What If Napoleon Bonaparte Stopped His Conquest of Russia

2storm (Note I was always a fan of Napoleon so I am kinda of Bias about it so sorry and I am really a fan a Smart Strategists)
Napoleon Bonaparte tried to take over Russia and failed half way there, but stupidity took control and kept going and that is what led to his demise. Let's just imagine that he withdrew before the Battle of Bordino. The Battle of Bordino was one of the deadliest battles ever. With that Russia wasn't angered and didn't lead up Prussia and Britain and the other countries. Napoleon left Russia and he learned of the army Britain was making and with more time to strategize and he ultimately defeated Britain at Lepzing and actually took control of Britain. He wasn't Exiled when he lost so he didn't do the Battle of 500. So they went on and if you remember France supported The United States alot. So in 1815 James Madison helped and gave supplies and Napoleon's forces got stronger and eventually the United States and France got in a alliance.
Then in 1816 a revolt started in the Napals but it was easily destroyed by Napoleon. Then nothing really happened tell 1819 when Napoleon tried to take Egypt and with a strong navy from Britain and USA they took Egypt. Then Africa basically moved everyone to South Africa. Then in 1821 Since Napoleon didn't get exiled to Saint Helena (Which is one of the most unhealthy places ever) he didn't have his health deteriorate he survived but note he still has health problems. He tried again to take Russia but Russia had Prussia and they successfully Defended the attack from France. Then Napoleon attacked Prussia but Russia was really selfish at the time and didn't help. The France Obliterated Prussia.
Then in 1830 Napoleon destroyed Russia. He then rested for he had achieved everything. And he eventually died in 1838. He was replaced by Victor Emmanuel the II and there was no one to go against France and it remains like this today.
Key things that would change. There would be no World War II or World War I. No Cold War. Britain nor Germany won the World Cup.

Tell what you think here are my resources.
Napoleon Bonaparte Documentary by Victor Chastise

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