Most Powerful Demigods From Percy Jackson

Who do you think is the most powerful from all of the demigods we encounter in the Percy Jackson series?

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Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Percy is definitely the most powerful, being a Son of Poseidon. No-one really is able to yet match his seemingly unbeatable strength and power. Though Jason is quite powerful, I have to say Percy easily snatches the title of most powerful. A wicked swordsman, he gets the central role in the books and has destroyed everything that has come to match him. Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon- the strongest there is.


Percy Jackson is the most powerful demigod. Nico tells this to the rest of the 7 after Percy and Annabeth fall. Percy also would have beaten Jason when they were being controlled by the eidolons if not for Piper. and if Percy wasn't being controlled, he might have been able to hear Blackjack's thought and dodge his kick, in which case, he would have killed Jason. Let's not forget, Jason stuck Percy with lightning bolt and Percy was smart enough to stay down and swipe his feet under Jason. Jason's lightning bolt didn't do much to Percy and so therefore, Jason can not kill people with a single lightning bolt of a flick of his hand. Percy could just make a ball of water around Jason, and wait until he runs out of air! Although he wouldn't do this and would probably pick a cooler way to do so if he decided to. Even if before Percy managed to put him in that water bubble, Jason strikes him with lightning, Percy could just stay down and make the water ball well pretending to be ...more

Perseus "Percy" Jackson. What should I say about him? Well, lets first talk about his dad, Poseidon. Poseidon has some powers of Zeus and Hades. How? Well, Hades can create really powerful earthquakes because he can control the earth. So can Poseidon, just a little weaker. Zeus can control storms. So can Poseidon. Percy has also shown to create personal hurricanes, with just a little lightning, and winds that can put the light and heat out from the titan of light and heat himself. And using the dead. In the Son of Neptune, Percy held of a whole legion of roman ghosts when they couldn't die and just came back right after he killed them. Roman demigods and their descendants work best in a group. So using the dead, don't even thing about it. Darkness manipulation won't work. Shoot darkness at him and either he will shoot water blast at the same time, get a water shield, or deflect it with Riptide. Shadow travel. Nico would pass out. If he turns invisible, Percy would just ...more

I think percy is the best because all the time in the book although the 7 demigods are mentioned percy always gets the most important role. He is always referred to as by nico as the most powerful of all. He is truly so as he has all the water realm at his command. He is the best of all.

Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

Nico is most definitely the most powerful demigod to exist. I'm pretty sure that if in either of the great wars, if Nico were to side against Percy and the others, the results would most definitely include the end of the world. He is naturally strong willed, since he did get out of Tartarus alone and never gave up. In the first series, he managed to convince Hades to join the war, even when Hades threatened to kill him he didn't back down at all, in fact he was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Nico in general had a lot of powers, although he may not be the best fighter at first but he improved, on his won might I add. Percy and Jason both were trained by someone, however Nico was self thought. Then there's experience to look at. Jason was at camp ever since he was three and Percy, ever since he was twelve. Jason had more experience and Percy had too little. Now look at Nico. He went to camp at the age of ten, he ran away and self trained and well frankly (no pun ...more

I think Nico is right were he belongs on this list. Second place. Percy's first place. No doubt about that, but Nico is probably the only person who could beat him in a fight! Nico can make a bunch of skeletons and zombies and control them. He has an awesome sword, but even without that, with his power over the dead, his shadow-travel, and all his other powers, he's very powerful.

Um, what?! Why is he Number 2?! He is 14, 3 years younger than Percy, and he can still rival him in a fight. He can travel anywhere in the universe where darkness exists, he can control the dead to do his bidding, he can wander through and control Dreams, even though it is only to an extent this power is amazingly cool, especially since it was learned and not inherited from his father. He is probably more experienced than other demigod of his time, including the other kids of the Big Three. This is not even taking into account his emotional strength. He has been to literal hell and back at the age of 14 and so much more. He is also strong willed, he was able to convince Hades to join the side of the gods in the Titan War! He has had a grudge on his brothers for thousands of years and Nico was still able to convince him to fight by their side. He was also able to survive alone through his depression. And need I remind you that he is literally the Ghost King?!?!?! The King Of Ghosts! He ...more

A good second place - Nico is unbelievably powerful, drawing strength from a terrifying set of skills that include shadow travel, skeletal warriors, some sort of mind and death control.

