Most Powerful Demigods From Percy Jackson

Who do you think is the most powerful from all of the demigods we encounter in the Percy Jackson series?

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1 Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Percy is definitely the most powerful, being a Son of Poseidon. No-one really is able to yet match his seemingly unbeatable strength and power. Though Jason is quite powerful, I have to say Percy easily snatches the title of most powerful. A wicked swordsman, he gets the central role in the books and has destroyed everything that has come to match him. Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon- the strongest there is. - top10master

I think percy is the best because all the time in the book although the 7 demigods are mentioned percy always gets the most important role. He is always referred to as by nico as the most powerful of all. He is truly so as he has all the water realm at his command. He is the best of all.

Who is the most powerful demigod? Rick Riordan basically said it himself. I think we can all agree that the title of 'the most powerful demigod' will go to a son of the Big Three, meaning Percy, Jason and Nico (of course Thalia and Hazel are powerful too).
So, if I'm not mistaken: In 'The Son of Neptune' Hazel said that she thought Jason was the most powerful demigod in Camp Jupiter, until Nico came. And of course her mind might have been changed again when Percy demonstrated his skills.
And then, Nico said that Percy was the most powerful demigod he ever met, so that means that Percy is the most powerful demigod. And if you compare their powers, I think anyone can see that Percy has the most powers. And even more, since apparently his powers of water even extent to poison and the Lethe, so who knows what he will be able to do in time...

Who's the powerful demigod of all time. The titular character of course. Hence the author says.

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2 Nico Di Angelo Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan.He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trails of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

Nico is most definitely the most powerful demigod to exist. I'm pretty sure that if in either of the great wars, if Nico were to side against Percy and the others, the results would most definitely include the end of the world. He is naturally strong willed, since he did get out of Tartarus alone and never gave up. In the first series, he managed to convince Hades to join the war, even when Hades threatened to kill him he didn't back down at all, in fact he was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Nico in general had a lot of powers, although he may not be the best fighter at first but he improved, on his won might I add. Percy and Jason both were trained by someone, however Nico was self thought. Then there's experience to look at. Jason was at camp ever since he was three and Percy, ever since he was twelve. Jason had more experience and Percy had too little. Now look at Nico. He went to camp at the age of ten, he ran away and self trained and well frankly (no pun ...more

Nico is most definitely the most powerful demigod! Let me begin by saying he began using his powers at the age of ten, before Percy even had a clue of his origins. Secondly, he can control shadows, heat, the dead, the earth, and so much more! Hot dude in control of zombies! Hello?! Anyways, he went through Tartarus alone. He has such a strong will to survive and never gives up. He is most defensively, unarguably the most scarred and emotionally traumatized demigod in the series, everyone has to admit that. His sister left him alone at camp when he was young, she died, he wandered the Labyrinth alone with only the company of spirits and was still able to fight in the Battle of the Labyrinth and save everyone's butts! Going on, Nico convinced Hades to help out with the war against Kronos. That's hella scary. Convincing the Lord of the Dead to help the Olympians and demigods, not easy! He ended up bringing back Hazel, searching for missing Percy, surviving Tartarus and the jar with his ...more

Nico is surely the most powerful. He has some of the most powers. While Jason and Percy may have better domains, Nico can control ghosts, shadows(shadow travel) and even the dead aka zombies and skeletons. True, Percy may be able to control the water, and Jason the skies, but they are also much older and experiences, as Jason has been at Camp Jupiter since he was like 3, and Percy was already at Camp when Nico arrived. Plus, in a fight, Nico has loads of servants, and can shadow travel away, which would be the exact same as Jason flying away, or Percy using the seas to his advantage. Nico also spends most of his time in the Underworld, hanging out with the dead, which proves he could easily just walk out of the Underworld. That makes him practically immortal. So, he's technically immortal without a curse of Achilles, which makes him much stronger and more powerful than Percy.

Nico is definitely the most powerful demigod, I am be a tiny bit bias because he's also I favorite character but I don't think so. I do admit that he may not be the best with his sword skills though he survived Tartarus ALONE and that's kinda amazing. He survived through a lot and didn't lose his sanity. He may not be the best at "physical" but he is definitely the strongest mentally.

