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1 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Who really believes that 9/11 was no inside job, please let check your IQ... - Xenothor

It was evil aliens that came from Planet Bing. No humans can reach the planet. Aliens had been flying the planes, aliens who have changed their identity because aliens on the Planet Bing are immortal. Aliens from the planet Bing hate America and they hate the twin towers when they flew in their UFO they always wanted to crash into it. But their master would punish them if they did that because they would be seen, they disguised themselves as humans and the aliens had changed their identity so they don't get punished by their master.

I believe it. Too many things in the official report don't add up and eye witnesses tell a different story. Engineers have discussed how a commercial aluminum plane at that speed could not have penetrated that steel and concrete building. Many people who were there said that the plane they saw was a black military plane. Demolitions experts have explained how a structure of that magnitude and quality engineering could not have been felled without some sort of internal explosions, placed at strategic points (the four main support pylons, I believe). Well, plenty of people who were there heard explosions some time after each of the planes had crashed. And there are recordings of these explosions. Not that it takes a pro to see how perfectly the towers fell, like a controlled demolition. Warmongers. I hate our government. It's SO corrupt. I hope Trump can clean house.

I wouldn't call the US government, as well as many others, exactly sane. Killing their own people is quite common practice, called collateral damage. The victims and their families have my total sympathy, it doesn't matter who's behind their losses; there's no disrespect by not believing the lies of the government. If I had lost someone, I'd rather find out the truth, however upsetting it might be.

2 The NASA Moon Landing Was Faked

I was between picking and the Illuminati but I picked this. I will believe in this until the day I die.

Sorry but the only movie will be the truth about the moon landing which was not faked. Now go back to your tower of babel.

When I was small I thought the moon was made of cheese, and Wallace and Gromit where the first to go on the moon. But I didn't know what NASA was or the moon landing. HAHA.

This is because you probably want to believe in the Tower of Babel.

3 The JFK Assassination

Although I think that Oswald didn't act alone, I do believe that it was not an inside job. LHO lived in Russia for a period of time. I think that the USSR told him to assassinate JFK. I think that he and another unknown shooter (Jack Ruby? ) I think that the US government eventually found out, and covered up for Russia, and pretended like they didn't know to prevent the start of World War 3, because the government believed that if the public found out, there would be an outcry to avenge the beloved Presidents murder. - ChickenKing

I'm glad this one is at least top ten. But seriously, holocaust being made up is higher than this?! I didn't even know that was a conspiracy!

Its basically been proven that Oswald was not the only one who shot jfk

This should be top 3, everybody knows about this. Its idiotic to think that only one person shot jfk - ryanrimmel

4 The New World Order

You mean Paganism & Wicca?

Martial law the mark of the beast the anti Christ the rapture I could go for days

This will happen. World trade is a sign it can happen.

Sure your not just over-reacting Marxists - DeadAsian

5 Area 51/Roswell

We need some aliens to do something about these world leaders. WW3 threats.

Everyone talks about aliens but it's definitely something a lot more sinister.

6 Berenstein Bears Mandela Effect
7 Paul McCartney Is Dead

Listen the Illuminati told John to say "Bigger than Jesus."
The Illuminati ended The Beatles.
The Illuminati killed John and George. (and the others who used to be in The Beatles but I can't remember their names)

This theory is just ridiculous

Ok to clear up the debate Paul was murdered in New York.
John got laser eye surgery or just doesn't wear his glasses on television.
John got surgery to look like Paul.. like he had polyjuice potion.
John imitates Pauls voice on television.
John imitates Pauls voice singing.
Many people think that Yoko broke The Beatles up so he doesn't tell her the truth.
Got it?

John Lennon got laser eye surgery and Paul was murdered.

8 Sandy Hook Shooting Was Staged

It is actually on the stupidest conspiracy theories page.

Should be on the stupidest conspiracy theories page

9 Illuminati

It's interesting German history when it's not all Hitler (Shame no time machine to make sure he drowned in his bath when he was a kid).
18th Century - Illuminati.
But now it's all embarrassing fantasy paranoia.

