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1 9/11 Was An Inside Job

I wouldn't call the US government, as well as many others, exactly sane. Killing their own people is quite common practice, called collateral damage. The victims and their families have my total sympathy, it doesn't matter who's behind their losses; there's no disrespect by not believing the lies of the government. If I had lost someone, I'd rather find out the truth, however upsetting it might be.

To Puga: The question is, did anybody die on a plane? They were certainly not planes with passengers that crashed into the towers when I watched the footage (many times! ). And none of those 'desperate last phone calls' sound true to me. Have you tried to make a phone call from a plane recently? I bet you, it didn't work. Somehow everybody on those planes (facing death!? ) managed alright. How convenient? Have you listened to those final conversations?

Add the fact that no videos of planes crashing into the Pentagon or Fields in Pennsylvania have ever been released, or the fact that the WTCs were strong enough to take the force of a plane crash and still stay standing, Plus the fact that the WT7 building collapsed for no reason at all. Should all add to the sure conclusion that it was very much an inside job.


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2 The NASA Moon Landing Was Faked

As the USA were losing the space race, they created the lie of a successful moon landing. It wasn't planned to happen for several years and suddenly they pushed it forward. Makes you wonder, how they just solved all the technical problems in such a short time. It seemed a bit too convenient for me.

If NASA's biggest goals nowadays is to "clear Earth's lower orbit'" Then how, back in the sixties, did they do it? And how did that pathetic piece of junk hit the moons surface with getting utterly destroyed let alone leave a crater?

THe only thing I don't get is why there aren't any stars in the footage. That to me doesn't make any sense. - ChickenKing

It was the lunar daytime when they landed. When it's daytime here on earth, we don't see stars either. The light from the sun causes there to be no stars, the black sky is due to the moon not having an atmosphere. It makes total sense - ryanrimmel

They did land on the moon idiot. Everyone saw it, even people who weren't watching it on T.V.. And plus the stuff in the video that people think it's proof, all that "proof" has been debunked a long time ago. The moon landing was real retard. - tacoperson

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3 The JFK Assassination

Although I think that Oswald didn't act alone, I do believe that it was not an inside job. LHO lived in Russia for a period of time. I think that the USSR told him to assassinate JFK. I think that he and another unknown shooter (Jack Ruby? ) I think that the US government eventually found out, and covered up for Russia, and pretended like they didn't know to prevent the start of World War 3, because the government believed that if the public found out, there would be an outcry to avenge the beloved Presidents murder. - ChickenKing

I'm glad this one is at least top ten. But seriously, holocaust being made up is higher than this?! I didn't even know that was a conspiracy!

Its basically been proven that Oswald was not the only one who shot jfk

Oswald was set up. The evidence is staggering.

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4 The New World Order

Martial law the mark of the beast the anti Christ the rapture I could go for days

This will happen. World trade is a sign it can happen.


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5 Area 51/Roswell
6 Berenstein Bears Mandela Effect
7 Sandy Hook Shooting Was Staged

Should be on the stupidest conspiracy theories page

8 Paul McCartney Is Dead

This is so stupid its painful. It doesn't matter what kind of evidence the people give, there is NO WAY they hired a look alike who has the SAME SINGING VOICE as Paul, and just as musically talented - ryanrimmel

This was the most irritating thing ever, but I can't stop reading about it. Like, you can't just replace a legend! Plus, is replacement DIED in 2011, and he still is making performances - kaitlynrad11

Interesting to read about.

