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1 Étoile

Who cares? Étoiles are BORN THIS WAY! And beating them up will be JUST A DREAM. WHEN I LOOK AT YOU obviously you're getting inspired to someone like an awesome SKATER BOI. And I know YOU BELONG WITH ME from the start. Étoiles will always be on top, higher than a SKYSCRAPER.

Because this family inspired me EVERYTHING!
Haters gonna hate..

The Etoile family is an awesome family! All the members inspire everyone and they are very kind, helpful, caring and many more positive things to say about them! They are also very honest and talk to their fans about anything! They don't copy like some other families listed below =. =" I just think Etoile family deserve this reward after all they have done for us. YOU CAN DO IT ETOILE FAMILY!

But all of them are rich :3

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2 Monroe

Monroe family is one of the best pico families! Everyone is very kind in monroe! Miss medical will let anyone join everyone can join! Spread love not Hate! :D Go to medical center and fave her room.

I love this family. I'm in it. It's miss medicals family and miss medical is very sweet and you should join this family!

The Monroe family is trustworthy, respectful, kind, and able to be counted on. They have a adorable, nice leader named, "Miss Medical. " I think that the Monroe family is lucky to have a great leader like her. Everything is nice about Miss Medical, her looks, her style, her blog, her room, and especially her family. I don't like Monroe, I LOVE IT! I really want to be in the family, So I'm asking right now! Remember everybody, Like her blog (El Blog De Pimbolina, ) Favorite her room, and especially vote for Monroe!

This family was created by Rinstar and Miss Medical. They created their own family and made it open for everyone. I personally thought that this family was just plain boring, until Rinstar, herself, pulled me in! We all started bonding, and even planned out family bonding and stuff! Miss Medical and Rinstar never leaves a pico behind.

I missed this family so much because of Pico closing that I personally felt my heart break. This is how much I treasure this family.

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3 Elysees

Cute, Kind, Charmy, beautiful, cool, not copycaters, kind, funny, unyu unyu, really really lovely, better than anything, best of the best, really love elysees never leave elysees. Maafkan, aku merindukan dirinya! Go go go elysees! Kamu... Pasti... Bi... Sa! *back sound : we are the champion! *
tek dung dung tek. Ser

Elysees are not copycat. They are cute, not arrogant, funny, and kind. I don't care if ETOILE win... This is the most popular right? NOT THE BEST!


I guess, Elysees are a bit familiar with etoiles, but still I like elysees because they are nice and they are NOT arrogant... So I don't care if haters say elysees are bad, those who say that doesn't have eyes to see how awesome elysees are. GO ELYSEES!

ELysees! Never give up! It's okay you lose! But you're the best pico family in my life! Kind, funny, and creative! EVen your 19th, you are 1st for me :D

Elysees not arrogant to like some of etoile (AYAME, SORRY)

-secret fans-

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4 Délicat

I love Delicat member, because they all too nice to me. I like them a lot! Whatever they rich or not, they always beside me. And I love them, because they always support me in pico! :3 I FEEL THAT DELICAT MEMBER IS THE BEST! DO THE BEST BE THE BEST BECAUSE WE ARE THE BEST DELICAT! Oh damn I love you guys! FOREVER!

They are so friendly to me. They even give me free gummies

Delicat Family is so rich.. They give me free gummies.. And I love Siti Delicat's smile.. So Sweet

They are very kind and not arrogant like etoile and the others. They always reply if I'm asking and they are friendly to newbies too!

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5 Éternite

Éternite is Cool! D(*o*)b

Totally Éternite was a great & nica family :*
~ Love Éternite ~ ♥♥

I love this family so much...
in this family. We can get the most friendly and best buddies on Pico.
we can share all about anything..
we hate war on this family...

Vote for this Family. I swear you will get better if you join this family :D

Eternite Is A Family Not Family :) #heh
Please Vote Eternite ♥

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6 ¢яoωη Family

Crown is the best. Well, As in ALL of them uses dots and stuff like that like these (";:. , ) They can't make a sentence without it, and without the first letter to be capital :) I really love Crown, Especially I just love the members, Like Shi :3 She is very nice. Can't believe she has kids *o* she was a boyfriend :) Well Shi's Twin is She (her name is really she) Well, All I know is Mika Crown (I think? ) and Shi Crown :) Well Yeah, VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR CROWN FAMILY!

Well I have to say that crown family is the best family there is even we always fight we still love each others I'm also a member of that family ^. ^ so please Vote vote vote wisely and please vote crown family thanks

Crown family is the best and they don't steal ideas and they are not mean to noobs some families are mean to noobs not like crown family and the member of crown family her name is... Nichole crown she gave me unlimited food in her house like uhmm 50+ foods she gave on her birthday in her house so please vote crown family VOTE WISELY XDD

Thanks guys we love you all too ;) Want delicious food to celebrate? If only we can because Pico is gone.. Thanks again :) -Nika Crown (3rd princess) I'm a twin of Yunie and Mika o H O. Derp.