If fighting Percy, Percy really is into a strong fight.

Jason Grace

Okay, so, I know Jason is powerful and whatnot but when he jumped off a cliff, he had a feeling he would be fine, he probably didn't topple the black throne of Kronos by himself, like Percy, he had some help. When Percy and Jason were fighting when controlled by the eidolons, if not for Piper, Percy would have killed Jason and Percy would have escaped without any injuries. Also, Percy would gladly die to help his friends escape. HIS FLAW IS BEING TOO LOYAL! He would do anything for his friends! Also, The Roman gods are "watered down" versions of the Greek gods, and the Greek gods are more powerful. Although many would argue Percy is more powerful, I somewhat agree. Calm down... I think that if Jason had been Greek, he would have been about equal with Percy.

Ok, Jason Grace is definitely the most powerful character. For starters, he can fly. Sure, Percy can control water, but can he get up into the skies. Jason is also able to bring down lightning. Don't get me wrong, Percy's not bet, but he's not as good as Jason. Jason would've won the battle in Kansas when they were being controlled. Sure Percy can control water, but Jason can control the air! Another thing is loyalty, and fight for good. Jason had these character traits. For example, he gave his life so that Apollo, Meg and Piper could beat the emperors. Finally, Jason is a mini-me to his father Zeus and Percy is a mini-me to his father, Poseidon. Oh! Last I checked Zeus was the king of the gods, not Poseidon. Those are all the facts, so as you can see, JAson is much better than Percy.

The whole story of the Heroes of Olympus is about the seven greatest demigods and Nico isn't one of them. Also, Zeus is the strongest god so naturally, his child would be the strongest of them all.

Third place - one does not become Praetor for nothing.

Well rounded fighter and not hamstrung by fear of heights like Thalia

Thalia Grace

Thalia's just awesome in general. She's Artemis's lieutenant of the Hunter's as well as daughter of Zeus (even if Zeus is kind of a jerk). Plus, Thalia's got an awesome shield. Not that that has anything to do with how powerful she is, but I mean come on, it's kind of sick. And she's amazing with a bow, naturally since she's a Hunter. I think she should be in third place right after Percy Jackson then Nico Di Angelo. She is definitely more powerful than her brother, Jason Grace.

I feel that Thalia is a better duelist since she was able to beat Luke quite easily so I feel like while it would be close she would beat Percy.

Thalia is a Hunter of Artemis! That alone should put her in top 3, why is she not in top 3. She can summon LIGHTNING, and FLY, AND has the head of Medusa on her shield, KNIVES- and so much more. Thalia is better than percy.

Only her fear or heights lets her down, otherwise equally strong as Jason and almost on point with Nico and Percy.

Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

Leo can literately burst into flames at random! I mean he can control it, but it just sounds fun to say that he does it at random. He's definitely a very powerful demigod. I think he should be in fourth place. And Thalia Grace third instead of Jason Grace. Jason should be fifth place. Percy Jackson And Nico Di Angelo are in just the right places.

Need I say more? He is intelligent as hell, especially with regards to science. His social skills aren't the best, which makes him rank below Annabeth in the intelligence department.

He is also able to survive heat and blast fire - I always thought being able to manipulate your environment will drastically aid you.

FIRE and is a really good mechanic. Also funny and designed+built a flying giant ship with a flying dragon hidden inside

On a dangerous quest to save a Queen goddess, where he was the one who had to take care of the ride, he remembered to bring vegetarian food for his friend.

He is a little smaller than the rest, but he used his skill, his wit to make the best of the situation.

Instead of wallowing in self pity, he decided that, he couldn't hurt anyone more than a significant other. Since he didn't have one, he decided he was the one who needed to die.