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3 Jason Grace

I agree that Jason is strong but I don't sense bravery from him at all. He is a spoiled brat. His personality is a kind one but he being a son of Zeus/Jupiter is automatically considered a leader, without even proving himself. He is a good guy but on the power level before power comes Bravery, which he doesn't have. No offense but Percy could kick his butt in a life death match, so can Nico and even Thalia. Why? He is too dependent on his powers. - AkaTsuki

Why 'and even' thalia lol thalia is amazing she could destroy them all if she wanted - pjo

Honestly I think Jason is more like a number 2. I do think Nico is strong, but Jason would beat him easily, I mean about all of Nico's moves, Jason has to be on the same level. Jason could fly so.. Most of Nico power won't really work. Also Jason is a master of 2 weapons, and he killed a titan single handedly when Percy and his friends were fighting Kronos. (sorry for the spelling errors.

While Percy Jackson is the best, Jason, on the other hand, is also good in fighting and good looking, which is mentioned in the book. Percy can command the water while Jason can summon lightning, control storm spirits and fly (or flout). - soccerryan

He is the son of the King of Olympus, he can control air and take Percy and the others out of their elements. I don't think I need to give any more explanation.

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4 Thalia Grace

Fools. Even if you compare Jason to Thalia, she has a lot more stronger in terms of strength and battle prowess. Her control of Electrokinesis is far more superior than Jason's. To think of it if she didn't have fear of heights she's going to be hard to beat in the skies

Duh. In the Lost Hero, one show of lightning at the campfire exhausted Jason. Thalia does it all the time. If she didn't have her fear of heights, her powers would be even more spectacular.
Also, she's versatile. Her mainly known weapon is Aegis, which she uses in a number of ways, yet she can use a spear like a boss, and her archery skills were of that to match a Huntress, seeing as how she was made Lieutenant of Artemis immediately when she joined.
She also went head-to-head with Percy. Anyone who can do that has my respect.

Thalia and Percy have been said multiple times to be the two greatest and most powerful heroes of the age. Thalia is a main character, right along with the seven. Thalia has been shown to use lightning whenever she wants without tiring, whereas Jason has to pray to Zeus to use lightning for the most part, and he's drained afterward. Sure she can't fly, but only because she's never tried. And she makes up for it with aegis and her fighting skills. She kicked Luke's arse! And she's immortal, and has the hunters of Artemis basically at her disposal. Here's to Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Tyson, Nico, and Rachel the ORIGINAL Team PJO! :D

1. Thalia
2. Percy
3. Nico
4. Jason
5. Frank
7. Hazel
8. Reyna
9. Annabeth
10. Piper

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5 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez

Leo is TOTALLY the most powerful demigod in the multiverse. Sorry Jason voters, but the world fell to fire, NOT storm. Though many demigods could probably beat him in a serious fight, that would mostly rely on their battle skills, and this...test? Quiz? Is more on the 'demigod abilities' aspect, which is why though Annabeth could totally annihilate ANYONE in battle, she doesn't really have many abilities besides being one of the smartest people to date.

Without Riptide (let us just forget for a moment that it magically always returns to Percy's pocket) and near no bodies of water, Percy would probably be able to put up a good fight, but would eventually succumb to Leo with his fire powers. Being a son of Poseidon, he would be harder to burn than most others, but even the most skilled can be defeated.

I'm all for Persassy but in this circumstance, Team Leo takes the game.


