Sit back, and read about the NFL world

CityGuru So there is two countries- AFC and NFC, and they argue about everything. Every year, they play a game to decide who is better. The winner brags to the loser.

Citizens and Landmarks of NFC

Bears- the bears patrol WIld Card Forest, searching for stragglers to devour them. They hibernate during football season to avoid the hustle and bustle of it,

Packers- These operate in 49ers square, selling trinkets to citizens. They are the salesmen of the NFC.

Vikings- Fierce competitors of the Buccaneers, these people argue over the loot,band endless fights spring from them. They loot many ships traveling between the countries.

Lions- The Lions live in Wild Card Forest also, and they are known as the king. Their leader is known by the citizens as "Megatron."

Eagles- The Eagles fly the sky. They are known to be fierce competitors. See also- Seahawks.

Cowboys- The Cowboys travel to the AFC to bring back Broncos, Rams, and Colts to sell and butcher.

Steelers- The rich folk of the NFC, they often hire Packers to do their work in the manufacturing plants. Their main product is steel, hence the name, but they manufacture other things as well.

Redskins- Led by the Chiefs, these patrol Wild Card Forest in search for Buffalo Bills to hunt.

Panthers- Yet another predator lives in Wild Card Forest- The Panthers. These slink around waiting for a Ram to fall into the trap.

Saints- These are the holy folk who dwell in the cemeteries. They are very pure and never violate what is known as the "Fan Code"

Falcons- These often brawl with Eagles or Seahawks to claim land. Avid bird watchers love these.

Buccaneers- A jolly pirate, they invented the Jolly Roger. They compete with the Vikings for the loot.

Seahawks- These patrol the sea looking for a fish to eat. They compete with the Falcons and Eagles.

49ers Square- The marketplace of AFC, it is often inhabited by Packers.

Cardinals- The fourth bird of the NFC, they are the peaceful birds. There red color makes them obvious.

Rams- These competitive animals are often preyed on by Panthers.


Patriots- The common name for a citizen

Jets- The only way other than boat to travel to NFC.

Dolphins- Marine biologists love these frisky critters

Bills- The other group of citizens, commonly referred to as tourists.

Bengals- Yet another predator in Wild Card Forest, these fight with Panthers for the delicious Ram meat.

Ravens- The final bird, these glossy black birds fly the skies with gracefulness.

Brown Square- The square of AFC, it is similar to 49ers Square.

Colts- Favored by Cowboys, these look forward to the day when they grow up to be Broncos.

Titans- These inhabit the mountains outside of AFC, and their booming cries can often be heard from Brown Square.

Jaguars- The last predator of Wild Card Forest, these often leave the Forest to snack on citizens like Bills.

Texans- These folk breed the Rams, Broncos, and Colts in demand by Cowboys. They have a strange accent, and often say Howdy'do at random times.

Broncos- A grown up Colt, these are demanded by Cowboys to rodeo, and for their meat, which is delicious.

Chiefs- These rule over the Redskins, and their wise counsel is needed in times of war.

Chargers- These militia protect the AFC from raids by Buccaneers and Vikings. Their high-tech weapons are often needed.

Raiders- These, unlike the Buccaneers and Vikings, raid the NFC.


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