He makes on whim, but surprisingly rational decisions. Anger him, and he will stop at nothing to destroy you (Gaea! ). He always keeps his promises, even though he is careful where and when he makes them

Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Okay, first off, I think I should point out that Annabeth doesn't have any special powers and she beat other demigod WITH powers. That there is showing a lot even though I think she needs to be in like, 3rd place after Nico... maybe even 2nd behind Percy. Even though Annabeth would never beat him in hand to hand combat, she is very smart and has great battle strategy and comes up with all sorts of plans. She faces her worst fear, not telling anyone what it is, not even Percy, and faces it WILLINGLY to help save the world. I don't know think others would willingly face their worst fear without telling anyone what it is and therefore not getting any support on it. Annabeth is ALWAYS right. Percy said he had learned a LONG time ago not to bet against Annabeth.

She knows everything and she is just the best! I'm not saying she is the most powerful, as she doesn't have any special powers, but she is definitely one of the best. If she had ANY special powers, it wouldn't be fair to ...more

I believe Annabeth should be put as Number One on this list. Although she does not ave the fancy powers like the others, she makes up for it with her fighting and brains. Who ever said that power was limited to magical abilities? Even Percy admits, along with some of the other demigods plus Riordan himself, who have made comments, that Annabeth is the most powerful demgod alive at the time. (SPOILER IN SHIP OF THE DEAD) Here is the evidence where Percy says," All I'm saying here is that the most powerful demigod of our generation is sitting right here, and it isn't me...Wise Girl can't shape-shift or breathe underwater..." I won't say the whole quote but even Percy is saying what Riordan has been trying to tell us all throughout the series. Special powers do not make you powerful, and that is why Annabeth is the most powerful. If she had a power, no one would even stand a chance against her, and quite frankly, no one would like he because it would get boring with her defeating ...more

1. She held up the sky for days, while Percy could barely hold it for minutes
2. She ventured on a dangerous solo mission in Mark of Athena, that would have killed any other demigod
3. She survived a trip to the depths of the underworld... twice (was the first to come back from tartarus along with Percy... ever)
4. Extremely smart, strategic and highly skilled in combat
5. Percy himself said she was the most powerful of their generation

This girl fended of monsters on her own with a freaking hammer after she snuck away from home WHEN SHE WAS SEVEN! She is the one demigod without any special powers or skills, yet she is one of the most feared demigods at camp. She became a camp counselor and was much younger than some under her command, yet no one, not even new campers, crosses her. She held up the sky for days, and Percy, a male (not stereotyping here), almost collapsed even if he only held it up for a couple minutes. She survived on her own in a world not only full of monsters, but of hunger, depression, sadness, and loneliness, for a long time with only pajamas and a hammer.

Should I continue?

Frank Zhang

Can change into any animal but life depends on a stick. That draws him down. Also no real environment manipulation.

Son of Ares- Praetor, controlled a army of Roman spirits as well as can be anything he wants to be.

We saw Frank turn into a dragon, so clearly he doesn't just turn into animals, but MAGICAL ANIMALS! For all we know, he could turn into a hydra, or the Nemean Lion! His powers are virtually limitless, especially considering the whole 'swarm of bees' thing. Not one bee, but an entire swarm! could he become an entire flock of birds, or a whole colony of ants? No way to know, I suppose, but I'd say hands down yes. He could command the skeleton warriors and has superb archery skills. Due to the "blessing" of Mars, he's got huge muscles, and so out-muscles the rest of the whole 7. The stick isn't a weakness, it's proof of just how powerful he is. Juno seriously said that he was so powerful his powers would kill him, and that's why he needed the stick- it becomes his weakness instead of his own strength turning on him. And it's not even that bad of a weakness, anyway. People overreact about it, especially considering the fact that if it's on him when he transforms, it just disappears with ...more

He can shape-shift and is a son of a war god, which makes him skilled with all types of weapons. He'll shoot you afar with arrows, attack you close-up with a sword or spear, then pounce on you as a dragon or an elephant.

