers

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1 Tombestone Piledriver - Undertaker

No matter how strong it is... In the end of the day its just a reverse version in other words it's a less painful, less harmful, less life threading, more safer move. But the original version well... Not much are alive to talk about it after getting it. It's banded in wrestling for a reason anyway. But the tombstone is still deadly if not as much as the original

Neck breaker

Only 9 people (currently) have ever broken out of a pin after the Tombstone Piledriver, it is devestating, and luckily, Undertaker is so experienced with it that he knows how to do it in a way that it doesn't break the opponents neck!

Currently 21-0. He beat almost every wrestlemania opponent with this this move besides maybe triple H. This move can break your neck! Taker beat so many greats with this move- the tombstone! - TB1

2 Punt Kick - Randy Orton

Vince got fainted and became serious once. Even John Cena could not kick it out

That's just pure devastation, dude it put people in the hospital! Nearly takes your head off :O

It's the most dangerous attack I have ever seen in WWE

It is the best and most dangerous finisher in WWE history.

3 Attitude Adjustment - John Cena

John Cena has the opponents spines hit to the ground like a small island.

Attitude Adjustment is more painfull than the legendary RKO

Never Give Up

Never give up is always one of the victory

4 Sphere - Roman Reigns

Best attack in the world

Spear is one of the best finisher by Roman Reigns in wwe history

Always bringing the opponent down & sure of the 1 2 3 pinfall

I like sphere of roman reigns. It is really of very high impact

5 F-5 - Brock Lesnar

F5 is a very devastating move man everybody has been subjected to a great amount of pain after getting an f 5 even the big show was unable to even get up after receiving 2 gas

How is this behind sweet chin music and big show's stupid punch, dude the guy helicopters you in the air and you land both on your body and head

This deserves in no. 1. WMD, Punt kick does not deserve no 2 and three in this list. - subhashsahu

The most painful and devastating move in wrestling history. The F5!

6 Chokeslam - Kane

Choke slam straight to hell

The best finisher ever next to Piledriver. Why is this the 13nth man

Just 5 seconds carried in mid air. It makes you choke

Chokeslam from over 2 meters? You are dead

7 RKO - Randy Orton


Wow, you didn't see that coming when the Viper slithers his way to grab you by the neck and drop your head right in the ground. You'll be having the worst headache of your life after that attack.

Its cool and most danger...

Randy orton is the best he can beat any greats including the suck up John Cena randy orton beats John Cena in their first match

8 Pedigree - Triple H


Pedigree is one of the best finishers in WWE you basically land on your head and body with h's legs on your head both landing on the floor with head on bottom of h's legs I think it should be second place

I think The pedigree is the most painful finisher and why are people saying the aa everybody kicked out and brick lesnar kicked out at one

But daniel bryan kicked out the pedigree on wrestlemania 30

9 WMD - Big Show

Super powerful

Has anyone kicked out of it?
No one except sheamus

15 inch fist to your face

WMD is a very very very devastating move.

10 Batista Bomb - Batista

Why the Batista Bomb? Simple its one of the few finishers nobody kicked out after being hit by it twice in a row.

Batista is awesome, and powerbombs really do hurt and back when he weight 325 imagine how that would feel, this should be higher up

The Contenders

11 Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Micheals

Mid air move also

It takes your off in mma someone did that to me I was knocked out for 3 days ):/

Not worthy enough same as super kick dolph can't pin owens with it

Almost the same as a super kick just with a whole lot more strength and right into the jaw

12 619 - Rey Mysterio

If it touches your head then your skull is cracked
If it touches your eyes then you are blind
If it touches your nose then you will go to hospital
If it touches your mouth you will not able to speak for some time

And if it touches everything then you not see this wrestler again

Really very painful as someone hits his both legs in motion direct at your face

It's the best not even John Cena has kicked out of it will knock you right in the next week

Seeing a pair of legs coming at your face would potentially be the last thing you'd ever see.

13 Stunner - Stone Cold

Stunner is the most powerful finisher in the history of WWF

He is best

You suck everyone that did not vote for Steve Austin

Best finisher in WWE history

14 Walls of Jericho - Chris Jericho

I like the walls of jericho because it serves as a rocket tight bone submission it very dangerous it can even destroy an individual's spine.

15 Atomic Leg Drop - Hulk Hogan
16 Kimura Clutch - Brock Lesnar

It's a UFC maneuver, of cause it will hurt more than these other moves, especially when most of them are fake

It almost kills your hands

It breaks your arm bone it has broken the arm of shawn Michaels and triple h

It can break there arm

17 Figure Four Leg Lock - Ric Flair
18 World's Strongest Slam - Mark Henry

Worst move in history

Most week move from a Strong wrestler Like Mark Henry.
I think World Strongest Splash Is Pretty Good Than This.