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7 Bear
8 Cullén Fαmily

Cullen family is the best families... Why I'm talking that? Because the owner really nice to me...

Huaah... I love CUllen Family..
well they have a king people...
and always kind to me

Cullen family should be the best! I think it's number two best clan I ever have (after monroe family) n the best think is, ruth/rora let anyone join cullen family (not like etoile family :S)

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9 Myrls

Myrls Family is really the best! They accept noobs.. They love to accept noobs or even though you don't have AG, they will still accept you! We will do our best to be the best family ever.. The family leader is so kind.. She gives gummies to those who are in need and and they make contests! JOIN THE FAMILY NOW!

Please vote for this family because they are really kind as in! They immediately solve their problems.. Sometimes, Binkee loses hope but still the members are helping her to cheer up! That's what Binkee noticed in the Myrls family and me too.. Oh I love this family.. Even though we are not famous, we will do everything we can! GO MYRLS!

This family is amazing, loving and caring though.. They accept anyone... The very first person I know in this myrls family is binkee myrls shes kind, cute, nice too I even call her "idol" hehe that's all VOTE FOR THE MYRLS FAMILY~!

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10 Ŕσѕє

I love the Rose fam! They are actually having a member search going on right now! Hope everyone can join!

The Rose Family is an amazing family. Each family member treats each other fairly and politely! Red is a funny and Smart Leader. Ivory is an epic and cool person to be around. I say this family should be number one!

The Rose family is awesome! I am a model in their magazine. It is very fun! I think the family members have unique, generous, and creative personalities and I think you guys should vote for them! They deserve to get more famous!

They are really friendly and whenever your sad they will always cheer you up

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The Contenders

11 Álaric

Alaric family is great family and people!
i love alaric because bunni and michie want talking with me!
alaric family is so kind!
i hope I entered alaric.

Alaric is rising up the fame ;) Michie is great and I love the members including Taco, Kat, Dumsdums and more. Never heard of butter family, but I've heard of Espoir, Elysees and Further.

There a great family to me hope I'm in the alaric family

Alaric family is one of the most best family ever cause they say "No" to bullying and respect everyone they don't hack people too. I'm happy to be in this family ^^
-Snow Alaric

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12 Śhieru

The Shieru Family welcomes you with open arms. They're fun to be with and I love hanging out with them. Even though they're not always active, they will always be a loving family.

Even Shieru family doesn't popular now, they still don't want to give up and they still want to express more and talking to us.. I LOVE SHIERU FAMILY!

The shieru family maybe isn't a very popular or active family but they are kind enough to accept others that doesn't have ameba gold. I really like ciel! She is so funny

I Love Shieru Family!
Even I'm Ellize
My Support is Always On your Family :D

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13 Equátor

Equator is the best royal family in PICO! I loved yaa..

Equator are nice and I love all of them :)
they never bullying each other and they are kind.
and by the way I'm Rin Equator.
good luck Equator

Go EQ go EQ go! The best family in pico! KEEP ROYAL!

love it

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14 STP Family

Go! Go! Go! STP Selalu is The Best deh! Harusnya STP ke 1



Regards : ₪STP₪אßʟαcкא

15 Élliot


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16 Rioga

Rioga is a cool, AWESOME family! They are very kind to me and my favorite rioga is kelly and kally! Of course! Like their page!

Who loves Rioga? I do I do! Please vote for them, thy are kind and a loving family!

Rioga is a kind, loving family. Vote for them please!

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17 Σlyric

Elyric Is The Best :)) They Are Amazing and They Are Also Kind. Not Like other Family :)) My Friend Also wanna Join our Family because they Know the people their is Kind, And Yes They are Right! :)) GO GO GO ELYRIC! ELYRIC is A - M - A - Z - I - N - G!

Σlyric Family is The best family because they are always happy, even in problems they always get along together and they never leave a Σlyric Behind... I think Σlyric family is the best family ever even tough I'm not a member I still love them! Vote Σlyric Please! 1

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18 Feroux Family

Feroux family is an amazing family they are kind

I am a Feroux and PROUD!

No family is better than Feroux family because Feroux family is the best Family ever. This is a good m maybe super good family I ♥ them and love them Vote for us -Cookie - jovanhermawan

I love Feroux Family. Zay, Chalisa, Pidyaa, and Pretzel are so kind! Other Feroux are so kind too. Probably the best family ever!

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19 ђÞÏDëŔ ŜkŸ

I have seen this family all of members in friendly

Spirit SK... Love spyder sky forever,

20 Álite

Hey this is good family! All please vote this family!

Nothing I just want that

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