Top Ten Most Popular Girls Names From the 1970s


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21 Debbie

This is a nice name I like it

22 Skyler

Love this name! Named my daughter Skylar!

Bruh do you have any idea how much I want this name? It reminds me of blue and is just simply lovely.

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23 Victoria

Love this name! If I ever have a baby girl I will totally name her Victoria and call he Tori

V-I-C-T-O-R-I-A! VICTORIA! Victoria was a cute name for girls. There was a celebrity whose name is Victoria Justice. Victoria Justice liked to show off her bare midriff as a sexy and free girl due to her personal appearance on Victorious as Tori Vega. - playstationfan66

My name is Victoria and I love it very dearly. :) It is perfect for a quiet girl who likes to read books and is a bit shy. And I am just like that!

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24 Gina

Love it. It's my moms name she is just a beautiful person.

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25 Melissa

Three Words: MELISSA JOAN HART (Melissa & Joey). Melissa Joan Hart was born in the 1970s to producer Paula Hart. Melissa and Paula own a candy shop in Los Angeles, California. The leather jacket (from Clarissa Explains It All) was donated to the candy shop's museum of strange and interesting Melissa Joan Hart items because the actress outgrown it and sold to another actress: Madison Pettis. - playstationfan66

26 Josephine

I like the name Josephine it is my sisters name:)!

27 Gabrielle

This is my name and it means woman of God. It's so beautiful and I wish I could thank my parents for naming me this. Everybody should vote for this lovely name.

This is my name I LOVE my name gabby is my nickname by the way I don't talk a lot because everybody says I talk a lot because of my name GABby:/

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28 Lucille

I like the name

29 Emily

It is amazing name VOTE FOR IT

30 Wendy

It's not an average name you here.

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31 Donna
32 Angela
33 Mileah

Pretty name alternative spelling for Malia

34 Clarissa

I liked that name. Reminds me of the 1991 television show aimed towards teenage girls: Clarissa Explains It All. - playstationfan66

35 Yuri

Yuri - violent killer/murderer/terrorist. Do not name a girl Yuri because she will murder you to the point of no return with a sharp knife by cutting your head off. - playstationfan66

I was going to name my child this, that was until I was informed it was a genre of porn.

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36 Georgia

It is such a cute name for a baby. I love it, at school I had 2 in my class.

37 Marilyn
38 Cami

Sounds so nice!

39 Abigail
40 Diamond
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