Most Popular Vodka Brands In America


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1 Vad Vodka

Best vodka by far I have ever tasted. Vitamin enhanced is no joke, I partied hard all night drinking "Thrive" and I woke up the next morning feeling no hang over or after effects what so ever. Clean, crisp vodka that easily takes the cake over Goose, Hanger, and Belvedere.

Locally produced in Petaluma, CA and the only vitamin enhanced vodka on the market. So smooth you can drink it neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Truly a hand made, small batch vodka. One of the best I've tasted and finally available online and in shops around the SF bay area.

Found this at BevMo randomly. It's now become our groups favorite vodka! Local, innovative, and smooth.

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2 Twenty 2 Micro Distilled Vodka

seriously good stuff neat or mixed. oh and the ladies love it too

- anthonybecerra831

3 Ketel One

Best value for your dollar

Best drink and smooth taste cheers

4 Chopin

For me, Chopin has the smoothness and ease of drinking of Grey Goose with less of the medicinal aftertaste.

Premium vodka that is very popular. - anthonybecerra831

Potato one is brilliant!

5 Absolut Vodka

standard moderate priced brand. very commercial though - anthonybecerra831

6 Flawless
7 Belvedere
8 Tito's Handmade

Had the Thrive a few months back... outstanding. I wish I could find it on the market.

- anthonybecerra831

From Texas and moved to another state, my number one missed item is THIS vodka!

The best ever.

Mmmm, so good. Trust me I drink a lot.

9 Stolichnaya
10 Grey Goose

its just the best vodka out there, no other vodka comes close to this delicious vodka thanks for the makers of this good delicious good quality bottle, no doubt that this bottle is everywhere

By far the best vodka, second to none if You ask me. Exquisite smoothness and flawless test

One of the most popular brands in the USA

- anthonybecerra831

The Contenders

11 Svedka
12 Smirnoff

The best

13 SKYY Vodka

I Like SKYY because its make me :D

14 Finlandia
15 Magic Moments Vodka

Green apple flavour is best

16 Beluga
17 VeeV
18 Romanov
19 FAIR Quinoa Vodka
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