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1 Alexandr

He has the most lists and that's why - EpicJake

2 PositronWildhawk
3 Britgirl

Lol nobody ever heard of most of these people but most users know Britgirl. She is awesome. - TopTensFan

She's mentioned one hell of a lot. She seems a decent gal. I like her lists and comments.

I don't know who she really is but I see her comments on almost every list I've been in

Iā€™m pretty sure she has the most followers on here. - 3DG20

V 3 Comments
4 MatrixGuy
5 Magnolia
6 Irina2932
7 EvilAngel
8 booklover1
9 SmoothCriminal

This is weird... I was going to put myself on this list but.. #6?... ok ok ok, someone on thetoptens... obviously has a crush or something on me... who? - SmoothCriminal

10 anthonybecerra831

how am I not up there I'm Number 1 in making lists - anthonybecerra831

The Contenders

11 Garythesnail
12 decorulez97

This guy is a legend, I wish I was him... oh wait - decorulez97

13 Nintendo Fan
14 preachinpreach
15 cosmo
16 Speed
17 hatcher234
18 biscuits
19 lukestheman4
20 Patrickstar
21 velitelcabal
22 westofohio
23 bobbythebrony
24 crazyeyes56
25 Alpha101

Thanks for voting for me guys! - Alpha101

26 Keyson
27 Minecraftcrazy
28 copkiller
29 heather
30 rock2metal

Hmm I have to say.. He is one of the greatest commenters on the site and he got awesome music taste actually - noore

31 Puga

Nah, I should not be below "Sillykitty". Get me up, lads. - Puga

32 2storm
33 keycha1n
34 loganruckmanman
35 carrac111
36 powerpufflover
37 Beasthound
38 Celestius
39 Godisawesome1

God is awesome! Amen to that! šŸ‘

40 willowtimes
41 DrRyAn
42 Jake09
43 Wolftail
44 Sillykitty
45 Epic Jake
46 PetSounds
47 CastlevaniaFanboy128
48 Metal_Treasure
49 micahisthebest
50 gymnastics21
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82 listings
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1. Britgirl
2. PositronWildhawk
3. MostTalented BoyX
1. PositronWildhawk
2. Britgirl
3. Wolftail
1. Alexandr
2. MatrixGuy
3. Magnolia

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