19 Sharpshooter - Bret Hart

Super painful, almost no one has not tapped out, deserves top five

20 Jackhammer - Goldberg

Jackhammer will ever be the greatest and the most painful finisher ever in we history period because some people stupidly underestimated the jackhammer because no one has kick out of the jackhammer

Just 8 seconds of being upside down having blood flow to your brain no kicked out of it

To the guy who claims he "almost killed a friend" because of this move, the WWE have warned audiences many times "Do NOT try this at home". how stupid are you to do so?

Jackhammer is a very dangerous I almost kill a friend

21 Samoan Spike - Umaga

This move can literally kill a man

Nice move

22 Million Dollar Dream - Ted DiBiase
23 Canadian Destroyer - Petey Williams

Awesome move! Crazy looking when performed!

24 Kawada Driver - Kawada

First you do pedigree clutch pick them up upside down jump broken neck easliy.

25 Underhook Piledriver - Hurricane

It's the hell painful and aww, yeah, I like it.

Vertebreaker is very, very, very, very much of BREAKNESS

26 Vice Grip - The Great Khali

Very dangerous move by khali in one match there was blood for rey mysterio by vise grip

This Move always Piss You off.

27 Curb Stomp - Seth Rollins

Ok Seth’s version is obviously safe, as he slides the foot over the head and/or lands on his other leg first, yet if the double arm lock version is used or if this move is executed by someone who is not as skilled as Rollins, it could easily cause a concussion or fatal head injury

It can break your neck

Your face gets stomped into the ground. How is this below Reigns's Spear? - KingSlayer93316

What next time you're face gets stomped on tell me if it hurts

28 Codebreaker - Chris Jericho

Two knees to your face, not effective when executed badly, but when done properly painful.

Code breaker should be the first in the list imagine that a knee smashing your head like a hammer beating on your head it is the finisher that worth for jericho

I think it's pretty cool and when I look at it I can see that it looks REALLY painful

Most bad move in wwe history

29 Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy

My favourite wrestler has the best finisher ever

Swanton bomb is the most stylish finisher eventhough it maybe not so painful than other finisher but it still can beat big show


30 Brogue Kick - Sheamus

Dangerous kick to head ouch!

Man this move should not be tried by Mon professionals, it has the potential to at least give you a major concussion.

Bang your dam face fella! Great white Irish curse

Try it for free

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31 Package Piledriver - Kevin Steen

Kevin steen -na no more only Kevin Owens (same people)

Just watch the video its painful to watch

32 Cross Arm Breaker - Alberto Del Rio

When you get locked in this it feels like 1,000 needles In your arm. Not fun

Not fun that sounds like a them park attraction

My favorite

33 Power Slam - Randy Orton
34 Spear - Roman Reigns

If it spear then what is sphere that was on 7th rank? Well Roman is my favourite superstar

This is a good move but not great like roman reigns

He is the most powerful wrestler to give the most powerful spear

He can't wrestle

35 Styles Clash - AJ Styles

It's dangerous.
He puts you in the powerbomb position, you hang your legs on his collarbones, he puts his legs over your arms, and BOOM!

Imagine someone putting you upside down then hitting you into the ground

Great move it could break anyone's neck

36 Hell's Gate - Undertaker

It's the most most dangerous submission hold of ALL time. taker defeated the khali

37 Arm Wrist Lock Hold - Undertaker

I break my couzin arm

38 Rock Bottom - The Rock

"Just have one and you will realize"

Rock bottom is not in top 10 are you kidding me? It should be behind spear

Rock bottom must be in top 10

Go rocky

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39 Superman Punch - Roman Reigns

Uh, no. This is just a running punch. Victoria's Widow's Peak finisher should be above this - KingSlayer93316

Romans hell cool he should at least be tenth

It deserves in top ten man!

He can't wrestle

40 Go to Sleep - CM Punk

Go to sleep is knees to faces shot

It toataly knocks them out I love it

Night Night

41 Trouble In Paradise - Kofi Kingston

Kick to the face would hurt

Break yar jaw me matey

42 Widow's Peak - Victoria

Does look painful if I do say so myself

Widow's peak is very paralyze moves and can break your spine and neck and victoria is psychopath

Best womens move ever should be in top 10

Maybe break your spinal pr neck

43 Spear - Edge

Spear is invented by goldberg, but edge is the master of spear. When edge spears, the man who's getting the spear looks like he is sitting on a chair!

Guy's this is a most painfully

44 German Suplex - Brock Lesnar

I think this should be in top ten moves

45 Rack Attack - Nikki Bella

This move is backbreaker meneuver but this is on shoulder and she gonna jump and fall the opponent get damange on spine by impact.

46 The Dead End - Born Will

what is th

47 Big Show - KO Punch

Knock you out maybe not certainly

48 Steiner Screwdriver - Scott Steiner
49 Skull Crushing Finale - The Miz

If the painful stretching of the upper body from the full nelson isn't enough, then the fall will.

They crush your skull

This deserve as no. A

love it

50 Flying Knee - Daniel Bryan

If you've ever witnessed Daniel Bryan's running knee you know how painful it is and how devastating it looks

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