What if Abraham Lincoln went to Glover Theatre instead of Ford and didn't die Rated E

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John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theater. But everyone does a what if so this is mine what if maybe different from yours though.
So John Wilkes Booth knew Ford's more extensive than Glover because he played at Ford's more. And plus different security would have been there and if you remember the guard guarding the presidential box got drunk. So Booth would have gotten caught and would have been hanged. George Atzerodt would then have noticed Booth was hanged and gotten angry (Booth was his best friend and had anger issues) and killed Andrew Johnson like he was told and got caught after and immediately shot. As for Lewis Powell and David Herold they didn't go along with it and ran away to Texas and Booth thought they went along with the murder, so he didn't talk about it. Meaning only Booth and Atzerodt were killed for Mary Surrat wasn't caught for keeping anyone. So that was what would happen to the Lincoln Murderers. So after that Lincoln is still Alive so he picks a new vice president since Andrew Johnson died. And that Ulysses S. Grant.
So next was the Reconstruction Era. If you remember Grant was a aggressive man and he pressed Lincoln to complete the era. And plus Grant was a anti terrorist and got rid of Ku Klux Klan meaning he got rid of them even earlier.
Plus while Andrew Johnson was president he restricted the Confederate people to become politicians. While Lincoln hated supremacy of race so meaning Confederates became Politicians. So I would predict they would end the first section of Reconstruction earlier.
So after that I think African Americans would get rights much quicker meaning Martin Luther King would assassinated years later. So with Reconstruction done in about 1869 The Government allows Lincoln to have two more terms due to him being so successful like Franklin Roosevelt was. (If only Ronald Reagan had 4 terms) And Lincoln decides to make more technology advances until 1873 when a argument starts throughout all of Europe. This is accordingly started the tension that started WW1, but this time it is different Lincoln steps in and tries to stop the fighting. Germany lashes out of America while Russia, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria and a bunch of countries help Germany. While France and Britain and a bunch of other countries help America. This war went on for 4 more years until Lincoln had leg problems (He eventually died in 1893) and Woodrow Wilson became president and Eventually America won in 1891. And plus in my view in WW1 if they didn't drop out they would've been destroyed well in this they had no reason to drop out so they got completely destroyed.
Now with that the Great Depression still happened in the 1930s, but there was no WW2 because Hitler didn't have any reason to attack people because they already recovered and Hitler became a successful leader. Anne Frank didn't die in the Holocaust and she became one of the greatest artist ever too. Plus Russia never became a superpower so America dominated the space war and all that stuf. So yeah that is what I think would've happened if Lincoln wasn't killed.

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Please I spent a lot of time on this if you think different start a argument.


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Good, I wish we did what if's in social studies, but how about something like "what if the Black Plague never happened across Europe in the Middle Ages" - Skullkid755