Most Powerful Demigods From Percy Jackson

Who do you think is the most powerful from all of the demigods we encounter in the Percy Jackson series?

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1 Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Percy is definitely the most powerful, being a Son of Poseidon. No-one really is able to yet match his seemingly unbeatable strength and power. Though Jason is quite powerful, I have to say Percy easily snatches the title of most powerful. A wicked swordsman, he gets the central role in the books and has destroyed everything that has come to match him. Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon- the strongest there is. - top10master

Perseus "Percy" Jackson. What should I say about him? Well, lets first talk about his dad, Poseidon. Poseidon has some powers of Zeus and Hades. How? Well, Hades can create really powerful earthquakes because he can control the earth. So can Poseidon, just a little weaker. Zeus can control storms. So can Poseidon. Percy has also shown to create personal hurricanes, with just a little lightning, and winds that can put the light and heat out from the titan of light and heat himself. And using the dead. In the Son of Neptune, Percy held of a whole legion of roman ghosts when they couldn't die and just came back right after he killed them. Roman demigods and their descendants work best in a group. So using the dead, don't even thing about it. Darkness manipulation won't work. Shoot darkness at him and either he will shoot water blast at the same time, get a water shield, or deflect it with Riptide. Shadow travel. Nico would pass out. If he turns invisible, Percy would just ...more

I think percy is the best because all the time in the book although the 7 demigods are mentioned percy always gets the most important role. He is always referred to as by nico as the most powerful of all. He is truly so as he has all the water realm at his command. He is the best of all.

Percy is the strongest because he almost killed Jason in the Mark of Athena.
Percy killed the Titan Kronos. Percy was offered immortality by the gods but Percy didn't accept it.
In the book Mark of Athena Nico himself said/admitted that Percy is the strongest which no one disagreed with

2 Nico Di Angelo Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan.He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trails of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

Um, what?! Why is he Number 2?! He is 14, 3 years younger than Percy, and he can still rival him in a fight. He can travel anywhere in the universe where darkness exists, he can control the dead to do his bidding, he can wander through and control Dreams, even though it is only to an extent this power is amazingly cool, especially since it was learned and not inherited from his father. He is probably more experienced than other demigod of his time, including the other kids of the Big Three. This is not even taking into account his emotional strength. He has been to literal hell and back at the age of 14 and so much more. He is also strong willed, he was able to convince Hades to join the side of the gods in the Titan War! He has had a grudge on his brothers for thousands of years and Nico was still able to convince him to fight by their side. He was also able to survive alone through his depression. And need I remind you that he is literally the Ghost King?!?!?! The King Of Ghosts! He ...more

Nico is SUPER powerful. He could literally kill you with a skeleton army if he feels like it. Also, let's look at it this way. He went through Tartarus, ALONE and SURVIVED. Percy and Annabeth went through it together, so they would naturally have each other's support, and even then they almost died. Besides, Nico was the one to talk Bob into helping them, so they would have probably died without his help anyway. Also, Nico was imprisoned in a jar for god knows how long, and he's still alive. He's gone through so much mental and physical trauma (battling how his sexuality would not be accepted in his time, losing his sister, going through Tartarus, being imprisoned, etc etc) and he's still FIGHTING. He can summon the dead. He can practically teleport. He can rival Percy in sword-fighting, and let's not forget that he wasn't actually trained properly in camp since he did quite a bit of running away. All this time, he's been through so much, and he's never given up. Honestly, Percy has ...more

Percy Jackson is number 1 in everything like come on why is nico not number 1. By far we all know that nico is stronger than any other demigod. Like when he started to know about his powers at age twelve by then nico was the ghost king at age twelve. Nico can just use skeleton armies and his sword which do not say that because percy has more experience he is a better swordsman because they have HAVE NEVER FOUGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER. Nico is strong and powerful he could probably beat everything all the famous heroes like Hercules, Achilles, Perseus,
Theseus, and Percy Jackson.

