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61 Flowmin Family

Flowmin Family is a great choice they are kind to other pico's friendly respects other family too.

Hi I'm Cindy Flowmin and I am the leader of Flowmin family

Flowmin family is so nice they even make a contest for the pico users ^-^

62 яαωя
63 Crack
64 Álainn
65 Indonesial
66 Étoilet

Etoilet imitates the etoiles.. Don't vote them.. The look like pigs and they are not popular :3

67 Lavender

A big family that never gives up!

68 PaяҚer

I think thisfamily is the best of all family I've known
Because the memberof parker family is really nice and friendly
When I was new here I only know few friends but then after few weeks I get really close to the members of parker
Youll really get close to them because they really help you a lot
When your sad they make you laugh
When your in pain theyll comfort you
Everything you wanted in a family is here that's why I'm glad I'm part of this family :)
The most funny most comfortable most loving most friendly most helpfull family I've ever known

69 Cane Stars Family

The Cane Family isn't a popular family but these guys are unique people. They aren't royal nor celebrities. They are Canes! The family ran their family really different. Hope you guys see my comment because these guys deserve to be rank in here! - laurencevincentmalata

Amazing Family... Unique Ranks and not Royal! A family that doesn't have a father or mother. A Bond of Brothers and Sisters - laurencevincentmalata

The Cane Stars Family is an amazing family. Please Vote for them - laurencevincentmalata

70 Liebe

Please vote wisely on liebe family we need cooperations... BECAUSE LIEBE FAMILY IS THE BEST AMONG THE REST..

71 Sekseh Family
72 Éva Lions Royal Family
73 Elmo
74 Ukany
75 Paranocia

A family that is kind very kind.. I have a nice time with them they always make me laugh and happy whenever I'm sad.. They are kind of me.. Very very kind.. I Love them

76 Nyong
77 Shibuya Family
78 Eiffel
79 Aimé
80 AJoliê
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