Most Popular Martial Arts Weapons

All of the weapons commonly used on television, games, and martial artists.

The Top Ten

1 Nunchakus

Bruce lee used it. So its best

If you have masterd this weapon you can even end the fight by death

2 Bo Staff

I love Bo staff. It's easy to learn the forms you just have to have good hand-eye coordination.

The staff (bo translates into staff, so saying bo staff is the same as saying staff staff) may be considered a beginner's weapon, ridiculed by many, including me (long ago), but it, in my opinion, is the coolest and most effective of martial arts tools. The staff provides range, power, and speed all in a stick. Learning how to use it also means you can better adapt to your environment when in a tricky situation. Are you going to find a blade or two sticks conjoined with strings laying around when you're in trouble, or a broom or stick? The fact that a rod can be used in such a way is impressive.

You can get distance, and really fast, strong attacks, I've mastered 5 forms and can fight with one, trust me this is joint with nunchucka!

This is the martial arts weapon that would suit anyone perfectly. Non-lethal, intimidating, and easier to wield than it looks, this it the martial arts weapon for anyone, and everyone.

3 Sais
4 Katana

The Katana is the best weapon in the world it can cut anything if the user is competent and has enough focus without losing any physical strength I recommend in Zombie apocalypse

For all of the weapons.. for me katana is the no. 1 of all weapons because its very! Very! Sharp can cut papers easy. no. 2 if gun is at the list.

Versetile saber with light weight in many different lengths. Easily customizable.

5 Kamas
6 Shuriken
7 Broadsword

It's best and it deserves number 1.It needs power,speed,strength and everything Jet li and some other legendary martial artist used it and it is more deadly than nunchucks,tonfas,bo staff,shuriken,Kamasutra,sais and even Katana.
I love it too much.

8 Tonfas
9 Yari
10 Kris

This is a weapon associated with silat, the Keris. It's a wavy knife used with quick, stabbing motions aimed at soft spots on the body. Also, one of the most deadly neurotoxins in the world is smelted directly into the metal and that just a scratch is enough to kill you within seconds

The Contenders

11 Three-Section Staff
12 Ninjaken

Basically, shorter, easier to wield katanas.

13 Dao

One of my favourite swords, behind the ones in the Lord of the Rings!

14 Kunai
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