They are controlling the world and enslaving us. Think of it. How many people get up every morning and go to work everyday? Just like the good little slaves we are. Then work your ass off all day, then you get paid then out of your wages you get taxed. Then you go back to your home on which you also pay tax, then you go for a drive in your car which you pay tax, then you drive to the super market to get some shopping and every item you buy your paying a percentage of tax. Tax Tax Tax. Money makes the world go around? Yup. Why? Because the Illuminati made it that way they are the rich guys benefiting from all our work and tax. Think about it. You need shelter, food, clothes, water to survive right? How do we get those things. You must go to work and pay for them. If you can't get work then the government put you on benefits and you live in poverty but yet your world will still evolve around money. Not by your own choice, because we are not allowed to just go out there like we did ...more

Wow. This is just. Wow. People go to work everyday to make money to support themselves and possibly their families. If we were "slaves" then we wouldn't get paid. Sure, people did a lot of evil things for money, but paper isn't evil. Why? It is paper. - ObviouslyNotATroll

I think that people who believe in Illuminati conspiracy theories are all out ignorant and stupid, and therefore incapable of having an intelligent conversation.

Ughh! Dear lord this is the most annoying damn thing. Every single time something happens, it is the Illuminati. Terrorists crash a plane into the world trade center, Illuminati! A psychopath runs into a preschool and murders dozens of people, Illuminati! Another Malaysian plane goes missing, Illuminati! Obama wants to take away your guns, Illuminati! Oil prices are rising, Illuminati! Two men were kissing on television last night, Illuminati! My chip looks like a triangle, Illuminati! Illuminati this, Illuminati that! I am sick of it! How the hell is a tiny group of individuals, even individuals in positions of power, able to control every factor of every person's life everywhere and at any time. It would take millions of people willingly working within the Illuminati to get that big of a handle. Furthermore, it would just be impossible to cover up something that large for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. The only reason this crackpot theory has survived is because some ...more

10 The Loch Ness Monster

Fake! - Luckys

The Loch Ness Monster if it was real it would be dead. The earliest report was in 565 AD in the sixth century.

I don't really think this is a conspiracy theory. It hasn't been proven or not. This is simply a question of does the Loch Ness Monster exist or not, there have been various sightings, and photo's but how can you tell if it is a hoax or not? Same way people question Big Foot.

Look out! He's watching you...


The Contenders

11 Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

I would rather think this than think of him killing himself

Courtney was always jealous lol rip kurt I miss you

What is wrong with you people

12 Global Warming Hoax

Anthropogenic Global Warming is real get over it.

This is the only conspiracy on This listthat is believable - Weirdest-thing

Usually, climate changes take thousands or even millions of years to occur. However, in the past 20 years, the temperature of the earth has been rising at an unprecedented rate. Some countries refuse to accept it because their economies are built upon pollutive industries and some people refuse to acknowledge it because they are too lazy to make the necessary changes, but it's happening. - RalphSaad

Global warming is and isn't a hoax, the earth was warming about 15 years ago, a report last year showed that earth was cooling again and had been for about 10 years. So it is a lie! Earth heats and cools, get over it! - DeadAsian

13 All of Hollywood's celebrities are Illuminati puppets
14 AIDS Is a Manmade Disease

Distributed by WHO (=World Health Organisation)

Sorry, to hear that, but it seems a pointless statement to make, considering the topic.

I have Aids

15 Michael Jackson Faked His Death

More believable than Leaving Neverland.

He might be a zombie already though. Who wants to listen to Thriller? - Neonco31

He really did, look it up, there was a citing of him at a foreign hotel.

Have you seen the hoax websites its hilarious.
How about he is really a woman, he is an alien.

16 Aliens Built the Pyramids

Did they also do the mummifying?

17 Krusty Krab Unfair

I work there

Krusty Krab is unfair, Mr. Krabs is in there, standing at the concession plotting his oppression! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

18 Elvis Is Still Alive

Going by the Elvis is still alive (How about evidence is the song Elvis isn't dead -- because I heard him on the radio, he voiced Johnny Bravo and the creators lied about the person who voiced him)
Well I just thought of another person who could still be alive, Mark Salling he told umm the prison then to tell the court, then the president, then the news and newspapers and magazines that he faked his hanging because of his crime. People believe that he killed himself.