I think fire could defeat storm and plus Leo could just make a machine to defeat anyone so yah Leo should be number 1

Leo is obviously the most powerful, in TLH he exhibited exceptional bravery and with his powers and toolbelt, he nearly destroyed the goddess, Khione. He is also the strongest emotionally, what with his trauma from his mother's death and dealing with the ugly truth that he caused it, having the rest of his family turned against him, and running from his foster homes, sleeping in sewers. Leo is not arrogant or selfish, his humor and wittiness hide his feelings of inferiority to his peers and his self blame for most things that go wrong, after making mistakes Leo is quick to fix them, he works much harder than any other demigod. Another thing about him, Leo doesn't have a weapon, he doesn't need one, not a bow or a sword or a dagger because he puts up a good fight without them, only his tools and his wits, also he isn't mostly reliant on his powers, like ahem, Percy and really what are Percy or Nico or Jason to Leo anyways? The right kind of armor can withstand anything and the right ...more - LeilaMagic

Excuse me Grayscale? Remember the Mount Etna explosion when Percy summoned water from far away? He could do that again, you know.

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6 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase

I believe Annabeth should be put as Number One on this list. Although she does not ave the fancy powers like the others, she makes up for it with her fighting and brains. Who ever said that power was limited to magical abilities? Even Percy admits, along with some of the other demigods plus Riordan himself, who have made comments, that Annabeth is the most powerful demgod alive at the time. (SPOILER IN SHIP OF THE DEAD) Here is the evidence where Percy says," All I'm saying here is that the most powerful demigod of our generation is sitting right here, and it isn't me...Wise Girl can't shape-shift or breathe underwater..." I won't say the whole quote but even Percy is saying what Riordan has been trying to tell us all throughout the series. Special powers do not make you powerful, and that is why Annabeth is the most powerful. If she had a power, no one would even stand a chance against her, and quite frankly, no one would like he because it would get boring with her defeating ...more

She is strong and is Smart I mean she's daughter of Athena goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, She is the best strategist at Camp Half-Blood throw her a bone, She is the one who Came up with the idea to find the golden fleece without her Camp Half blood would still be in danger, Grover would still be stuck with polyphemus, and Thalia wouldn't have come back to life...

Annabeth has no special powers like Percy or Jason, but she's pretty beast at fighting and smart too, children of Athena have no superpowers, but they have brains and strategy, which help overcome almost anything.

Annabeth has brains. Who said actual powers overtake wisdom? Without her, the seven would fail.

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7 Frank Zhang

We saw Frank turn into a dragon, so clearly he doesn't just turn into animals, but MAGICAL ANIMALS! For all we know, he could turn into a hydra, or the Nemean Lion! His powers are virtually limitless, especially considering the whole 'swarm of bees' thing. Not one bee, but an entire swarm! could he become an entire flock of birds, or a whole colony of ants? No way to know, I suppose, but I'd say hands down yes. He could command the skeleton warriors and has superb archery skills. Due to the "blessing" of Mars, he's got huge muscles, and so out-muscles the rest of the whole 7. The stick isn't a weakness, it's proof of just how powerful he is. Juno seriously said that he was so powerful his powers would kill him, and that's why he needed the stick- it becomes his weakness instead of his own strength turning on him. And it's not even that bad of a weakness, anyway. People overreact about it, especially considering the fact that if it's on him when he transforms, it just disappears with ...more

Frank can turn into any animal he wants, so he could just just become an animal that could beat the others.

He has ways to disguise in a fight that no other demigod can. He is an amazing fighter with a bow and could kill any monster by turning into a BEAST! His powers overweight his stick anyway. How is Percy even 1? He even said Frank was a beast! Juno only gave him the lifeline because he was so powerful.

Most powerful

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8 Hazel Levesque

Hazel is easily the most powerful demigod because there is no one on this list she couldn't kill if she wanted to (but she doesn't because she is great like that). Obviously, she could do it with the Mist, like tricking them into walking off a cliff or thinking that she is not holding a knife when she is or getting them to drink poison while thinking it's really grape juice or something. She also has the ability to control metal, so she could stab someone with their own weapon without lifting a finger. And, though people may forget about this, she also has the cursed-gem thing (or at least she used to, I'm not sure exactly what happened to it) and she could just give them one of those if she didn't want to get her hands dirty.

Hazel's easily underestimated. She can control metals which is now a vital part of today' society, she's basically the female Magneto of the HoO series, she could literally stop a volley of arrows because their tips are made of metal. If that doesn't make her powerful enough, she can also control the Mist which is just. WOW

She controls the mist AND summons metal. She may not be as powerful as Percy or Jason but she should be higher up there.

