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41 New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils

They should move to Quebec, not close to the most popular team in their own state. Good franchise that nobody cares about. Won 3 Stanley Cups and had their celebration in the back of a parking lot

Everybody loves the New Jersey devils in New Jersey. Big rivalry with the New York islanders and rangers

Good Team for all New Jersey Fans

By far one of the most underrated teams in the NHL.

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42 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim V 1 Comment
43 Atlanta Flames Atlanta Flames

Same as Calgary...

Thank god atlanta doesen't have two teams like florida. or even worse three like california.

44 Toronto Arenas
45 Toronto Saint Patricks V 1 Comment
46 Hamilton Tigers
47 Philadelphia Quakers
48 Saint Louis Eagles
49 California Seals V 1 Comment
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