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41 J-Pop

Very good it's my favorite, I just love to listen japanese music because it's a part of me, so relexing and makes me dance all the time of j-pop I'm never bored

J-Pop is awesome! It has its own creative style and beat. Whenever I listen I to it, I automatically feel more energized. The music always matches my mood. Go Vocaloid, Berryz Kobo, Morning Musume, Mano Erina, and Japan itself!

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42 Salsa

Salsa is boss. I have no idea what so ever as to why you all can't see this! I'm in 6 grade and it truly is a shame I even have to tell anyone that. I'm sorry, but you fools out there that say salsa isn't boss better get the steppin because it ain't happenin'!

Salsa is an elegant music to dance to it brings out your inner self and creativitie as well. When you dance and listen to this type of music there's no way you can't not move to the beat.

This should be in the top ten. Salsa and Merengue are based on rhythm. Rock n Roll, pop, hip hop, & country are boring.

43 Screamo

It's so different and makes you want to just rock out

Screamo is just amazing!

I love it! Its amazing!

When you're in a bad mood it can calm you down and tell a story of how you feel with feeling

44 Hardstyle

Hard bass hard kicks with an uplifting uptempo melody hardstyle will always be the most energetic genre known to man

It has over 7 million people at hardstyle concerts and its being liked by 56 country and been in 24 countrys

45 Funk
46 Christian

Has a lot of the form of pop, rock, blues, and/or country, but with purely inspirational lyrics that speak only true love, without focusing on the distractions of the darkness in the world. Brings together ideas from the distant past and modern, emotional instrumentals into pure, wonderful music

Everyone should listen to this music is the best.

Christian music is the best

Christian is the best

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47 Acoustic Rock

Most beautiful song genre there is.

Here comes the sun is good

48 Rap Rock

Linkin park, Hollywood undead, Limp Bizkit, Eminem... I just love this type of music. The rap rock must be #1, not the 29... Just think about it, you must love those band's and their music...

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49 Metalcore

Demon Hunter all the way!

50 Garage Punk
51 A Capella

Capella really lets a person know if you can sing because you are not hiding behind the instruments

A Capella, often written as Acapella, is a musical art that started in the early days of the Russian Empire, in medieval times. A Capella is any lyrics without instruments, but nowadays instrument sounds are made with the mouth and hands. Many colleges have A Capella leagues, and this dying musical art is rising out of the ashes, with A Capella artists such as Rockapella, Pentatonix, The Beach Boys, and other single artists.

52 Tejano
53 Nightcore

An amazing form of music, even though its lyrics are somewhat weird. - SwagFlicks

54 Merengue

This should be #1. Country should be last. Lol!

55 Bluegrass

I think bluegrass is awesome go try gangsta grass

Bluegrass is enjoyable to listen to.

56 Synthpop
57 Celtic

Most of the people in the US have some Irish or Scottish in them. The popularity of the music is evident from the scores of Titanic, Braveheart, and The Last of the Mohicans.

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58 Pop-punk

I don't like it because I don't think it's real punk, I think it's what posers and teenagers listen to. But it is extremely popular. It includes bands like Green Day, Blink 182, and Paramore.

I think pop-punk is a great genre its just more of an appealing sound versus actual punk.

59 Mariachi

Mariachi should not be all over here because it has rhythm and many people at the continent of America love that kind of music.

60 Emo

I think emo music is pretty great but not all people like it because it different it speaks for way down. My favorite emo bands are My chemical romance,Mayday parade,Fall out boy,The all American rejects,Paramore

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