Hazel Levesque

Friends with the fastest and most foul-mouthed horse in existence, can summon cursed gems from the Earth as well as control metal, can manipulate the Mist, and is a good fighter

1. Mist Control. She can turn you insane in seconds before you can even think about attacking her.
2. Earth Control. She can create earthquakes and rocks. She can create and open up a tunnel under your feet and suffocate you underneath the earth.
3. Darkness Control. No explanation needed. Plus: shadow-travel.
4. Skeleton Control. She can conjure an entire army of skeletons to kill you.
5. Metal Control. She can use her own sword without even touching it and can take away anyone else's weapon just like that.
6. Arion. That horse will knock you down in seconds.
7. Sword fighting. She trained at Camp Jupiter for a whole year. She's quite awesome at sword-fighting.

Hazel IS very powerful. She can turn YOU INSANE if she wanted to do.

Hazel is easily the most powerful demigod because there is no one on this list she couldn't kill if she wanted to (but she doesn't because she is great like that). Obviously, she could do it with the Mist, like tricking them into walking off a cliff or thinking that she is not holding a knife when she is or getting them to drink poison while thinking it's really grape juice or something. She also has the ability to control metal, so she could stab someone with their own weapon without lifting a finger. And, though people may forget about this, she also has the cursed-gem thing (or at least she used to, I'm not sure exactly what happened to it) and she could just give them one of those if she didn't want to get her hands dirty.

Luke Castellan

Next I do think Luke would beat Annabeth though I do think it would be somewhat close.

He dipped in the Styx, hosted Kronos, actually FOUGHT him, best sword fighter ever, come ON!

Have you forgotten that Percy isn't the only one who has taken a dip in the Styx. Who kills Kronos? Who turns strong enough to become Kronos? Who was the best sword fighter before Percy? Think about this and vote.

His swordplay can only be rivalled by Percy in the demigod community, which is saying something. He is a brave man and does the right thing in his final seconds. He had a reason to betray Gods and I think he correct in most of the situations.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

Reyna deserves to be like top five or three. She not only can beat Orion (that guy SUCKS by the way), the GIANT who like not even the Hunters of Artemis and the Amazons could defeat, but she's also pretty strong mentally.

I mean like she was kind of important but overall she is a good person despite her dark past

she was BLESSED by TWO GODDESSES! and she's a praetor/hunter! daughter of a WAR goddess!

She was the praetor of New Rome and kept it going on her own while Jason was gone, with a broken heart. Especially when she finally got Percy as a praetor and then he had to leave, with Annabeth, his girlfriend. Not everyone can pull that off.

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Piper McLean

Beautiful, has a dagger that she can see the future in, and has real powerful charmspeak

Why do people hate her? I am not going to mention everything she did, but she did so many things. Let's not forget that, if it wasn't for her, jason would have died two times and Percy would have drowned. Leo and Jason (again) would have torn each other to death. Khione would have froze them all to death.

She had the choice to betray her friends, but she knew she won't, and she felt sorrow because she knew she will choose to save the world on the account of her father, and she still felt guilty for thinking that she might betray her friends.

She is trying her best to prove herself, and she cares about her loved ones a lot.

Just because she cares about Jason (her boyfriend) means that she is a bad person? what is that? Is Percy bad just because he cares about Annabeth that he chose to fall in Tartarus for her?

This is stupid. Yes, she is beautiful. She is a daughter of Aphrodite. She is emotional. Her biggest strength is her beauty and her power of love, but ...more

She should be higher than this. She is so powerful. And also she became quite brave.
I wish I could charmspeak like her.

Why is is Piper in number 12, why first, piper has charmspeak and she also cares for her dead boyfriend "Jason". Next she can break up a fight so why is she down here?!

Bianca di Angelo

Same powers as Nico, hunter of Artemis, and if she hadn't died she might have been higher. Also I respect her giving her to save her friends

Is the equivalent of Nico and is in peak form forever if she didn't die. She is a child of the big three and could be the most experienced than anyone except maybe Thalia.

She has the same powers as her brother and she was a hunter of Artemis before she died

in the book (that she was alive in) she did something that led to destroying the skeleton that Nico hasnt used. I still think that she would be very powerful if she was alive.


Tyson is a different type of demigod. Demigod means half mortal, half immortal. So, if Tyson's mom is a cyclops, a monster which can be destroyed, he is a technical demigod, since his dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea and earthquakes.

