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21 The Loch Ness Monster

I don't really think this is a conspiracy theory. It hasn't been proven or not. This is simply a question of does the Loch Ness Monster exist or not, there have been various sightings, and photo's but how can you tell if it is a hoax or not? Same way people question Big Foot.

The world is a weird place. Who knows weather or not Nessie exists.

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22 George Washington Wasn't the First U.S.President

He wasn't the first president was like Harry something he was assassinated though at the speech - 2storm

He was the president under the Constitution. - 2storm

My teacher would kill you if she saw this.

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23 Reptilians

Ah. This conspiracy theory makes me chuckle all the time. The Queen A reptilian? Don't get me wrong she does some what remind me of an old horrible scaly lizard, I'm not her biggest fan. But to actually believe that humans crossed with reptile hybrids. That is just retarded and dumb.

Yes, all of the world leaders and wealthy corporate schmucks are reptilian aliens. And I'm a purple dotted bisexual hippopotamus currently playing Half life 3 at Guantanamo bay.

Reptiles from space bent on destroying the world. What is this, a sci-if movie? - RiverClanRocks

People these days make the stupidest things up...

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24 Baader-Meinhoff-Ensslin were not murdered in Stammheim-Prison V 1 Comment
25 The Murdered Princess Diana

The question is really, 'Who murdered her? '

26 Osama Bin Laden Died Of Kidney Failure In December of 2001 V 1 Comment
27 Redheads are Aliens

So you're saying my brother's girlfriend and her parents are aliens? I swear, if I ever meet the guy that made this...

My mom's an alien? Jerks who made this up..,

The heck? I'm not a redhead, but whoever put this here is a jerk - TwilightKitsune

Wow! this just goes to show you people have too much free time.

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28 Hollow Earth

This one's the most hilarious in my opinion. Aside from the fact that this totally goes against the laws of physics, what would be the elites' motive behind covering up the "fact" that the earth is hollow?

Where do we get geothermal energy?

My dick is in the core

29 Paul McCartney Is Dead

This is so stupid its painful. It doesn't matter what kind of evidence the people give, there is NO WAY they hired a look alike who has the SAME SINGING VOICE as Paul, and just as musically talented - ryanrimmel

This was the most irritating thing ever, but I can't stop reading about it. Like, you can't just replace a legend! Plus, is replacement DIED in 2011, and he still is making performances - kaitlynrad11

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30 Flat Earth Theory

This theory is too stupid for me to even comment on - ryanrimmel

I've traveled around the world and seen the International Space Station. It's a sphere - Caleb9000

If this is true than why don't we see to the other side of the world. Consider that flat earthers.

My dick is flat

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31 Loomynarty

Everywhere you look is Loomynarty. Look over there, it's a triangle! What shape is your nose? What do you use to see with? Eyes. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

It's illuminati

U spelt it wrong

32 King Arthur and Jesus Are the Same Person

My dicks name is Jesus

33 Count of St. Germain has lived for thousands of years
34 Israel is funding ISIS

Never heard this before, but it wouldn't surprise me whatsoever.

35 All of Hollywood's celebrities are Illuminati puppets
36 Alien Lizards Rule Our Country
37 Harambe Was An Inside Job
38 The World Is Controlled by Britain

Well they did control a quarter of the world in the 1800's, so there's that.

39 Jesuit Theory
40 Mao Was a Pedophile

Well, I wouldn't be surprised. That guy was a psychopath.

Possibly true

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