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1 Alexandr

He has the most lists and that's why - EpicJake

2 PositronWildhawk
3 Britgirl

Lol nobody ever heard of most of these people but most users know Britgirl. She is awesome. - TopTensFan

She's mentioned one hell of a lot. She seems a decent gal. I like her lists and comments.

More popular than most all people here haha - MoldySock

Britgirl is really popular. - funnyuser

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4 MatrixGuy
5 Magnolia
6 Irina2932
7 booklover1
8 SmoothCriminal

This is weird... I was going to put myself on this list but.. #6?... ok ok ok, someone on thetoptens... obviously has a crush or something on me... who? - SmoothCriminal

9 EvilAngel
10 anthonybecerra831

how am I not up there I'm Number 1 in making lists - anthonybecerra831

The Contenders

11 decorulez97

This guy is a legend, I wish I was him... oh wait - decorulez97

12 Garythesnail
13 preachinpreach
14 Nintendo Fan
15 hatcher234
16 biscuits
17 Speed
18 cosmo
19 lukestheman4
20 Patrickstar
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