Underestimated. She is roughly equal to Nico, If not a tad weaker. She has been said to cover up a ENTIRE TOWN in Alaska if she wanted to with ease! She can also control the mist, and since Nico can use his earth powers to destroy entire palaces (And hazel's earth powers are superior to Nico's, as she is the daughter of Pluto not hades) Imagine what hazel could do. hazel should be No.5 at least. Annabeth can do a lot, but if she is against a bloodlusted Demi-god there is little she could do.

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9 Luke Castellan

His swordplay can only be rivalled by Percy in the demigod community, which is saying something. He is a brave man and does the right thing in his final seconds. He had a reason to betray Gods and I think he correct in most of the situations. - AkaTsuki

This guy should at least be number 5 he's. So awesome and has a lot of fighting skills why is he always so underrated

Because I think they are speaking only about raw power not skill luke was the best swordsmen in the last 200 years but in terms of power compared to others like percy, jason, nico or thalia he really isn't much although I do believe he could defeat jason and nico but because of skill not power - Acorpeno12

When he got beat by Thalia he wasn't at full strength and speed

Luke is just one of my favorite non-villain villain. You can’t compete with him unless you have PERCY (or Annabeth/ Thalia) on your team. He’s pretty impressive for a Hermes kid (no offense)

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10 Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

Reyna is more powerful than piper by a lot

Reyna isn't just powerful. She's a powerful WOMAN. People forget just how rare it is for a girl to be a praetor of a legion. Reyna can also lend her strength to others. That's a lot better than Luke's powers. In my opinion, Reyna deserves top five

Reyna is the Praetor of the 12th Legion because she is a leader : she can fight, she's smart and she's one of the strongest characters!

Reyna deserves to be way higher I would put her at 1 or 2 to be honest - pjo

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11 Piper McLean Piper McLean

Why do people hate her? I am not going to mention everything she did, but she did so many things. Let's not forget that, if it wasn't for her, jason would have died two times and Percy would have drowned. Leo and Jason (again) would have torn each other to death. Khione would have froze them all to death.

She had the choice to betray her friends, but she knew she won't, and she felt sorrow because she knew she will choose to save the world on the account of her father, and she still felt guilty for thinking that she might betray her friends.

She is trying her best to prove herself, and she cares about her loved ones a lot.

Just because she cares about Jason (her boyfriend) means that she is a bad person? what is that? Is Percy bad just because he cares about Annabeth that he chose to fall in Tartarus for her?

This is stupid. Yes, she is beautiful. She is a daughter of Aphrodite. She is emotional. Her biggest strength is her beauty and her power of love, but ...more

Sorry, guys, but reconsider everything that she did and then try to still hate her. Without Piper, the quest would have been over in the first book. Without her charmspeak, Jason and Leo would have killed each other near the start. Remember that? Yeah. She saved them from Khione (apologies for my spelling there) too. You're all hating on her for being smitten for Jason, which is slightly hypocritical of you guys because it's no different to Percabeth, and yet that is classed as cute (and yes, I ship that too). Piper's charmspeak may just seem like some pretty girly power to some, but if you thing about the lives it saved and the impact those deaths would have had on the quest, she's invaluable. And to put it all into perspective: you may call Jason or Percy or one of the others the most powerful, but if Piper wasn't there then they would all be dead and unable to use them powers. She is the only one of the seven who cannot be manipulated like that. So now are you still thinking she's ...more

I really like Piper. She does not have the most flashy powers but they are formidable. She used her powers to force three Eidolon who possessed Percy, Jason, and Leo to abandon those bodies and to never possess anyone in their crew ever; making the sware on the River Styx. She also used her power to put Gaia to sleep. She is not a fighter. But she does what she can and I respect that.

She put a primordial goddess to sleep beat that. Why do people hate her anyways?

