United States of America

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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


While USA is hands down the most famous country, I do not think it is the most powerful anymore. India, China and the UK are all examples of countries that have handled their power a lot better and in doing so have earned the respect that is essential when power and authority is involved. I do however still think that at the heart of the states is still the very same country that was once globally renowned for the freedom and rights it offered it's citizens and I do actually believe that this country can be resurrected to it's former state, that is, under the right ruling and willingness from it's population to bring it back to become the country that was once so desirable and loved. I do not mean to offend anyone by this statement and yes, in some cases, America can be a nice country. But it also has a lot of flaws that need to be fixed because your mistakes are not just affecting yourselves anymore they're affecting everyone else in the world too

I have to agree due to winning a lot of wars and doing impossible things that stems from world wide envy/hatred on americans and shoved comebacks like to Britain in independence day even Vietnam when they won the cold war. Another reason because this country is so powerful that USA is the daddy of the UN and I am saying this even if I am not american huh someday Canada someday if we survive the upcoming world war 3. Daddy of UN or ridiculous military solidified Americas place rightfully in history even Russia's Cartman's sized land mass could not beat it making America a rising time bomb and is one step close in world domination yet wouldn't because even they can resist the will or temptation of power hunger making mental will undisputively most impressive along if their power isn't degraded by Donald Trump, Say what you like all power hungry culture getting pass the eagle is difficult god knows its impossible since their military is powerful and a total bad ass because they can.

No doubt America is powerful are military budget is 48% of the world that's more than Europe or China and Russia combined, this comes with are high economic power too, most powerful city in the world is located here, 315 million people live here

The United States is the most powerful country in the world. They have 1,429,995 active soldiers with 1,137,916 being enlisted, and 578,900 being reserves, marines, or National guard. The US also has the second most Nuclear weapons in the world, having 6,800, behind Russia which has 7,000. America also has the highest GDP with a whopping 18.57 trillion USD as of 2016. The economy is also the best in the world with 19.42 trillion dollars. The defense budget is also the highest in the world with 598 billion dollars put into defense. The US also has a lot of advanced technology to help in wars (including drones). America is also the founder of NATO. If the USA was ever attacked, NATO would help defeat the attacking country. Some countries include Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Poland, Turkey, UK, and Italy. The US also has allies out of NATO. Some of these countries are Japan, South Korea, and Mexico. Overall, The United States of America is the strongest country in the world and is my ...more

America May be one of the strongest now but it's declining rapidly with its capitalist mentality and people attempting to live an American dream that wasn't born to begin with. Very soon the economy will fall and another country will take it's place. Nothing lasts forever. Sorry America. Bye bye

Yes the US may be the world's most powerful country with the largest economy, a GDP per capita higher than most other countries, and being the world's only superpower. It's pretty obvious that they are the most powerful country. However that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best country in the world. There are other factors such as cleanliness and safety where other countries are ranked higher. Plus China's economy is expected to surpass the US in the near future. If the US were the best at everything, then everyone would want to live here.

USA has the best quantity of money and assets. But they are toddlers and are very far behind when it comes to organisation and ethics. They have in truth developed too fast and have no form of supervision to limit the damage they inflict to further their best interests. They also have appointed Donald Trump as President, who is a Dictator with no political experience and no filter on what he says.

America is the strongest country in the world. Period. The American economy is starting to pick up again and our military spending is skyrocketing. America's technology is top of the line. It will be very hard for anyone to surpass America, especially since China's growth is declining.

Wrong. That Dictator we have in the White House caused damage to our country. Our military is reduced to nothing, we owe China 19 trillion to them (We've rebuilt China which is terrible). And most and for all that...Terrible person in the White house tried to take our 2nd amendment which is a violation to Congress and the Bill of Rights. Were going to be replaced by China 1st place, Russia 2nd place and were gonna be in 3rd place. Soon our country we be taken over and we'll be under communism all thanks to that man in the White House. We need to remove him and impeach him.

Thank you President Obama you helped us a lot for damaging our country

Strong country, I must admit, we do act like the FBI or police of the world, we do have many many flaws, we aren't a perfect country, but nor are will stupid and ignorant. Say we are racist? Then why are there so many people from around the world who live in the US? We got through many wars, the two world wars and the Great Depression. And the USA must hate Russia to right? We try to be nice to them, but they aren't back.

No country is better than USA. Going to USA is like going to a diamond planet. So beautiful and most freedom ever. You can't just hate America because of Trump. America is great. PERIOD;. - njalabi63989

Hey dude when you say America is the greatest you either have Brian damage or are just stupid. My reasons this country is a joke.

#1 Expensive healthcare.

#2 they are nosy.

#3 They have a poor education system.

And many many more.

People try to compare the military of Russia to the military of the US but forget to mention the amount of people in America's or the lethality of the most well trained special forces on the planet.

Yes we're biased and stand behind their own flag but we want equal opportunities for the rest of the world I want them to be just as free as we are by their hard works God Bless America all of America and the rest of the and not just in that order

Barely even needs an argument. Look at BOTH world wars, and all the influence we hold. On a global scale, America is the best ever. The most powerful countries have HALVED our power, yet are tyrannical and oppresive kingdoms such as Modern day China and the OLD empires. We are the one powerful nation in history to be overall kind, caring, and just. Yeah we have our ups and downs but just like any nation. Our leaders change. We got out of depressions and won 2 world wars. Overall, the facts show.


Yeah, we're definitely guilty of being the police of the world. We definitely have a problem when we're not #1 at everything and put ourselves in charge as if it's what every country would agree with. -

It's crazy how the USA is the most powerful and it has only been around for 250 years, whereas European nations have been around for 1000 years and African and Asian countries have been around for 10000 years - kylermikkelsen_

America is by far the most safest places to live, but it is a dangerous in some city's but might I remind you that America has the best Navy not to mention they an awesome police force.

Yo, the USA is awesome. Everyone hates it, but imagine if someone else was a superpower. Imagine how horrible it would be if the world superpower was the British Empire. There would be imperialism everywhere. Imagine if Germany won WW2. America gets a lot of insults thrown at it, but it is setting a good example in my opinion.

The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and NASA. We rule the seas the skies the land and space. If you don't do what we want, then we get involved and you will regret it.

I think that the United States are the most powerful. The United State is also a safe place to live I mean I know they have a lot of rules but it is only to keep you safe.

We could kick any country's ass in war! (excuse my language) I may sound patriotic but we're awesome in war! Best country? Not as good as Canada. Best warfare? Hell yeah! - SenpaiNoticeMe

Easily the most powerful. It has one of the largest militaries, and doesn't force people into its armies. It has some of the most powerful weapons in the world too.

United States is the worlds most powerful country it has the strongest military and nation. America rocks!

In fact America is the most powerful country in the world, but it probably won't in 50 years. Obama... Why... ? Why you have to be so African?