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201 Aofie Family

Aofie is the BEST family I seen this family contains nice members and people here doesn't pick friends and help people in need and they are nice and caring our queen is Miyuki Aofie and the King is Nagato Aofie please vote us

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202 Śtяσηghσℓ∂ Ŕσyalє ƒღαмiℓy

This family have a strong bonding with each other but be careful with them cause some of them are crime persons

203 Abuat Family

Please vote for ABUAT. You didn't know who make the market of ameba history. It's the ABUAT and ABUAT is the founder of the first mall and concert in the history of ameba. Beside, we are the one who give gold to ameba user
We need our support to known ABUAT in the ameba pico
World - hamidabuat

204 Panlay Family
205 Ganbate Family
206 Rev

Boss family is cyber

207 Stewart Royal Family
208 Beryl
209 ℛøƴαℓє

We families around the world should not gain or wish for money... We may not be the richest of money but we are the richest in pure true love. We would do anything to be good for everyone, we appreciate haters because we know they only hate us because they wanna be like us famous.. So every time we saw haters we just invite them to be apart of our family and every time we tell those ordinary words it's like magic they become good, some of them always says "I am sorry I am just envy of your family" but we always say "We all understand" Let's never forget that we still have love & beauty even we are haters...

210 Halaɨ Family
211 Pimp
212 Pico Star Band
213 Piggu
214 Loverics

Vote This Family Loverics Family Its an Angel Family But The Peoples In This Clan Fell In The Heaven So It Calls Loverics Family The Angel Family Love Means Loving And Care To Family Rics Means Fell Down In Heaven it calls good and the next meaning its rics once calls angel family once loverics family wi create this family for other peoples don't have a family and someone poor around here so the newbie can join too and this family can earn candy golds gifts things or clothing and now you may be rich when you join here thank you and please vote this

215 SquarePants Family

Were have an intense shape

216 Áxious
217 D.R.E
218 Smith

Smiths are so cool and sweet this smiths family is just simple but friendly we family are twins all of us were twins and never had parents :D but we are still a good Family

It's Really More Fun In The Smith Family Because The Smith Family ROCKS! And TRUE! And HAPPY FAMILY!. We are the stars in the night that twinkles in the dark time of your life.
You Can Join Our Family Ü.

219 Freehugs
220 Pico Ice Band
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