Nico is most definitely the most powerful demigod to exist. I'm pretty sure that if in either of the great wars, if Nico were to side against Percy and the others, the results would most definitely include the end of the world. He is naturally strong willed, since he did get out of Tartarus alone and never gave up. In the first series, he managed to convince Hades to join the war, even when Hades threatened to kill him he didn't back down at all, in fact he was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Nico in general had a lot of powers, although he may not be the best fighter at first but he improved, on his won might I add. Percy and Jason both were trained by someone, however Nico was self thought. Then there's experience to look at. Jason was at camp ever since he was three and Percy, ever since he was twelve. Jason had more experience and Percy had too little. Now look at Nico. He went to camp at the age of ten, he ran away and self trained and well frankly (no pun ...more

3 Jason Grace Jason Grace

Jason is awesome! He is amazing. He played a critical role in the Heroes of Olympus, and was even praetor of Camp Jupiter. Jason is such a great character. He saved so many lives, no matter what you say! Don't tell me he isn't brave, because that is a lie! He let Caligula kill him so Piper, Apollo, and Meg could escape. And he didn't care about what he would lose. I am really sad he died though. RIP Jason.

Ok. Jason is the most powerful, period. he just has to fly into the sky, blast percy and nico, and boom! Even if Percy escaped to sea, water is a great conductor of electricity! Percy would still die. No offense, but all you people that say Jason isn't brave are so STUPID! Did any of you even read the books? In Trials of Apollo, he put everything down and died so Piper and Apollo could escape. Not even Percy would do that. When Apollo asked, Percy was all, I can't go. BYEE! If that is not all you need, Jason jumped off a cliff to save Piper, though he didn't know he could fly! He JUMPED OFF A CLIFF! WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF HIS FLIGHT! If that is not brave, then I don't know what is. Also, Jason himself killed a Titian! Even Percy couldn't do that. Percy had to have help. Jason also toppled the black throne of Kronos by himself. ONE PERSON. He is a true leader, dispite what some of you say, he lead the Roman legion for 9 whole years! Who can say that is not leadership? Lastly, Jason ...more

He is amazing and very strong and powerful with his girlfriend Piper.

Jason is my main I LOVE HIM!

4 Thalia Grace Thalia Grace

Fools. Even if you compare Jason to Thalia, she has a lot more stronger in terms of strength and battle prowess. Her control of Electrokinesis is far more superior than Jason's. To think of it if she didn't have fear of heights she's going to be hard to beat in the skies

Duh. In the Lost Hero, one show of lightning at the campfire exhausted Jason. Thalia does it all the time. If she didn't have her fear of heights, her powers would be even more spectacular.
Also, she's versatile. Her mainly known weapon is Aegis, which she uses in a number of ways, yet she can use a spear like a boss, and her archery skills were of that to match a Huntress, seeing as how she was made Lieutenant of Artemis immediately when she joined.
She also went head-to-head with Percy. Anyone who can do that has my respect.

I agree thalia can easily beat jason I think she can also beat both percy and nico

Thalia and Percy have been said multiple times to be the two greatest and most powerful heroes of the age. Thalia is a main character, right along with the seven. Thalia has been shown to use lightning whenever she wants without tiring, whereas Jason has to pray to Zeus to use lightning for the most part, and he's drained afterward. Sure she can't fly, but only because she's never tried. And she makes up for it with aegis and her fighting skills. She kicked Luke's arse! And she's immortal, and has the hunters of Artemis basically at her disposal. Here's to Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Tyson, Nico, and Rachel the ORIGINAL Team PJO! :D

5 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

Leo died to save others. He can also build stuff that no one else can under stand.

Leo Valdez maybe couldn't outmatch the others in sword fighting alone. But he would create a sword fighting machine that will guard him and be better than any living being. Everybody is inawe with old Greek weapons like Riptide, Aegis et cetera. Leo could create new much more powerful weapons. And he can summon fire and survive in fire - PercyJacksonfan

He can do more than atract chicks

He could burn jason or percy and if you think about it he able to with stand heat so if he got hit by lightning it might not work and he took out gaia by pretty much himself

6 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase

I believe Annabeth should be put as Number One on this list. Although she does not ave the fancy powers like the others, she makes up for it with her fighting and brains. Who ever said that power was limited to magical abilities? Even Percy admits, along with some of the other demigods plus Riordan himself, who have made comments, that Annabeth is the most powerful demgod alive at the time. (SPOILER IN SHIP OF THE DEAD) Here is the evidence where Percy says," All I'm saying here is that the most powerful demigod of our generation is sitting right here, and it isn't me...Wise Girl can't shape-shift or breathe underwater..." I won't say the whole quote but even Percy is saying what Riordan has been trying to tell us all throughout the series. Special powers do not make you powerful, and that is why Annabeth is the most powerful. If she had a power, no one would even stand a chance against her, and quite frankly, no one would like he because it would get boring with her defeating ...more

She's the smartest in the world. Why not?