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12 Bianca di Angelo

Even though she doesn't have many feats, Hades himself stated that she would be preferable over Nico if she were alive. That's gotta count for something - PineconeFace

First I thought Bianca betrayed Nico, but then I realized it was for his own good. If Bianca was still alive, everything would have been different. - Mayachen2006

Love how her little brother is second on this list with 18% and she is down here without even 1 percent

She doesn't do much, but I still like her because she lives up her life...sorta...even though she is a child of Hades...don't forget DEATH! SRY BIANCA - parkl911

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13 Charles Beckondorf

What kind of hero blows himself up? Sill, he was pretty powerful

Every hero I guess. I mean it's their job to protect he did the right thing. Thanks to him Percy is still alive - feena

Rip love you beckondorf

Awesome blacksmith and died for honor


Think about it, Percy wouldn't be alive if it weren't for this guy. Pretty much no one would. By blowing up that ship of monsters, he saved almost everyone's lives. Sure, some deaths couldn't be prevented, but this guy was a huge hero.

Go Charlie!

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14 Tyson

He's not a demigod

Why is he on here he isn't even a demigod?

I love how he talks and he loves annabeth

I lode tyson

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15 Hercules

Hercules if we go by the powers of the big three being the son of Zeus gives him aerokinsis, electrokinises and his own immense strength. If we are only following the books everything Percy has done so far Hercules has already done and more. It was mentioned that Hercules has a great publicist meaning the mortals will never forget him and his Greek/roman counterparts do not cause major personality changes. If it was a fight between the children of the big three and we removed Hercules immortality Hercules would win because of his vast knowledge and skills as a fighter and his immense strength. We can't forget he has beaten Ares, wounded Hera and hades, wrestled and defeated Thanatos just to name a few so let's not belittle the lion of Olympus

I just want to point out the fact that it says in HOO that as the god of strength he lost all abilities as a child of Zeus and I also want to add in the fact that Hercules doesn't have any real close combat skills and literally everything He's accomplished is through super strength and his Dad saving his ass

I can't believe someone said Hercules has no real combat experience, it's said he's the hand to hand combatant in Greek history and the greatest wrestler plus he's got boxing that he invented with wrestling called pankration

Hercules is last. He might be ok strong, but he killed his family. I hate the children of zeus or jupiter. They all think that they are so great

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16 Will Solace

He is awesome yeah but about those music powers, he said himself he's almost only music talent is that... OMGS I don't know what it is in English. Oops... But yeah Will is great but Nico is the most awesome.

Superb healer and his music talents!


17 Achilles

Hercules is an ungrateful & conceited bastard. Achilles is better than Herc!

After Hercules he is the most strongest.

This guy was literally called the greatest hero to ever live, which means greater than Hercules, Perseus, Theseus just to name a few. with his blessing of Achilles no-one can harm him unless they know about his heel. adding his superior battle strategy and skill he is almost invincible. plus you don't get called the greatest hero ever for nothing.

Bruh this dude is the bes warrior in the liliad and he was invincible everywhere except for his heel and he had enhanced strength speed etc I think he should be at least second

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18 Chrysaor

Percy is number 1 and this guy probably won't be because he was only there for a short while.but in mark of Athena he was far superior to Percy. His sword fighting was shown to be much better than Percy or Jason.he as a son of Poseidon was able to bring water out of Percy's control completely.percy couldn't move water because of chrysaors powers and he also disarmed Percy quicker than anyone ever has. Percy wasn't able to even scratch the guy.

19 Drew Tanaka

I don't understand people who like her just because they don't like piper? Piper wasn't exactly evil and yeah, charmspeak seems like it's kind of girly and boring but that doesn't mean it wasnt helpful. If Piper hadn't been there so many of them would be dead and the mission would never have been complete, and yeah she had her faults but so did all the characters. Frank was awful to Leo for all of MoA and he doesn't get nearly as much hate (not that he deserves it) and Drew was just controlling and cruel, I don't see why she would be better than Piper - pjo

Why is she on here? Lol.

She's. A weirdo

what - pjo

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20 Ethan Nakamura

Cunning and sneaky, but vengeful


FAVE - pjo

Where is piper she worked charmspeak on a primordial goddess and isn't on here...👍🏻

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