The United Kingdom is still roaring. London used to be the capital of the most powerful nation on Earth and it is still a major city in terms of culture, influence, popularity, and population. It has a permanent seat on the UNSC and is the leader of the Commonwealth of Nations. They have a strong military with a proud heritage (though it needs a tad bit more funding). It has one of the largest economies in the world, vast cultural influence, and is still a leader in scientific research. There's a reason why they say the Empire Strikes Back.

Population and natural resources is what holds this country back. It holds arguably the 'City of the World' in multicultural London, a booming culture that has influenced every corner of the globe, the most 'soft power' of any country, the largest financial centre, strong military (though it needs reinvestment), strong allies as shown by the Commonwealth and US links. Regardless of Brexit economic fears, trade and business has boomed whilst unemployment is at a major low. It is an elite technological player dedicated to scientific research- as shown by its influence on inventions. Arguably, it is the most developed country on earth in terms of its sophistication and social care. Rule Britiannia!

All Great Britain needs is a decent government to take Power and the United Kingdom will sky rocket once again.

Britain's population is increasing at a rate of 5 million per decade. At this rate it will be the most populous nation within Europe by 2050 and it's economy will overtake Germany to be the dominant power of the continent. With it's overseas territories being further developed the sun still does not set on the lean remains of the British Empire!

The British are allies with the US, so defense is no issue. All Britain really has to do is rebuild their navy, and they will rule again. All will fear the British, what they have done in the past, they will do again. The British are a Global Power now, and will rise. They just need to get out of being under both the European and American thumb.

Some of the countries higher up the list have close economic ties to Britain which would be helpful if she had the intentions of becoming a future superpower. Maybe not the dominant power, but anything could happen in the future, the possibilities are endless. And as a brit I don't appreciate the comments by brits who clearly can't spell in English, it's not a good impression to be giving the world.

Britain rocks. They should still be the most powerful country. I know it's weird, but as an American, I feel that we "stole" from Britain, which is a really nice place really.

GB can rise again but the key is to ensure a decent government, and the current Lib/Lab/Con does not offer this, Britain needs a proper patriotic Government that creates a long term strategic plan with well defined goals and aspirations for Britain, out of the EU, although I think a healthy level of immigration is important to grow Britain's economy, by providing more workers and increasing our military potential, but immigrants must be better integrated in this country

Britain will definitely be the next superpower gaining more global influence, tourism and an increasing military size. Brexit will see London change to not be the capital of the Commonwealth, United Kingdom and Europe but the world. More international or ground breaking science has came out of Britain for the past centuries. With colonies past and present all over the world we can see Britain taking the reins once more.

Britain needs to leave the EU and control our own finances without Brussels interference. I feel the EU wants to hold us (yes I am British) back. We have London the world Capital City. Not to mentions the safest country in the world to live in. We are king of the Commonwealth, a major Nato Member on the world security council. We have lead the world again... just need a second industrial revolution, some sort of technological breakthrough that no one else can replicated with economic, military and space travel implications like a force field.

Great Britain WILL become a world super power once again. However, there are a few hurdles in the way of our success. Once we leave the EU, close our borders to over increasing immigration, breath life back into our national pride and support, focus our attention on the commonwealth and our allies and vote in a party (such as UKIP) that has true faith in the British public, values and way of life. Our time will come again, we shall grow stronger than ever before. If we believe in each other, our heritage and our nation we can succeed! Watch out, the Britain is coming back onto the world stage once more!

Great Britain has showed us what it is capable of and it will strike back no matter how great India or China get. I also believe that the USA will get knocked out of first place but could always recover...

Britain, though stripped of its status as a global "super power" still has one of the strongest military's in the world and a powerful economy, Britain could very well rise again.

Manufacturing is wealth creation, Britain owned 60 percent of global wealth in 1850 when Britain's Industry was the best in the world, to emulate these days quadruple your Manufacturing investment

Its just a matter of time, if we play our cards correct have a better party at the countries helm we should return again. but chances are we would be targeted and accused for building an empire again... oh well.

We've been there, done it and got the t-shirt and we also have deep secrets that no other country has, what you see on the outside isn't what's in the inside, we have more hidden then you could ever imagine. And don't forget we drink Tea lots of it which is great for watching cricket on the lawn. Pip Pip old chap.

We have one of the most advanced economies in Europe now that we are overtaking France which means we could soon afford to increase military budget to again be a superpower.

Britain is just a sleeping giant, wake it and feel the wrath

Brexit will certainly help. The Commonwealth is strong, the monarchy is as popular as ever, and the British people are hungry to regain their greatness and to build an invisible empire like the United States has now and will continue to have. God Save The Queen! Rule Britannia!

Because it is a peaceful country

The sun will never set on Great Britain! Rule Britannia! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Britain won't even be top 10 by 2050 according to some sources.

For centuries Britain has been the top world power until... things like the league of nations, the united nations and the European union, now Britain's people wish to leave the European union and will do so thanks to UKIP then we will regain our place as a top world power.

I hope Britain becomes the most powerful country again.

Britain is the fastest growing economy in the western world. Britain will be a super power once more!