She beat Arachne. The Mother of spiders, her greatest fear. Conquering your own fear is always the hardest thing, isn't it? Well, that's exactly what she did. - EllenseaFornost

I love all of them.

But annabeth... annabeth is god.

7 Frank Zhang

He's asian so that's plus 100 points

We saw Frank turn into a dragon, so clearly he doesn't just turn into animals, but MAGICAL ANIMALS! For all we know, he could turn into a hydra, or the Nemean Lion! His powers are virtually limitless, especially considering the whole 'swarm of bees' thing. Not one bee, but an entire swarm! could he become an entire flock of birds, or a whole colony of ants? No way to know, I suppose, but I'd say hands down yes. He could command the skeleton warriors and has superb archery skills. Due to the "blessing" of Mars, he's got huge muscles, and so out-muscles the rest of the whole 7. The stick isn't a weakness, it's proof of just how powerful he is. Juno seriously said that he was so powerful his powers would kill him, and that's why he needed the stick- it becomes his weakness instead of his own strength turning on him. And it's not even that bad of a weakness, anyway. People overreact about it, especially considering the fact that if it's on him when he transforms, it just disappears with ...more

Frank can turn into any animal he wants, so he could just just become an animal that could beat the others.

Because he’s Asian.

8 Hazel Levesque Hazel Levesque

Hazel is easily the most powerful demigod because there is no one on this list she couldn't kill if she wanted to (but she doesn't because she is great like that). Obviously, she could do it with the Mist, like tricking them into walking off a cliff or thinking that she is not holding a knife when she is or getting them to drink poison while thinking it's really grape juice or something. She also has the ability to control metal, so she could stab someone with their own weapon without lifting a finger. And, though people may forget about this, she also has the cursed-gem thing (or at least she used to, I'm not sure exactly what happened to it) and she could just give them one of those if she didn't want to get her hands dirty.

Female Magneto. Need I say more?

She's a boss, plain and simple. Super talented, super powerful... If any of the others went up against her, she could use the Mist to trick them until she was able to gain control of the metal in their weapons. She managed to create and then defeat a giant on her own without any idea of her power. She's easily underestimated, too, which only works to her advantage.

Hazel can control metal and gems but also things like tunnels so she could bury anyone on this list if she wanted to. She killed Sciron the bandit and the only one that was able to defeat him before was Theseus. She defeated Clytius who don't forget, took down Leo, Percy, Annabeth and was close to killing Annabeth and Percy, the demigod who people think is the most powerful. True she had the help of Hecate none of the other demigods would have been able to stop him otherwise and they all would have died.

Hazel can also control the Mist so with that and her other powers she could make anyone on this list go insane, be buried alive, get stabbed by their own weapon, get stabbed by a friend's weapon, kill them with her cursed gem thing, shoot them with gems like bullets (like in House of Hades), drag them to their death using metal, and make them walk off cliffs. there's other things she could do, but use your imagination.

If Hazel wasn't there Percy would have died, ...more

9 Luke Castellan

I would personally say Luke. He is the best fighter by far, and if you compare Percy to him, I think you forgot who taught Percy. Also he is a good, but misguided person, and his powers, which we didn't see much of, are very powerful. I would also say that we have not seen the last of him, even though it seems he is dead. - ScottSterling

His swordplay can only be rivalled by Percy in the demigod community, which is saying something. He is a brave man and does the right thing in his final seconds. He had a reason to betray Gods and I think he correct in most of the situations. - AkaTsuki

This guy should at least be number 5 he's. So awesome and has a lot of fighting skills why is he always so underrated

Because I think they are speaking only about raw power not skill luke was the best swordsmen in the last 200 years but in terms of power compared to others like percy, jason, nico or thalia he really isn't much although I do believe he could defeat jason and nico but because of skill not power - Acorpeno12

Luke couldn't beat Thalia at sword fighting though - Oreo_xo

If you remember he was weakened from the time he spent holding the sky up. - ScottSterling

10 Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

Reyna is super powerful and amazing at combat. I think she is more powerful than Piper.

