Heavy Metal


Huh? If pop should be first, Why isn't it...? Heavy Metal all the way! - Taloper

Its by far the most complex a genre of music can get, or at least, tends to get. I'm not going to bash on another genre, but Heavy Metal gives a sense of action and AWESOMENESS! Say, pop just doesn't seem to be very energetic, to my taste of course. Rap on the other hand I enjoy, but very limited. The beats behind the music is actually the only reason I enjoy some songs in rap. Heavy Metal is a type of art that consists of a group of people and not one composer, a computer, and a robot to sing whatever is thrown in front of them. I know that not everyone does this but I'm only trying to say that it's the most complex type of music to put together. its tough, but at the same time when you play the music the music gives you adrenaline that improves your abilities to play! so, METAL!

Simply the most creative and meaningful genre of music. No other music can show emotion like this genre, and its that kind of music that makes people change how they are for the better. There are not many heavy metal fans that are not attached emotionally to the music, whether it's the dedication of the instruments to the lyric writing. Best genre by a mile, means a lot to its fans which pop music most of the time isn't.

I'm a diehard metalhead, but heavy metal is not very popular. There are only a handful of popular Metal Bands out there. Most of the people that go to my school listen to rock, pop, country, and rap. Metal is actually a very condemned genre due to the closed mindedness of people who think it's just worthless screaming. I've only met a handful of kids in my school who like heavy metal. And that's why the Metal community is so dedicated.
All the pop stars, country singers, and rappers are playing the big venues around town where as most Metal Bands are playing in bars. - ryanrimmel

Metal's fans are the most dedicated music fans on the planet. Metal is a godlike style that is innovative and loved by people of all aged and cultures. I love metal all my friends love metal and it is a huge contributor to modern culture

Metal needs no introduction; if you hear it you know that it's Metal. It has few limitations, has no equal and gives no apologies. And Metal does not care about popularity, it would exist just the same with or without mainstream attention. The major thing that sets it on a different stage is the intense love that Metal fans have for their music; it transcends beyond casual and passive entertainment to a world of intense involvement. It becomes a culture and a lifestyle. It's hard to pick out a fan of jazz or pop or r&b from a crowd of different people, but chances are, if there are metalheads in the crowd you could pick most of them. It's a badge of honor. And we're happy to spread the doctrine of Metal to the world.

Why isn't heavy metal first? Well, at least pop got put in it's place.

With so many different types of orchestration and lyrics ranging from simple everyday problems to literature and poetry, it's the only type recommended to someone who truly wants to listen to MUSIC :D!

Heavy Metal, then classical. The suits who write all the pop songs can't really be compared to Steve Harris now can they? Or Mozart or Beethoven or Bach. Really don't think any other genre can match these fore music making.

Heavy Metal is the best genre of music ever. It also has the best artists/bands in history. Bands like Slipknot, Alter Bridge, Dead by April are my favorite. I think Heavy Metal should be number 1

Heavy metal is amazing I love rock but heavy metal is so much... funner to listen to. there are great heavy metal bands like Metallica slipknot iron maiden black Sabbath motorhead judas preist megadeth motley crue and so much more heavy metal is amazing and is my favorite type of music but don't get my wrong rock is just as good.

A lot of people say that Metal is the least popular genre of music because everyone loves country. Except for me, I prefer metal and I do not care what people think about it. Rock on.

It's the real music and goes really deep with its emotions, this is a genre that has a sound for everyone, it is not always angry or depressed and homicidal. it is not about Satan unless your listening to black metal. This music has more meaning to me and doesn't use technology to express their emotions.

For sure the largest music genre, with over 150 different types of metal out there, Thrash metal being my favorite, with bands such as Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Overkill, Kreator, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies, Pantera. Also the British Metal from England such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Motörhead, Saxon, Def Leppard. You can't forget the German Metal either such as, Accept, The Scorpions, Yngwie Malmsteen, Helloween, Rammstein. All of these bands prove that metal is unstoppable and will always be the greatest and most evolved genre of music out there

You know that a type music is very popular when it is heavily supported and very heavily criticized. Without Heavy Metal some of the most famous musical figures and bands would not exist. Such examples are: Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, IRON MAIDEN m/ JUST TO NAME A FEW!

how is heavy metal not no 1 requires real talent
1. heavy metal
2. rock and roll
3. progressive rock
4. blues
5. folk/classical rock

this word is so great, the genre is amazing
only rock and roll can win heavy metal! - rock2metal

The best. Screw pop and that crap, metal is the true music of the soul.

This is like the best it should be number one why is pop even on here it should be either way down this list or off of it, pop music gives me headaches. Heavy Metal is so awesome like Black Sabbath, Judas piest, metallica, megadeth and all the other original bands that started it all.

How can you not like metal? Slayer, Metallica, etc. Love them. I don't understand how why stupid boys in middle school Will harrass you for not liking autotuned guys who don't even put effort into their songs.

Rock n Roll was good in that age but now it is lame. Classical is the best type of music but not as popular as heavy metal.

Laugh out loud I can't believe pop was over metal that's the most weak ass vote in the world

there is nothing better than metal and its the only thing I can sing to

It's the most complex for of modern music, rivaled only by Classical, Progressive rock, and Jazz.

Heavy metal is amazing it is one of the best kind of music it helps you relax and go to sleep