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21 Baha'u'llah

The only prophet that the followers did kill and fight after his death.

He deserves to be on this list but I think he should be way higher up the list e.g. before the wrestler, before Bob Marley, and before a few others.

Which war you talking about Baha'ullah and war you name me a bahai that fight for his faith
you got prejudice
your word is not based on reason or actual experience.

Haha a joke. He caused a lot of death and war in Iran because of his fake religion. He was an idiot from England who wanted to ruin Iran

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22 Manmohan Singh


23 Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II

He ended the Cold War peacefully with the help of Ronald Reagan

His birth name was Karol Wojtyla.

24 Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury (5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991) was a Tanzanian-born British singer, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave vocal range. Before he became a singer more.

Oh my gosh, we are honestly getting musicians on this list, too? Holy cow! Freddie Mercury did more for peace than Kennedy? Oh my gosh! Can we have one list without all these same old musicians every stinking time?

Everbody loves Freddy, Freddy loves everybody.

25 Billy Graham
26 Swami Vivekanada

A true and absolute man if god, in the sense of god being an universal being.

Swami Vivekananda, born Narendra Nath Datta, was an Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th-century saint Ramakrishna.

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27 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Alison Swift (Taylor Swift) is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching more.

You are hot and beautiful

She is a great roll model for young ladies and girls that love to sing

She is beautiful

She ain't care about anything anyone says about her, and loves to connect to her fans. If it anint fer her y'all would die n+)m I drunk! 1gy111111!

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28 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

Justin Bieber a too weak to do anything to anyone

Wait, sorry but Justin Bieber, what? Oh I seriously do not know... - Piderman

He's granted more make a wish wishes than any other person in this world. he's givin as much as he could to charity while still getting things for himself. he's amazing for all of the charity work he does. he built a school! With his own hands and the help of other people. that is is his need to help other people, he loves it. I will forever have respect for him no matter the lies the media tells.

Now he's peaceful compared to Eminem…Who is RIGHT BELOW HIM!

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29 The Blessed Virgin Mary

If Angel Gabriel came over and randomly said "Hey, your gonna become the mother of the Messiah! ' How would you react? Although a bit startled, young Mary excepted the message. SPOILER ALERT:don't READ THE REST IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BIBLE(you most likely already know). She supported her son and believed that he was the Messiah. When it came to her son's death, she mourned, but at the same time, believed in her son's words that she would be saved. Since she believed in him, she was saved and now lives eternally in Heaven. She teaches us now like a mother to live in peace. One question:How is John Cena more peaceful than Virgin Mary?

She couldn't sin and produced our Lord and Savior. She is the mother of peace.

She is though only lady to get the grace to have son like jesus

She was like 14... - Lucretia

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30 Guru Nanak Guru Nanak

Love and equality- "there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim'

Number on position

Founder of Sikh Religion

Always polite
Help humanity

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31 Abdul Sattar Edhi Abdul Sattar Edhi Abdul Satter Edhi (1st January 1928 - 8th July 2016) was a Pakistani humanitarian and social activist, known for being the founder of the Edhi Foundation. He was revered by the population of Pakistan, often known as the "Angel of Mercy" and is often called one of the world's greatest humanitarian.

Has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans and has trained over 40,000 nurses.It also runs more than 330 welfare centres in rural and urban Pakistan that operate as food kitchens, rehabilitation homes, shelters for abandoned women and children, and clinics for the mentally handicapped.

He is a hero

mast best

32 Fred Rogers Fred Rogers

If anyone was as perfect and peaceful as this man, we would never die, for he who is free of faults will never perish. - NoEntranceHere

He never drank or smoked.

I always found him creepy. Anyways, he doesn't eat meat I bleive - Lucretia

33 Eminem Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce more.

He may sound aggressive and may cuss a lot but he is inspirational and raps about life and gives us good advice unlike other rappers who rap about sex non stop

A peaceful rapper unlike others.

But why the hell is JB on the list? He shoots cops with nerf guns!

I love him to pieces. He is such an amazing person, after all he suffered during his childhood, he is extremly power and he deserves nothing but the best.

Favorite rapper

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34 Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo, was an Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, poetry, more.

I feel like he was a very educated and thoughtful man and could have done amazing things for humankind

Cause he's a ninja turtle!

35 Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai S.St is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.

She is amazing! She was shot and she's still fighting for girls' education!

She is an inspiration to all young girls her work is amazing!

She stood up for girls rights to go to school. She also won the Nobel peace prize, she was the youngest person ever to win! She got shot in the face I Afganistand, and her whole left side of her face was paralyzed.

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36 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress, model, and singer. She made her film debut in North. more.
37 Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

She should be higher - GS99

38 Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter and musician. He was born in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Oh, Ed. He's probably as peaceful as it gets. Peaceful music and just a kind heart. Probably the only celebrity nowadays with a good reputation.

You have all these musicians on here, nothing against Ed, but where's Bono? You've left out the one musician who really is trying to do something about world peace!

well done!

39 Apostle Paul
40 LeBron James LeBron James LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. LeBron has played for the Heat and the Cavaliers.

He is a fantastic role model for young men

you a bum


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