:) I love you guys and I love your family
I like you cause I'm your biggest fans and then I like Your PRB Band I love you I never hate u, I'm your 1# BIGGEST fan there is My Top tents fans are 1# Are Etoile You so cute... And Your have AG I love you just the way you are I love you forever Etoile family... Your right haters gonna hate... And I'm not hate. Thank you I love you forever In my life

First Royal, First Famous Twins, First Band. Has the famous blog, most famous users in pico and more! All of their members are very nice and really like a sir. Besides, they really love to help people and they don't argue unless you do bad things to them. They are 100% true to their selves so this is the number one family!

They are not just pretty in the game but also in the real life! They are not fakes to their selves and besides everyone are just copying them. Means, this family really influence people in a lot of way. The most original and best family in ameba pico!

Everyone knows that ANGELICA ETOILE is one of the youngest girl of the family.. She is my friend everyday she gives me foods and if I am down she cheers me up, she will even do something that she never does ever before just to cheer you up she created a hospital and hotel for free but you can give tips. You can look around and you can add her.. I just saw her angry when she was fooled by some people.

I'm not a totally fan but all I know is that, this family is the best, the original, unique. And I agree with the comments here. So haters, better stop hating if Étoiles did totally nothing about you. Calling them arrogant while they did nothing turns out they are innocent and you're the arrogant one. Think carefully.

Still the best of the best, the best about the rest! Them fame of fame. The original of originals! The gods of the gods! I love you ETOILES! I LOVE THE NEW VIDEO! ! ETOILE SEARCH 2012 PLEASE! I'll be waiting for the time.

Etoile is the best! They're so kind and funny! I Love them! :) They always love their fans, they're rich, but they're so kind to newbie, I'm proud of you :) Hope you will win Etoile! I LOVE YOU!

Etoiles are the nicest family I have ever met :D Though they may be royal they treat everyone fairly and kind :3 Plus they have the best events and videos I have ever seen GO ETOILE FAMILY WO

They are so original! Besides, they are true to them selves. Etoiles aren't perfect so it's also normal for them to get mad, turn off or feel negative things too. SUCH A HUMAN! I LOVE ETOILES!

100% Original and the best of the best! The god of the god! I am a big fan of etoile! The may not be perfect and it's better than acting FAKE. They are really true to them selves. That's what I love!

The first and mot original International Family in Ameba Pico! No one can beat them. Just look on their originality. I can't say anything. Speechless because of their awesomeness,

The most mainstream family o pico! Surely they do influence a lot of Ameba Pico users because of their originality and hard work even its for a virtual game. I love you Etoiles!

ETOILES ALL THE WAY! Best family on pico! Even though mai and mia are sometimes afk there's a reason for that! They are very busy and you should understand that! GO ETOILES!

I Simply Just Love This Family ;3 Haters Hate, Lovers Love. Don't Know Why There Are Haters Though :s But This Family Has Guide Me Through My Pico Life :) ily

Étoile family has been around for so long. It started out as a clan but then turned into an exclusive family. I hate that people are calling them arrogant. They are NOT! They work hard and try to talk to their fans. I love Étoile! They hold contests and make music videos. They interact with their fans and friends. People calling them arrogant are just jealous. They are the ORIGINAL family. They are creative. All the other families try to copy but fail. Other families just can't think of their own stuff. I look up to the Étoile family. They have so many fakes because they are awesome.


Oh, come on guys! You all know it. The Etoile family is the BEST FAMILY in Pico! Why don't you face that fact that the Etoile family is gonna win. :P

Etolie, One of the BEST FAMILIES IN PICO in my opinion. Everyone is nice in there and kind. But yet, They don't really go on pico But they are active every single day and I love that fact! :D I Love the etolie for who they are. MIA AND MAI FOR THE WIN ;3 AND EVERYONE IN THE ETOLIE FAMILY ARE THE BEST ( NOT COPIERS OR POSERS ) I don't care if you vote for etolie or not, I just think you should because they are the best in pico world. And also their videos are awesome laugh out loud the scenes and stuff are perfect for each song. They worked so hard for the viewers and I even have fun watching them. Sometimes I dream about being a etolie member but I don't think it will come true. Even if I'm not a etolie member, I still love that family! I get why it is so hard to join since its like the best family in that pico WORLD :D I can't go on pico a lot so I always check this website out and look at the news. Thanks for being active everyday and also, YOUR THE BEST!

I think etoile is the best family because it has more inspiration. And it has some band too! So I hope ETOILE family will WIN!

Etoile family is the best family ever that I know in my life! Although it is just a game, etoile family is my idol! Thumbs up for Etoile Family! Hooray!

Because Etoile Family so COOL! And I am want join Etoile Family! Etoile is the best, the crown, and the very cool! AND TOP FULL!

Etoile family? Think twice about their hard work! Their inspiring music videos! No one beats Etoiles! Back to you haters, thinking that it's really toi-let family? Well it's Ay-Twal! Maybe the haters should make their own Toilet family and try to beat their music videos!

It's the wealthiest family I think, no wonder only AG user could join, I hope I could join this family

Its because Etoile is like the first family and other family just like copying. Etoile rocks!

I Vote for etoile because I was feeling sad of mai's foot in real so I voted you I like etoile