Reyna is the most powerful she leads rome alone lost everyone hylla is always gone

She's the legit badass in the world of Uncle Rick. Enough said.

Reyna is more powerful than piper by a lot


The Contenders

11 Bianca di Angelo

First of all I don't get why people hate on Bianca like yeah I get that she abandoned Nico but move on people and yeah she was in the series for a short amount of time but I love her and just because we didn't see her use her powers doesn't mean she couldn't or wouldn't have if she had survived all in all she is a great character who still looks after her brother even though she's dead but I know I've said this before but SHE IS AWESOME AND GREAT

Even though she doesn't have many feats, Hades himself stated that she would be preferable over Nico if she were alive. That's gotta count for something - PineconeFace

First I thought Bianca betrayed Nico, but then I realized it was for his own good. If Bianca was still alive, everything would have been different. - Mayachen2006

Love how her little brother is second on this list with 18% and she is down here without even 1 percent

12 Piper McLean Piper McLean

How to beat Piper.
1. Have any fighting skill
2. Have ear plugs - Riverstix5555

Why do people hate her? I am not going to mention everything she did, but she did so many things. Let's not forget that, if it wasn't for her, jason would have died two times and Percy would have drowned. Leo and Jason (again) would have torn each other to death. Khione would have froze them all to death.

She had the choice to betray her friends, but she knew she won't, and she felt sorrow because she knew she will choose to save the world on the account of her father, and she still felt guilty for thinking that she might betray her friends.

She is trying her best to prove herself, and she cares about her loved ones a lot.

Just because she cares about Jason (her boyfriend) means that she is a bad person? what is that? Is Percy bad just because he cares about Annabeth that he chose to fall in Tartarus for her?

This is stupid. Yes, she is beautiful. She is a daughter of Aphrodite. She is emotional. Her biggest strength is her beauty and her power of love, but ...more

Shes powerful why dis low? - aplayer_8

No a bit better.

13 Clarisse LaRue

Clarisse is judged for mistakes othets made but she is really brave - Sorreltail

Clarisse is my favorite character. I don't know why.

She is the best because she cares for her brothers and sisters and is a awesome fighter plus she is actually a kind hearted girl that deserves to be recognized

I think Clarisse is underestimated, just because she stayed at camp, or bullied Percy. Yes she is not the BEST person, buts she is a GOOD person. - Mayachen2006

14 Tyson

Tyson is a different type of demigod. Demigod means half mortal, half immortal. So, if Tyson's mom is a cyclops, a monster which can be destroyed, he is a technical demigod, since his dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea and earthquakes.

He's not a demigod, I mean demigod means half-bloods, kids of a God and a mortal. But his mother wasn't a mortal, she was a nature spirit. He is half god but in a different way

He's not a demigod

Why is he on here he isn't even a demigod?

15 Ethan Nakamura

Was a bit stupid but came out all right in the end and for the record nemesis is fair no favouritism and was only doing her job

Cunning and sneaky, but vengeful


FAVE - pjo

16 Meg

Yeah, she's really powerful. She should be higher on this list. But she isn't probably because she is one of the 'newer' Rick Riordan characters - EllenseaFornost

I love her - blackflower

She will eventually become the most powerful demigod in any series, just wait until she gets older. - ScottSterling

Meg is 12
Totally awesome

17 Charles Beckondorf

He had a life he had a girlfriend he was a hero but he sacrificed himself so Percy would live his life :( rip ):

Rip love you beckondorf

What kind of hero blows himself up? Sill, he was pretty powerful

Every hero I guess. I mean it's their job to protect he did the right thing. Thanks to him Percy is still alive - feena

Awesome blacksmith and died for honor


18 Magnus Chase

He should be at least top 10, and has an awesome sword named jack

He is not the best character. I'm nit saying that I hate him, but I mean he is not that powerful. - Mayachen2006

He sucks. 15 just learns about his powers, relies on a troll and a elf to save him all the time

Magnus Chase was a late realisation but his Sumarbrander is unbeatable for any demigod weapon. Give him some time and training and look at the havoc he can cause. He is the Percy Jackson of Norse mythology. He is the most important part of ragnarok. So put him in upper tiers and Jason Grace will wet his pants on seeing Magnus' incredible prowess
By Fredrick Chase

19 Hercules

I think he should be higher up just not that much

Hercules abandoned Zoe in the books remember! He lied to her and broke her heart. He’s the reason she became a Hunter. Also think of what he did to Piper and Jason!

