Most Powerful Demi Lovato Songs

This list is Demi Lovato's most powerful and inspirational songs if you don't agree just add another.

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21 Father
22 Neon Lights

This is a perfect song to uplift your mood. I love this song so much

23 Who Will I Be

Who will I be its up to me all the never ending possibilities that I can't see there's nothing that I can't do.

First Demi song I ever heard n still listen to it like it's a brand new song

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24 Falling Over Me
25 In Real Life
26 Lightweight

Are you kidding me?!?!?! This song is beautiful and Powerful. The lyrics, vocals, and the meaning.

Beautiful portrayal of female strength in an unhappy relationship.
She's raw, extremely powerful and honest.

I've just listened this song and it is already my favorite song.Love every single word of this song,such a beautiful song.I relate it too much.

"I'm a lightweight,
Better be careful what you say,
with every word I'm blown away.."

27 I Hate You, Don't Leave Me

This songs explains a lot, the voice is pure raw, love love love the rawness

I love the incredible emotion that comes out of her voice with this song.

28 Cool for the Summer
29 Give Your Heart a Break

Beautiful song as it contains love and That I am stronger! ��� -

I love this song demi is my life this song explains so much you shouldn’t go through all of this and u can hide so much with a smile I’m so proud of demi she is my inspiration xx

30 Two Pieces
31 Catch Me

I love this song it reminds me so much of relationships and everything that happens during them

32 Lionheart

The best song of demi

33 Really Don't Care

The music is amazing! Plus ger voice and THE LYRICS! The line says that I really don't care if you are gone! because you really suck! Haha love it! Amazing one of the Strongest one.

34 Irresistible

Amazing collaboration with Fall Out Boy!

35 Hitchhiker
36 Trainwreck

Shows that true love doesn't care about flaws- kinda reminds me of the Morrison's ad! Laugh out loud. Great song!

37 Without the Love
38 Together

This really helps me, because back in middle school my classmates would be so mean to me... So I just listen to this song whenever people be hating on me

39 Solo

I just love this it.

40 Avalanche

I love avalanche it has an amazing beat I think so nick Jonas rocks to

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