I love Miss Medical's family! I'm in it and I always love to hang out and be a doctor. All Monroe People are always loving caring and also trustworthy. Miss Medical is probably the best leader of the Monroe clan ever. Don't believe? Ask to be in her clan. You will have to do a promise. PLEASE LIKE MISS MEDICAL'S PAGINA AND FAVE HER ROOM. She really needs some support because times are really tough for her! MONROE = BEST RESPECTING FAMILY
Somehow EVERY PICO who goes to her room really want to be in her room! MONROE IS THE BEST TRUSTWORTHY, KIND, AND BEST FAMILY A PICO CAN ASK FOR.

I love the Monroe family because the members are so kind especially Miss Medical she's the sweetest and nicest among all because she lets anyone join the Monroe family, and for me the Monroe Family is the best family in Pico. I'm very happy and proud to be in the Monroe Family! THANKS a lot MISS MEDICAL FOR LETTING ME JOIN THE MONROE FAMILY :))

Monroe is the best family because everyone in it is "Loyal, Honest, and Respectful to others! I promise to respect that Forever! I LOVE YOU MISS MEDICAL! ~McKenzie

Monroe Is the best family ever! I'm the part of the family because I am kind, honest, not a copycat, knows how to respect, spread loves not hate. Miss Medical is kind and cute. She can let anyone join her clan. She's now on Hot30 and we are proud for her. Keep favorite her room until she gets the Hot 1 place!

The Monroe family is the sweetest family ever its were you can be yourself and have fun its different from every other family because we will accept anyone even if your poor rich mean or nice we love everyone and we all enjoy being in this family so vote for us!

I am so happy that Monroe family get to be in for the vote I am so proud of them x Also I am very grateful that I am part of the Monroe family x I love you all lots and trust me Monroe family need to get the vote! So come on vote for them and we can all together make Miss Medicals family and home a better place!

Monroe family is the best.. They are so kind and they always spread their love to other pico.. And especially miss medical, she is so kind and nice and I love her page on facebook.. Like her url! And click 'nice room' on her room! Don't forget to spread the love!

Monroe is the best because all people can join But etoile you cannot join. Said all people that Etoile Members didn't fight but Marie & Mairie just fight so all people don't know that so and that's the real in Etoile. And some Pico user said to me I don't know if what's her name but he kicked by member of etoile but it's true member of Etoile I hate Etoile so I will vote Monroe spread the love

It was the best, best ever, Monroe Families are the best, Spread Love, Not Hate please Go to Medical Center and click nice room thank you and respect people thank you very much, Monroe is the Best, Everyone wants join in her family called Monroe Family :D That's All Folks *Bows*

Monroe Family should be the best family in Ameba Pico. They know how to respect other and they re not copycat. They know how to respect, defend, protect your their friends. They know how to spread love, honest and loyal and didn't ever spread bad rumors about Medical Center or their friends. I am also a part of Monroe. MONROE IS THE BEST FAMILY IN MY MIND~!

MONROES ROCK! This family rocks the party more than a rock does! Man this family sucks my blood as in a creepy way which makes me VOTE FOR THEM!

I love this family. The members of the Monroe family is very kind and very sweet. I'm a Monroe.. Ms. Medical is very kind and very lovely. She would want many pico to join her family :D Please Join Ms. Medical's family and also... THE MONROE FAMILY ROCKS! ;D

Go Monroe! Be strong! We Are The Best Family! Don't Forget This Words "Haters Are Losers"& Spread love no hate Go! Go! Go! Monroe! Don't Give Up! If Someone Tell You That We Are Losers Don't Mind Them Because That Is Not True Go! Go! Monroe! Monroe Forever!

I LOVE LOVE The Monroe Family (I am not in it still LOVE IT! ) This is way I Love it:
There all Nice, Really ReAlLy AwEsOmE! , Have Good Rules, and More and More
I really Love Y'all WEB sites and I am a Fan of all of them :D I will just look and look I would not stop looking O_O :D If I had to pick One of My Favorite FAMILY It would be Monroe

I think Monroe is a great family because miss. Medical is always there for people who needs help and she always lets people join she lets non-ag users join and ag users join witch is very very nice that's why I think monroe is a good family.

The Monroe Family Is Truly The Best. Miss Medical Is The One Who Created It. The Name "Monroe" Represents Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Love, And Charm. I Am In The Monroe Family And I Am Proud Of It! :) VOTE FOR MONROE FAMILY!

I love the Monroe family it's the best family everyone imagine I always wanted to be a monroe now it has come true so please vote for monroe as the best family they are kind, respectful, honest, rich, and anyone can join.

Monroe family is the best! They have kind hearts, They will let anyone to join... Monroe family deserve to win, so please vote for monroe family!...

I'm in this family in just 2 days but! I already feel the sweetness and kindness of Miss med's members here.. Continue for being loyal my sweeties.. :D I love you Miss med!

Monroe family is the best family for me because, the members are so nice and kind. If you want to join Monroe Family, Miss Medical would love to let you join the family and, everyone is allowed to join the family.

I pick Monroe family because it's the bast family ever! They all are so kind... Everyone can join... Miss medical will let them, that's why I pick Monroe Family... Monroe family are the best and have kind

Well, I vote for Monroe because it's the only one I've heard of! I don't know any other Pico family here, so how can that Etoile be first if hardly anyone has heard of it? Yes, I'm not the only Pico who hasn't heard of it...

The Monroe family is one of the best Pico families! Everyone is loyal and honest in Monroe! Miss Medical will let everybody join! Spread Love, not Hate! Go to Medical Center and fave the room, and like her URL!

I love monroe family so much because monroe is best family in pico! The member is kind and I really love mrs. Medical in the family. Like Mr. medical said, Spread love no hate. I love that word very very much

Monroe Family is the one of best pico family in the world I love Monroe family because they are polite and honest I really love them they are cool and kind to picos I love monroe family forever... Monroe family is the fun family ever I LOVE MONROE FAMILY FOREVER WE LOVE MONROE FAMILY god bless you MONROE family WE LOVE YOU :D