@LegitGames: The "average life expectancy" doesn't mean everybody lives that long, retard. And 50? This isn't Zimbabwe haha

It is very obvios if u examine it very carefully.

Your all dumb if he did fake his death he would be 80. the average life expectancy is 50. some times you just have to let go - LegitGames12

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19 H.A.A.R.P.

Me: *clenches fist*
everyone: don't do it
me: *bursts* mUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE

20 2012 Conspiracy

#RebuildCamelotThemePark Camelot Closed in 2012 that was the 2012 ending.

Not a conspiracy theory, just another supposed apocalypse date - ryanrimmel

I know the world actually was destroyed at 21-12-2012 and the Illuminati covered it up!

And nope. Didn't happen. Big surprise there. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

21 Holocaust Did Not Happen

Of course, it happened, but the total of victims is highly exaggerated, depending on who you ask.

Some people actually believe that Jewish leaders masterminded the holocaust so the west would grant them the state of Israel so they could enslave and exterminate the Palestinians and create a world government. Did I mention that most people who believe this "theory" are Palestinian?

These people need to see a therapist - ryanrimmel

Watch david cole documentary

22 Azaria Chamberlain Disappearance
23 Tupac Faked His Death

It's stupid, there's no way he would have made it out of the country un noticed

I'm tipsy

24 Obama Isn't American Born

It's been proven Obama was born in Kenya. Her grandmother was there when he was born, and she says he was born in Kenya.

This is the dumbest conspiracy ever. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii which is in the USA, which makes him American-born. I even heard one that Hitler actually went to Kenya and ended up fathering Obama there. laugh out loud! This is bull because if Hitler was his dad he would be called Barack Hitler. If he wasn't born in America he would never be President.

This isn't really a conspiracy, but it isn't a fact, we may ever know. It's just that you would think that if he was American born, he would show his birth certificate and not try to get around it. Its really just a question, if its ever proven one way or the other, then we'll know. I don't really care, I didn't vote, who cares, how is proving a conspiracy going to solve any problems.

This is stupid. He was born in Hawaii, morons. Hawaii is in america. - TwilightKitsune

25 Redheads are Aliens

So you're saying my brother's girlfriend and her parents are aliens? I swear, if I ever meet the guy that made this...

Yep, I'm an alien, I have come for your children

My mom's an alien? Jerks who made this up..,

The heck? I'm not a redhead, but whoever put this here is a jerk - TwilightKitsune

26 The Murdered Princess Diana

You mean a car crash.

The question is really, 'Who murdered her? '

27 George Washington Wasn't the First U.S.President

what - Crizz

Washington wasn't the first President. The first president was John Hanson, he was pretty much erased from the history though.

The history goes like this: Just after the American revolution, when the declaration of independance was written(1776, 4th of July). But the war with the United Kingdom did go on until 1783. Washington was a general in the war till than. During the time (between 1776 to 1783) there was around eight presidents. They was each President for one year each.

But in 1783 when Washington returned from the war, the constitution of the congress was re-written. Now the president should be elected each fourth year instead. It was at this time George Washington became the president of the United States.

All other presidents before him was seen as "Presidents of the Continental Congress" and not as real presidents. So George wasn't the real first president of the USA, just the first first president of the new congress.

He wasn't the first president was like Harry something he was assassinated though at the speech - 2storm

My teacher would kill you if she saw this.

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28 Reptilians

Ah. This conspiracy theory makes me chuckle all the time. The Queen A reptilian? Don't get me wrong she does some what remind me of an old horrible scaly lizard, I'm not her biggest fan. But to actually believe that humans crossed with reptile hybrids. That is just retarded and dumb.

Yes, all of the world leaders and wealthy corporate schmucks are reptilian aliens. And I'm a purple dotted bisexual hippopotamus currently playing Half life 3 at Guantanamo bay.

Reptiles from space bent on destroying the world. What is this, a sci-if movie? - RiverClanRocks

People these days make the stupidest things up...

29 Harambe Was An Inside Job

It was George W. Bush. R.I.P. Dicks Out.

