Kagamine Twins (Len & Rin)


I just LOVE the Kagamine Twins! Their designs and voices are just pitch-perfect! In fact, while I'm writing this, I'm listening to Servant of Evil. And I cry every time I'm actually focused on the song and not the computer...

Len is definitely my favorite out of the two, but I love Rin, too! Especially Tokyo Teddy Bear and The Lost One's Weeping.

Their songs are meaningful even if they seem cheerful at first glance--like Electric Angel.

Their duets are THE BEST! But I also really like listening to their individual songs just so I can get a clear picture of what their voices would be like singing other songs.

You can pretty much open a Japanese song and tell me to imagine Rin or Len is singing it. I'm sure I can get a clear voice in my head.

Their stories and their relationship is so much more special than ANY other vocaloid or vocaloid pairing, because they were LITERALLY made for each other. Whether they are separate, in a duet, twins, mirror images, lovers, friends WHATEVER they're still going to be great and memorable. Their songs are the only songs to actually push me to tears.

I love the twins. I dig the two for one voice combo of not only a male, but also a female voice. I love the fact that they are both adorable/great looking characters as well. Miku is awesome but I dunno... I just love me some Kagamine twins.

Firstly, I wouldn't say twins. They're mirror images, lovers, OR twins. These two are adorable. There voices match each other and complement each other very well. There songs are also amazing. You can really hear the emotion in them when they sing. It's just sounds beautiful to the ear. They are no doubt my favorite.

I think they are amazing and I think it's creative that instead of them just being normal twins their actually mirror images of each other but that doesn't stop me from shipping them super hard they love each other so much they even died for each other they also have amazing voices

They are amazing and talented and I also want to see them in the 2012 olympics if they don't win that I will scream so muck that in the end I will be pissed! Even they are better at singing together!

Best Vocaloids hands down. Their voices are incredible and they sing such an amazing variety of songs. Some, like Abstract Nonsense and Feathers of the Seasons make you want to cry. However, others, such as Electric Angel and Iroha Uta make you want to get up a dance! Their voices have a beautiful range and are especially gorgeous when combined.

Rin and Len are what got me into liking Vocaloid in the first place. I think they're the best because they have amazing vocals, super cute designs, and it's two instead of one! They can't be beat.

I Love this dynamic duo! What isn't to love about these two? Their voices are so well put together and I just adore how they put it up to the viewer/listener to decide whether they're twins, mirror images, friends, or lovers.

They are just so, so amazing, in every possible apect. In my completely, totally biased opinion, they would have been more popular than Miku if they were released first. Two for the price of one... And double the attractiveness... Can't get much better than that.

Love them so much I can't begin to explain it, they just sound so... PERFECT together and they are definitely my all time favorite vocaloids!

I really really love the kagamine twins! They look very cute together when they're singing, I think all their videos are the best!

Okay, how could someone not like the Kagamines? I'm going to keep this as short as I possibly can, but it might end up being long anyways. First off- the Kagamine's have a much larger vocal range than every VOCALOID other than Megurine Luka (due to her embedded bilingual range). But, when it comes to just the native languages of the vocals (so, excluding bilingualism) the Kagamine's win by a long shot. Their voices are extremely versatile and the two have even more vocal upgrades than Hatsune Miku; examples of just some of the many vocal upgrades include- ACT1, ACT2, Append, Len Append Power, Len Append Cold, Len Append Serious, Rin Append Sweet, Rin Append Warm, Rin Append Power, Kagamine V4X, etc. Then, the overall song amounts are technically more than Miku, including all of the Kagamine duets, Kagamine Len songs, and Kagamine Rin songs versus Miku just having her own songs. When ranked on most recognizable blonde characters in the online/fandom worlds- the Kagamine's were first ...more

Everybody MUST to love those twins! I prefer Len than Rin. Even then, I have to say that the fact that they both have only one voice provider is amazing!

RIN AND LEN for the win! THEY ARE LIKE, THE BEST VOCALOIDS EVER! MY FAVORITE VOCALOID! And why is there Rin and Len at the bottom? (scroll down you'll see Rin and Len separate ones) I mean, they are already up here... And they aren't twins.. BUT I LOVE TWINCEST!

Well of course the twins there awesome there songs are so deep and emotional that's why I love them.

They have the best voices, and therefore voices sound great together! And two Vocaloids for the price of 1? AWESOME! And also,

Len is really hot

Yes! They're #1! I love them! They're both amazing and cute! A twins with a boy and a girl, both are good-looking, have great voice and awesome? Long live Kagamine Twins! - MyNguyen

I love this twins they are innocent and cute and actually have a really cute voice but I just wondering that why is the director alway make the die in songs

Honestly I feel like Len is underrated and he is MY FAVORITE vocaloid. In concerts he only gets two songs max. Plus he's not talked about much. Saddens me

Len and Rin have a really awesome voice and they look so cute!

Just listen to them, Just see them playing around on states, that make me happy, Just that simple. They make my heart beat

For some specific reason I just like twin pairs also len and rin are awesome singers I love the songs "Servant of Evil" and "Message of Regret"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rin and Len. They're both so cute. They are my favourite Vocaloids along with Miku. I agree that they were in first place! Yay!

Len and Rin have always been my favorite vocaloids since I first listened to then. Their voices are so angelic!