Top Ten Most Powerful Cities In the World

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121 Peshawar

Peshawar is the most beautiful city of Pakistan the season of Peshawar is so cute like a Swaziland the British say the Peshawar is the gold sparrow USA sad the Peshawar people are Most popular in the world they. Are not afraid of the death they are any time really to sacrifice to our mother Pakistan

Peshawar is also most beautiful city in Pakistan the Peshawar people are so beautiful in the world

122 Bhopal
123 Damascus
124 Kochi
125 Udaipur

The best city on the world 2009 award winner. The city of lakes

126 Calgary

With free pancake breakfasts and super stampede its not called cow town for nothing

127 Gurgaon
128 Bhiwadi
129 Toulouse
130 Lyon
131 Bordeaux
132 Busan
133 Eindhoven

The most intelligent city in the world.

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134 Denver
135 Winchester

The home of a great birth

136 Kingston upon Hull
137 Salem
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