Top 10 Most Popular Languages Spoken Worldwide

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1 English

English is not easy at all. It has so many stupid rules. This is coming from a fluent English speaker that has seen people with English as their second language struggle badly, while I easily zoomed through an ACTUALLY easy language, French. A lot of people think it's easy solely because it is their first language.

Most developed and developing countries teach English as a second language. Fast becoming the universal language of the world.

English, the language easy to learn, read, write, and speak

Everybody know the English is the most speaking language! - Squadela

2 Spanish

I love Spanish! It's easy to learn, Mexico has an amazing culture, and some of the words are really fun to say. Yo el amor espanol! (I love Spanish! )

Is easy to learn.. And is sounds exactly as you write

3 Mandarin/Chinese

The population of China is one seventh of the world's population, this has to be number one.

This is actually number one. English should be number three, behind Spanish.

This is the most spoken language in the world, more than English.

English includes second hand speakers

4 Arabic

There are more than 450 million of people speak Arabic as a native language, and much than 500 million spoken by it as a second language around all the world.

Arabic language:450 million speakers birth place of Arabic:Saudi Arabia Arabic spoken most in:Egypt 90 million

Arabic so beautiful, I get goose bumps when I hear it

I love this language.

5 Hindi

Very sweet language it should come first or second

Hindi Known person can understand Indian local languages almost.

Best language in the world

It is sweet&old language.

6 French

French is an influential language and was the most important before english. Nowadays it's still a very popular language speaks on every continent and the most learn second language after english. - lili117

French is the fifth language in the most widely spoken language in the world.

French is ranked officially the 5th language most spoken in the world.

Best second language to chose after english. Spoken language official in 29 countries.

7 Portuguese
8 German

More speakers than French, Turkish, Italian...

9 Norwegian

Quite hard to pronounce, but norway is quite a beautiful place so...
Why not?

10 Japanese

Beautiful because the sylabbles are in synch

The Contenders
11 Italian
12 Bengali

Most of the great Indian personalities are Bengali, thus it must be in top 5.

Obvioiusly this list is not correct. Bengali is 5th most spoken language in the world. You cannot expect all speakers to vote here.

13 Russian

I'd pick Russian over all other European languages any day of the week, but it is such a bug that I also like German so much. Hmm...

14 Tamil

The best language in the world

It should come first...

Tamil is best.

Old is gold & thamizh proved itself that thing.

15 Persian

PersiaN and all of the IranIAN languages are popular in the GREATER Iran COUNTRY ZONE, in WIKI PEDIA seriously...

Love it!

16 Turkish

Not popular but beautiful and easy.

There is 250 million people that speaks turkic languages all around the world.All turkic languages are similar to turkish there is few differences between them.If you know turkish then you could communicate with them

Turkish is a Turkic Languages which is spoken in Turkey has only pronounciation difference with other Turkic Languages. You will be surprised if u Google it and see how many people speak Turkic all around the world.

17 Danish
18 Malay
19 Malayalam
20 Esperanto
21 Bahasa Indonesia

Our past people created this language to unite Indonesia's diversities. Indonesia is currently the 4th most populous countries in the world. We are understand each other from more than 200 million people because of this language (Bahasa Indonesia).

Indonesia language is the best

Indonesia disatukan oleh Bahasa Indonesia.

22 Kannada
23 Polish

An extremely beaufiful language but not common amongst language learners.

24 Korean

Pronouncing the word is easy and so amazing

25 Greek

Greek Language helped out all the New made Languages like English and thousand more!

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