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21 Swimming Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Great sport if you want to keep your fitness up. I swim competitively and I love it.

Swimming is one of the most challenging sports out there, soI have to give swimmers a lot of credit.

I swim lots and it rules: it keeps you fit and healthy.

AND SHOUT OUT TO pugs United

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22 Rugby Sevens

Best sport by far in the olympics. Non stop action. Like having international NFL but even more exciting.

Rugby 7s is a good sport to keep you healthy and strong

Rugby sevens the best and most popular one

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23 Boxing Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

Well... Ireland do really well in this sport and have a big team in it and it is really entertaining to watch.

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24 Handball V 1 Comment
25 Fencing V 3 Comments
26 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

Great sport.. One of those authentic sports like running where one does not need million dollar equipment.. And every nation can take part

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27 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.
28 Sailing
29 Synchronized Swimming
30 Water Polo
31 Golf Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.

Golf is boring and should not be in the Olympics.

It is the last game I want to play

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32 Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is amazing because you see people doing fun routines with flair and it also involves gymnastics so there's something for everyone and you don't have to do gymnastics to enjoy it!

Incredible to watch the beauty in which they work with the different equipment.

33 Mountain Biking V 1 Comment
34 Field Hockey
35 Netball V 1 Comment
36 Taekwondo V 3 Comments
37 Racewalking V 1 Comment
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