30 The World Is Controlled by Britain

Telling Americans to pay a tea tax then they dumped tea in the sea.

Well they did control a quarter of the world in the 1800's, so there's that.

we do!

31 Baader-Meinhoff-Ensslin were not murdered in Stammheim-Prison


No comments?

32 Osama Bin Laden Died Of Kidney Failure In December of 2001

I am 9/11

33 Hitler is alive today

I'd say, the probability that he'd died of old age by now, is extremely likely. He'll be celebrating his 127th birthday next April (2016).

They don't think he's still alive. A Brazilian woman claims that he escaped and fled to South America, moved to a small town in Brazil, went by the name Adolf Leipzig, and died at age 95. There is a photo of him, and its too grainy to see his face. - ryanrimmel

Ever heard of the sitcom Only Fools and Horses well before WW2 the man who played the grandad met Hitler some stage thing and if he knew what would happen he would have shot Hitler dead.

He probably would've already died from old age - kaitlynrad11

34 The Whole World Is a Hologram

It makes so much since. haha.

How come I can feel the flesh on myself

Someone out there's watching me! - Neonco31

No it's not.

35 Hollow Earth

This one's the most hilarious in my opinion. Aside from the fact that this totally goes against the laws of physics, what would be the elites' motive behind covering up the "fact" that the earth is hollow?

Where do we get geothermal energy?

My dick is in the core

36 Count of St. Germain has lived for thousands of years
37 Israel is funding ISIS

Never heard this before, but it wouldn't surprise me whatsoever.

38 Ariana Grande ordered Manchester Arena Bombings

I wonder which user made this one up, if any... - I80

I saw this on some YouTube video, and although I don’t believe it, it’s based on some solid evidence. - I80

39 Jews Control the World

If one looks at the amount of Jews in lists of most powerful and richest people, it's quite understandable to come to this conclusion. Considering also, how people are highly influenced by the media, the entertainment industry (Hollywood) is certainly in Jewish hands.

Why is it racist? - punksnotdead

World Leaders controlled by Jews.


40 Loomynarty

Everywhere you look is Loomynarty. Look over there, it's a triangle! What shape is your nose? What do you use to see with? Eyes. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

It's illuminati

U spelt it wrong

41 Jesus and Mary Magdalene Were Married and Had Children

Jesus Christ Superstar is better than the Bible. Its not boring, its not full of ridiculous stuff because its just a musical. Jesus and Mary Magdalene are a couple in Jesus Christ Superstar

You do realise that the Roman Catholic Church only used a selection of writings they approved of to create the bible as we know it. Complete scrolls and entire testaments have been excluded, containing inconvenient material. Especially, texts written by women weren't dealt with equally. You keep believing in your bible, mate.

This makes some sense - Caleb9000

Has anyone read the Bible?

42 King Arthur and Jesus Are the Same Person

They King Arthur and Jesus both ate spotted dick... anyway King Arthur is a fictional character and Jesus either did exist and had super powers, or he did not have powers or he did not exist at all like King Arthur.

My dicks name is Jesus

43 Crop Circles Are Created by Aliens

Nope it was crop charms in the Wizarding World showing off to Muggles and No-Majs

44 Paris Hilton is Psychic

She is smarter than people think, just appears on reality shows as some bimbo.

Only a brainless person would come up with such crap.

A brainless person can't be psychic

Hail Hitler

45 Alien Lizards Rule Our Country
46 We are a Simulation

Welp. I don't exist - Neonco31

I kind of believe this one. A famous person called Elon Musk said there’s a 1 in a billion chance we’re real. Technology has evolved so much, and in a thousand years or so there would probably be a virtual world to see what everything was like around this time. The only way this will be proven false is if some kind of fatal disaster happens to Earth before this happens, where the world ends and civilation must be restarted. I did a bad job of explaining, but it’s from a video by Shane Dawson. - mistyglow

47 Jesuit Theory
48 Mao Was a Pedophile

Well, I wouldn't be surprised. That guy was a psychopath.

Possibly true

49 Xixi Slept With British Soldier
50 Fabian Society
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