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21 Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche

I like Colorado avalanche because they are my favorite team

the Avs have awesome players like duchane

I am from Colorado!

They are ok.

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22 New York Islanders New York Islanders

The only hockey team to accomplish 19 consecutive playoffs series wins and to win 4 Stanley Cups after 8 years of being an expansion team. They are also the last sports franchise to win 4 straight titles. Long live the dynasty!

4 straight cups, 19 straight series wins, the greatest coach ever, the best player in hockey, enough said

Very underrated team with a passionate fan base that seems to get a bad rep.

Loudest and most passionate playoff fans in the game

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23 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres

Typical Boston fan can't spell haha but you see lots of fans at road games. Right now I'm watching them at Nashville and there is mostly sabres fans if you watch them at the panthers you see more sabres fans.

Underrated team nationally. buffalo loves the sabres - we can't get enough here. you can't go out one day and not see someone where buffalo sabres apparel. 6000 fans showed up to the party in the plaza on Easter sunday. id say they're pretty popular.

I'm shocked they are so low on this list! I live in SC and have met buffalo fans here (not many but you can find them). Get NHL center ice every year so I won't miss a game. Can't wait to make the trip for a home game soon!

In Sweden we mostly like Buffalo Sabres. They have a certain style that that other teams struggle to copy. Don´┐Ż't know how 98% of the voters failed to notice that...

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24 Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators is the best team in the NHL.

Senators fan but they suck

Dear the best


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25 Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers

Go Flyers! We actually like our team (Unlike some people. I'm talking to you Arizona and Florida.). Anyone who likes the Penguins or the Rangers, no. Your teams are bad to us. You may be good at hockey, but we still don't like you. Flyers bleed orange and black, and as long as your a fan, your part of the family. When I go to Flyers games, people are always nice to me. And one things for sure: most of us are NOT nuts. Also, we should be #1. Put on any game where the Flyers are playing in a different city (not Philly, because there everywhere! ) and you will see orange and black jerseys sporting our logo. Bye, fellow Flyers fans, and bye, other guys!

This list is a joke. Every time the flyers are playing on the road the opposing arena has a lot of people in orange rooting for the flyers. So the flyers being number 23 is just ridiculous.

Best fans, and no one else is known as the toughest, broad street bullies

King kong

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26 Atlanta Thrashers V 3 Comments
27 Nashville Predators Nashville Predators The Nashville Predators are a professional ice hockey team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.


Young but expending market, great job from the front-office, some of the best players on the ice and a lot of noise in the arena during the playoffs: Let's go PREDATORS!

But price is first haha - TheHabsFan

Shutup predators fan.

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28 Quebec Bulldogs V 1 Comment
29 Detroit Falcons

They changed their name into red wings.

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30 Hartford Whalers

I live in Connecticut so let's go Walers

Hurricanes are forever Whalers.

31 Minnesota North Stars Minnesota North Stars
32 Montreal Maroons

A shame not in the League. Would be another big Canadian club, like the Habs-Leafs, especially if they never would have folded.

33 Montreal Wanderers
34 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
35 New York Americans
36 Kansas City Scouts
37 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim V 1 Comment
38 Atlanta Flames Atlanta Flames

Same as Calgary...

Thank god atlanta doesen't have two teams like florida. or even worse three like california.

39 Toronto Arenas
40 Toronto Saint Patricks V 1 Comment
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