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81 Zeniya V 1 Comment
82 §αη
83 One
84 Etoilieuau
85 Yuko

I am very2 love Yuko's Family! Everyone can enter! ;) please Vote This family!

86 Ŷυмιкσ
87 Scather Pico Extraordinary
88 BMG International
89 ¢яσςς
90 ß Ü § ╠╣Σ Ñ G
92 Famous

Famous are the best family ever we always do a group pic

93 ☆ Кєѕнηαρρєяѕ ƒamily ☆

I'm part of it. I'm very very very very okay with them. I'm happy with them. It is good to be their in the clan. Vote vote vote for happiness haha.

is the best family.. Cause they are nice to me.. They really know how to respect each other.. We love you kn :)

V 1 Comment
94 Pico Mania Family

The Best Family for us thank you.

95 ℝƴḓℯя

Ryder is best family in the world

96 ℓα¢ѕση
97 Éva Lions Royal

Please vote ever lions family! Really please :')

98 Ćheri Royal Family

I love the Cheri Family! There the best! I love them!

Best family ever! Vote vote vote!

The Ćheri Family is the best! :D They are very nice, and kind to everyone. I love their family. They are an old family, since 2010, because they had to re-make their FB page. They care about everyone, and never like to see people hurt. They deserve to be one of the top. :3

- A Ćheri Big Fan

99 Ketje Femz
100 ๖Ɖąяк Ɖεvίł๖
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