Top Ten Most Powerful Cities In the World

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21 Rio De Janeiro

It's a great place to do parties and enjoy

The most beautiful city in the world!

22 Pyongyang

Great people, a great leader who has fed the population of this great vast country and will lead us to victory against the American oppression. That's why this is the best city in the world

It is the best and powerful city in the world that I have ever seen.

23 Riyadh
24 Chicago Chicago more.

The economic capital of the Midwest!

25 Sydney V 2 Comments
26 Karachi

Karachi is really a beautiful city roads and fly overs are designed so nice and have so many public parks

Best place ever.. Loved the night life

If you haven t seen karachi you haven't seen the beauty

My favourite city! Love it

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27 Chennai

Very Nice place for living with amazing food, everyone can enjoy with beach, Chennai In Asia second most big Beach

One of the most pleasant places in the world and definitely in the south of India. Developing very fast, Chennai will be in the top 20 in the upcoming years!

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28 Dubai Dubai

It should be somewhere in the top 10 not 116

Where the impossible is possible

I belive everyone knows that its N.1 without even the need to explain why.

29 Kuala Lumpur

Rank No.4 for World Shopping Paradise...

I'm a German but what can I say is Malaysia is a really really awesome.

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30 Athens
31 Tehran

Has a greater population and is the capital of Iran.

17million people live in Tehran - persianboy

Powerful? 20 million population ain't enough? - pouria_mt

32 Mexico City

Mexico City is not that powerful NYC is powerful Mexico City is not

Paseo de la reforma is so nice, them the statue of angel and them the passage to castle Chapultepec. So awesome!

R you kiding me. you drive bmw there and you whould get shot and killed. I vist there. its crazy. But I like the people they r nice well at least the good ones.

33 Cagayan de Oro

The name of the city itself speaks for it. - joshsanz

34 Dublin

High salaries, friendly people, magnificent country and a spirit of freedom

Come on lads everyone knows our army can take over the world any day

35 Brasilia
36 Banglore

Bangalore is one of the top high tech cities in the world. Also holds many top IT companies which is in top 20 in the world

I think Banglore is the best because it is very developed and I loved it.

37 Jakarta

Jakarta is the best city

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38 Barcelona

After living in Several cities, I found in Barcelona the best life style all over the world.

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39 Hyderabad

Hyderabad has ncredible background I been there its very nice city, all religions live together. We can find rich poor all types of life.

It is also a great powerful city.It has the Biggest airport,it was calld has an IT HUB... Total in Asia Most of the TOP MNCS were in Hyderabad, Latest version of metro rails... The most powerful city

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40 Stockholm

Stockholm is the home if many wealthy and powerful people and companies.

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