He deserves better guys! He’s lived dozens of years and he only makes it top 20?

too nice

20 Will Solace

He is awesome yeah but about those music powers, he said himself he's almost only music talent is that... OMGS I don't know what it is in English. Oops... But yeah Will is great but Nico is the most awesome.

Superb healer and his music talents!


21 Chrysaor

Chrysaor is the best sky nymph ever

Yeah I think he shis be higher not the biggest role in the story but when he appeared he impresses me with his skill

Percy is number 1 and this guy probably won't be because he was only there for a short while.but in mark of Athena he was far superior to Percy. His sword fighting was shown to be much better than Percy or Jason.he as a son of Poseidon was able to bring water out of Percy's control completely.percy couldn't move water because of chrysaors powers and he also disarmed Percy quicker than anyone ever has. Percy wasn't able to even scratch the guy.

22 Achilles

Hercules is an ungrateful & conceited bastard. Achilles is better than Herc!

He only has an Achilles heel

After Hercules he is the most strongest.

This guy was literally called the greatest hero to ever live, which means greater than Hercules, Perseus, Theseus just to name a few. with his blessing of Achilles no-one can harm him unless they know about his heel. adding his superior battle strategy and skill he is almost invincible. plus you don't get called the greatest hero ever for nothing.

23 Drew Tanaka

Why is she on here? Lol.

I don't understand people who like her just because they don't like piper? Piper wasn't exactly evil and yeah, charmspeak seems like it's kind of girly and boring but that doesn't mean it wasnt helpful. If Piper hadn't been there so many of them would be dead and the mission would never have been complete, and yeah she had her faults but so did all the characters. Frank was awful to Leo for all of MoA and he doesn't get nearly as much hate (not that he deserves it) and Drew was just controlling and cruel, I don't see why she would be better than Piper - pjo

I think people don't like her because they've never given her a good background,so we don't know anything about her. Her past could've effected her and nobody cares. I think she's underestimate and is awesome.

She's. A weirdo

24 Poseidon

Uh, if Poseidon wanted to he could destroy every single demigod, he is a god, an immortal being, he isn't even human, he has literal different blood. Yes, some demigods have harmed gods, e.g Ares being defeated by Percy, let's remember this guy is one of the big three. Any of the big three could easily destroy all the demigods, maybe there is an exception for hades though, although hades could do a LOT of damage as well.

He is definitely higher

He is a god stupid number one

He's A GOD how is he not on top?

25 Hylla

Hylla is a very powerful demigod and should be higher on this list.

She is really like her sister. She should be right after Reyna. - Mayachen2006

Queen of amazons

This girl could wreck hazel piper annabeth and pretty much about half the peeps in the top 10

26 Zoe Nightshade

Zone is very powerful, not saying she's the most powerful, she just deserves to be higher

She was leader of the hunt for over 1000 years, she was taken down by the Titan general, she beat beckendorf and many others including Nico by herself.

She is a nymph not a demigod

ˊ_>ˋ look guys, I'm sorry, but she's NOT a demigod! She was an awesome immortal daughter-of-a-Titan-and-a-water-nymph huntress but not a demigod!

27 Selena

She is brave for giving her life up

She was a spy and traitor with a kind heart.

Why does people hate her. She died a hero. And therefore, we should remember Silena as a hero of Olympus, we couldn't have defeated the titans without her. Silena should be above. - Mayachen2006

28 Zeus

This is demigods, not gods

I don't like him, but he is king of the gods


He is the most powerful god along with poseidon and hades.Was able to beat poryhrion and typhon and kronos with some help. he is not a demigod.

