Top 10 Most Painful WWE Finishers

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21 Trouble In Paradise - Kofi Kingston

Kick to the face would hurt

Break yar jaw me matey

22 Vice Grip - The Great Khali

Very dangerous move by khali in one match there was blood for rey mysterio by vise grip

This Move always Piss You off.

23 Rock Bottom - The Rock

"Just have one and you will realize"

Rock bottom is not in top 10 are you kidding me? It should be behind spear

Rock bottom must be in top 10

Go rocky

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24 Styles Clash - AJ Styles

Imagine someone putting you upside down then hitting you into the ground

Great move it could break anyone's neck

25 Cross Arm Breaker - Alberto Del Rio

When you get locked in this it feels like 1,000 needles In your arm. Not fun

Not fun that sounds like a them park attraction

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26 Package Piledriver - Kevin Steen

Kevin steen -na no more only Kevin Owens (same people)

Just watch the video its painful to watch

27 Brogue Kick - Sheamus

Bang your dam face fella! Great white Irish curse

#2 it leaves a foot mark in your face

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28 Spear - Roman Reigns

If it spear then what is sphere that was on 7th rank? Well Roman is my favourite superstar

This is a good move but not great like roman reigns

He is the most powerful wrestler to give the most powerful spear

It isss the most powerful attack in the world Goldberg can't even give this much powerful spear I salute Roman reigns

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29 Go to Sleep - CM Punk

Go to sleep is knees to faces shot

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30 Running Knee - Daniel Bryan

ROMAN REIGNS has kicked out of it

No one have ever kicked out of it

This could break your nose

Has any one kicked out of one...except Roman Reigns at Fastlane 2015. Two knees outta nowhere in to your face...Hash tag...Running Knee outta nowhere

31 Skull Crushing Finale - The Miz

If the painful stretching of the upper body from the full nelson isn't enough, then the fall will.

They crush your skull

This deserve as no. A

love it

32 Curb Stomp - Seth Rollins

What next time you're face gets stomped on tell me if it hurts

How is this not 1#? Stomping someones head in the ground can kill somebody.

It is the best finisher in the world.

It should be on number 1

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33 Arm Wrist Lock Hold - Undertaker
34 Spear - Edge

Guy's this is a most painfully

35 Superman Punch - Roman Reigns

Romans hell cool he should at least be tenth

He can't wrestle

36 German Suplex - Brock Lesnar

I think this should be in top ten moves

37 The Dead End - Born Will

what is th

38 Canadian Destroyer - Petey Williams
39 Big Show - KO Punch

Knock you out maybe not certainly

40 Steiner Screwdriver - Scott Steiner
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