He's still alive - Neonco31

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9 Illuminati

They are controlling the world and enslaving us. Think of it. How many people get up every morning and go to work everyday? Just like the good little slaves we are. Then work your ass off all day, then you get paid then out of your wages you get taxed. Then you go back to your home on which you also pay tax, then you go for a drive in your car which you pay tax, then you drive to the super market to get some shopping and every item you buy your paying a percentage of tax. Tax Tax Tax. Money makes the world go around? Yup. Why? Because the Illuminati made it that way they are the rich guys benefiting from all our work and tax. Think about it. You need shelter, food, clothes, water to survive right? How do we get those things. You must go to work and pay for them. If you can't get work then the government put you on benefits and you live in poverty but yet your world will still evolve around money. Not by your own choice, because we are not allowed to just go out there like we did ...more

Wow. This is just. Wow. People go to work everyday to make money to support themselves and possibly their families. If we were "slaves" then we wouldn't get paid. Sure, people did a lot of evil things for money, but paper isn't evil. Why? It is paper. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Ughh! Dear lord this is the most annoying damn thing. Every single time something happens, it is the Illuminati. Terrorists crash a plane into the world trade center, Illuminati! A psychopath runs into a preschool and murders dozens of people, Illuminati! Another Malaysian plane goes missing, Illuminati! Obama wants to take away your guns, Illuminati! Oil prices are rising, Illuminati! Two men were kissing on television last night, Illuminati! My chip looks like a triangle, Illuminati! Illuminati this, Illuminati that! I am sick of it! How the hell is a tiny group of individuals, even individuals in positions of power, able to control every factor of every person's life everywhere and at any time. It would take millions of people willingly working within the Illuminati to get that big of a handle. Furthermore, it would just be impossible to cover up something that large for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. The only reason this crackpot theory has survived is because some ...more

Illuminati wants your mind, soul, and your body! illuminati is the devil and his nephlim bloodline on earth through 13 still existing families. There is a shocking amount of evidence in existence that proves the reality of things including illuminati itself, but people could not be bothered searching for the truth and would rather have info brought to them on a silver plate by the news or else entertain themselves to death. Also, proof of both illumianti, and existense of god lies within wordplay and esoteric symbolism, once you comprehend the meanings and usage of these symbols you'll then see them in everyday things and understand why, as well as who, where, what and how.

The best conspiracy ever made in mankind and today it's still puzzling our minds - Neonco31

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10 The Loch Ness Monster

I don't really think this is a conspiracy theory. It hasn't been proven or not. This is simply a question of does the Loch Ness Monster exist or not, there have been various sightings, and photo's but how can you tell if it is a hoax or not? Same way people question Big Foot.

The world is a weird place. Who knows weather or not Nessie exists.

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11 Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

I would rather think this than think of him killing himself

Courtney was always jealous lol rip kurt I miss you

What is wrong with you people

12 Global Warming Hoax

Usually, climate changes take thousands or even millions of years to occur. However, in the past 20 years, the temperature of the earth has been rising at an unprecedented rate. Some countries refuse to accept it because their economies are built upon pollutive industries and some people refuse to acknowledge it because they are too lazy to make the necessary changes, but it's happening. - RalphSaad

Global warming is and isn't a hoax, the earth was warming about 15 years ago, a report last year showed that earth was cooling again and had been for about 10 years. So it is a lie! Earth heats and cools, get over it! - DeadAsian

Wow, the Earth's weather is going to go up and down (temp. wise)

Sorry DeadAsian, but you are an idiot!

13 AIDS Is a Manmade Disease

Distributed by WHO (=World Health Organisation)

Sorry, to hear that, but it seems a pointless statement to make, considering the topic.

I have Aids

14 All of Hollywood's celebrities are Illuminati puppets
15 Michael Jackson Faked His Death

He might be a zombie already though. Who wants to listen to Thriller? - Neonco31

He really did, look it up, there was a citing of him at a foreign hotel.

I'm MJ's son

16 Aliens Built the Pyramids
17 H.A.A.R.P. V 1 Comment
18 2012 Conspiracy

Not a conspiracy theory, just another supposed apocalypse date - ryanrimmel

I know the world actually was destroyed at 21-12-2012 and the Illuminati covered it up!

And nope. Didn't happen. Big surprise there. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

2017 and I'm still alive - Neonco31

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19 Elvis Is Still Alive

@LegitGames: The "average life expectancy" doesn't mean everybody lives that long, retard. And 50? This isn't Zimbabwe haha

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20 Krusty Krab Unfair

Krusty Krab is unfair, Mr. Krabs is in there, standing at the concession plotting his oppression! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

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