29 Gaea

What? She's the ground itself not a demigod! Plus, she could've destroyed the world anyways when she rose

She's mean but she is strong

She's not even a demigod

Oh heck no. - Mayachen2006

1 Comment
30 Perseus

I just wanted to say that Percy also killed Medusa at age 11, wounded Ares at 11, defeated Hades at age 15, fought Atlas at age 13, and was able to control poison at age 17

I can swear on life that he is the best

He killed Medusa and Ares

As Zeus's first demigod son he must be more powerful than the rest, and he was the only one in the entire demigod histroy who had a happy ending until now (Percy and the gang) as a hero. He stopped the kraken and medusa and he didn't even use his powers as he didn't know about them until his father told him after. As he is the role model of many heroes (including Percy) So yeah has power but unknown. Have to wait for ( Greek heroes book) 😎

31 Phoebe

Err no. Just no. - Mayachen2006

32 Ella the Harpy

Ella is a harpy.DUH! I will spell it for you.h-a-r-p-y,not d-e-m-I-g-o-d!

Really? Really, guys? Lemme spell it out for you: D-E-M-I-G-O-D. Not H-A-R-P-Y.


33 Alabaster Torrington

Magic so the most versatile power and as a child of Hecate he gets necromancy, umbrakinesis as well as a great swordifghter he could defeat Jason just use a killing spell or shut off his power, he could go toe-to-toe with Nico even possibly besting him due to Hecate being the goddess of Necromancy and he could give Percy a run for his money

A child of the big three is extremely powerful, but their powers are limited to the sky, the dead, and the sea. Alabaster has control over magic, one of the most versatile powers in the series. He can power himself up, blast an opponent, control an element, etc. He's also a skilled swordsman, as shown during the battle with Lamia in Son of Magic.

Did he study at Hogwarts?


34 Festus

Festus must be the happiest dragon. His name literally translates to happy. Plus he is straight up boss.

Just so u know. he is not even human

35 Calypso Calypso

She had a hard time!

Calypso is the best satyr ever and it was so sad when he had children with annabeth

She might not be as powerful as the others,but leo admits he is afraid of her rage in the house of hades. She is also a goddess nymph.

36 Chiron

I mean... his father IS kronos...

Oh he is awesome. Come on people, we all know that. - Mayachen2006

A funny TEACHER of camp half blood

Not a demigod

1 Comment
37 Connor Stoll

Amazing prankster like his bro - Mayachen2006

Maybe not the strongest but he's a pranker, you gotta love 'em!

38 Circe

I think Circe is powerful because she is daughter of Hecate.

39 Odysseus
40 Hermes Hermes

Not a demigod and yes he dose have children - LiamMurphy

Has no children

41 Samirah

She is Magnus’s friend. She should be after Magnus.

42 Katie Gardner

Even though she isn't really featured, I like her name :) lol


43 Michael Yew

He had such a cool arrow. A sonic arrow. That's cool, plus it was sad that he died :(

R.I.P Michael...he will be missed :c

44 Connor

Not a newcomer

They are both very sneaky and can hold their own.

I like Connor Stoll.

45 Kayla Knowles
46 Clarisse

She is already on here!

She killed the drakon

I don't like clarsse that much but she is a daughter of ares and she can fight and pick on pelople and fight.

Clarriese is the DAUGTHER of war

47 Grover

If you think about it Grover could kill Percy by just killing himself (from the empathy link) making him stronger than Percy but not the others so it is a little weird if you think about it

This guy... this guy... could literally EAT riptide, or any blade actually. No joke. He can consume various metals, with no problem. Celestial bronze is probably like dessert for him. He whilst someone like percy actually have to focus to use his powers, grover can play despacito on his flute and make turn you into stationary groot. Honestly, I think he can beat percy in a 1v1 scenario. In a completely plain landscape, whitout trees, water or any other obstacles, grover would win. Percy needs a source of water to use his powers, although grover only need his flute. Gg easy win

Why is he here? He is not a demigod.

Grover is Percy's BEST FRIEND, Percy PROMISED. People forget that. He should be in the top ten. - Mayachen2006

48 Theseus

Poseidon's son, extremely wise for a long time, and defeated the minotaur in the labyrinth.

I hate Theseus. He dumped Ariadne in an island and left her all alone.

49 Dionysus

Bored of his job

...he is NOT a demigod.


Heck he was a demigod too,you know

50 Hades Hades

the best

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