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21 Indie

Indie is amazing I just love it like God. In my opinion it's the best in the world. A great indie band are circa waves who are great at this kind of music.

I can't believe that dubstep is over indie...

Seriously, why is pop 2nd. Love indie

Have you heard Indie Dance?

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22 Metal

Metal is a great genre of music. It is incredibly diverse, from heavy metal, to speed and thrash metal, and even to pirate metal, like the band Alestorm, and there are even humor metal bands. Metal bands sing about death, pain, sometimes love, life, peoples personalities, it tells stories, and many other things. The music itself is diverse. There are songs that start off slow and progress to really fast solos, there are metal songs that are fast all throughout the song, and there are slow songs. All in all, metal is a great genre of music due to its great diversity.

"Thunder! Ah. Thunder! Ah. Thunderstruck!

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23 Nu Metal V 2 Comments
24 Gospel

This is based on Christian and catholic hymns. Many people are Christian, but never get to vote gospel because not many people like to listen to gospel anymore. I want to give the people that love gospel to praise the lord, not be shy, and vote gospel for one of their votes, that says that is their favorite music, so all Christians and Catholics, show who you are by voting this option!

I love Christian music cause it's uplifting and leaves me feeling more renewed in my soul than any other kind of music.

Love listening to gospel as well as singing it. I was brought up in the church singing in the choir

It's the most beautiful type of song. I am Christian and praising the Lord is what makes happier. I love to love God.

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25 Electronica

This stuff is the reason why we live, to groove to the awesome breasts of EDM

If you go to a nightclub and if you listen to this type of misic you won't stop

Electonica is the best ever if you don't believe me then just attend one live show from hardwell or afro jack you will be addicted to electro for the rest of your life

If u want to listen to electronic music just listen to HARDWELL❤

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26 Dubstep

Not counting skrillex this is an awesome genre with a high amount of variety, whether you like music that is intense or really chill :D.

Dubstep is the all Time best. There is dubstep for every emotion. The best part is the drop

Dubstep is the combination of Pop, Electro, Sometimes rock

It's Amazazing

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27 Disco

Its sad that people cannot enjoy this genre nowadays. It's better than modern pop music any day of the week.

Disco is pretty good

The genere that influenced every popular genere after its boom, the one in were almost every artist participated is the Disco. It's a subgenere if R&B and pop, with roots in the soul and funk, that dominated the charts in the late 70s. And too, albums like Saturday Night Fever, Random Access Memories, Brothers In Arms, Thriller, Like A Virgin, and a lot of "biggest hits" of bands like Pink Floyd (Another Brick In The Wall), Kiss (I Was Made For Loving You), and a lot more were Disco, or were influenced by Disco. It may not be so loved as othe generes, but this subgenere of Pop, is the most succesful and one of the most influential of all time.

28 Retro
29 Dancehall

Born in 80, 90 and now taking over reggae music in jamaica.but I love reggae music.

30 House
31 K-pop

I love K-pop! It is just amazing and it really makes you feel excited. The people in the band are really handsome and pretty too

Pick this or someones head will no longer be here

Basically the best music. Probably because it's unique and they could dance, sing, have uniqueness, rap, and there is so man groups all the time so basically, a lot of people love it. I suggest BIG BANG, H.O.T, BTS, EXO, and GOT7.

Kpop is life. I'm nothing without it

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32 Thrash Metal Thrash Metal Thrash metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music characterized by its fast tempo and overall aggression. The songs usually use fast percussive beats and low-register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding-style lead work.The genre evolved in the early 1980s from combining the fast drum beats more.

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax

To me this is my favorite kind of music, Metallica is my favorite band and I love all the four horsemen. I don't know why but most teenagers don't like this kind of music anymore, but I'm 15 and this is the first type of music I remember listening to and I grew up with this music. SO FOR ALL OF US METAL HEADS OUT THERE, KEEP ON HEAD BANGING! ✊😎

33 Folk

I think this genre has really lost it's popularity over the years and it has almost died. Peter, Paul, and Mary had the folk sound and they are easy to listen to. The genre isn't hurtful to your ears and unless if your obsessed with fast music then of course you are going to hate it. Its just an easy going genre. Some people don't appreciate it anymore... :( long live Puff the magic dragon...

Sure it's lost its momentum over the years but, this is supposed to be history! Rap and so many other things have only been around for like...1% of modern man's existence! - higgsboson2142

All music genres can be traced back to folk - RecklessGreed

Folk is the root of all music

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34 Psychedelia V 1 Comment
35 Christian Rock

Christian music has such an impact on millions. There is always a message for everyone. God does great things because God is good all the time, all the tome God is good.

Music with a reason

Very fast growing format

And that reason is to be awful...

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36 Death Metal

If death metal includes rob zombie and five finger death pun then it deserves a way better part of the list

All metal is great but this is the most manly

37 Hardcore Punk
38 Progressive

While progressive is common like salsa better while we can implement salsa instead of progressive. Like majority of people likes only salsa and R&B for their musics. Like wise it could be used ok...

Progressive is most common in Rock, and even then most people don't know Yes, Genesis, Rush, Jethro Tull, or King Crimson, and if they do, they only know Tom Sawyer, Aqualung, or Owner of a Lonely Heart. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

Progressive is an amazing type of music. Not only does it bring a story to life by the words and actions in a song; but it also has a rock flare to grab the feelings and emotions of the listener.

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39 Space Prog

I do not understand what this genre of music is

Isn't that the theme to Doctor Who?

40 Art Rock
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