He's not a demigod, I mean demigod means half-bloods, kids of a God and a mortal. But his mother wasn't a mortal, she was a nature spirit. He is half god but in a different way

He's not a demigod

Why is he on here he isn't even a demigod?


Meg is propaly the worlds most powerful demeter child she can make chia seeds grow in her hands go China girl

For one thing, she's stronger than all the other children of Demeter, secondly she was defending Apollo, a god.

Tons of potential. Number 1 in my book. Masterful Roman style fighter.

She can teleport using daisies. That’s more powerful than shadow travel.

Charles Beckondorf

He had a life he had a girlfriend he was a hero but he sacrificed himself so Percy would live his life :( rip ):

Rip love you beckondorf

He was so cool... Yet he died.

What kind of hero blows himself up? Sill, he was pretty powerful

Every hero I guess. I mean it's their job to protect he did the right thing. Thanks to him Percy is still alive

Magnus Chase

Is an awesome healer. I think he would be higher if he could actually fight by himself.

He should be at least top 10, and has an awesome sword named jack

He is not the best character. I'm nit saying that I hate him, but I mean he is not that powerful.

He sucks. 15 just learns about his powers, relies on a troll and a elf to save him all the time

Will Solace

He is sooo awesome! He has excellent healing powers and a natural archer (even though not as skilled as his other half siblings), a natural musician and is such a great person! He also has increased athletic skills and audiokinesis and can couplets curse!

He is awesome yeah but about those music powers, he said himself he's almost only music talent is that... OMGS I don't know what it is in English. Oops... But yeah Will is great but Nico is the most awesome.

Superb healer and his music talents!

He can heal anyone. Better than magnus in my opinion


He beat Percy so easily. It also took all of the seven to beat him.

He took down Percy within like 5 seconds!His swordsmanship is like 3 times as Good!

Chrysaor is the best sky nymph ever

Yeah I think he shis be higher not the biggest role in the story but when he appeared he impresses me with his skill


Hercules abandoned Zoe in the books remember! He lied to her and broke her heart. He’s the reason she became a Hunter. Also think of what he did to Piper and Jason!

Hercules if we go by the powers of the big three being the son of Zeus gives him aerokinsis, electrokinises and his own immense strength. If we are only following the books everything Percy has done so far Hercules has already done and more. It was mentioned that Hercules has a great publicist meaning the mortals will never forget him and his Greek/roman counterparts do not cause major personality changes. If it was a fight between the children of the big three and we removed Hercules immortality Hercules would win because of his vast knowledge and skills as a fighter and his immense strength. We can't forget he has beaten Ares, wounded Hera and hades, wrestled and defeated Thanatos just to name a few so let's not belittle the lion of Olympus

I just want to point out the fact that it says in HOO that as the god of strength he lost all abilities as a child of Zeus and I also want to add in the fact that Hercules doesn't have any real close combat skills and literally everything He's accomplished is through super strength and his Dad saving his ass

He deserves better guys! He’s lived dozens of years and he only makes it top 20?

Clarisse LaRue

She is the strongest fighter and is the only reason the demigods could win the war with cronos

Is the daughter of a war goddess, which makes her skilled in all types of weapons, has an electric spear, killed a drakon all by herself with no armor on, and was already a powerful expert fighter before Percy even knew he was a demigod. #The only reason Percy was able to beat was because he was strenghtened by the water Clarisse can beat Percy in a sword fight change my mind.

She helped a lot in the battle of Kronos even if she wasn’t in the begging of the battle

She is the best because she cares for her brothers and sisters and is a awesome fighter plus she is actually a kind hearted girl that deserves to be recognized


Hercules is an ungrateful & conceited bastard. Achilles is better than Herc!

He only has an Achilles heel

After Hercules he is the most strongest.

This guy was literally called the greatest hero to ever live, which means greater than Hercules, Perseus, Theseus just to name a few. with his blessing of Achilles no-one can harm him unless they know about his heel. adding his superior battle strategy and skill he is almost invincible. plus you don't get called the greatest hero ever for nothing.


Uh, if Poseidon wanted to he could destroy every single demigod, he is a god, an immortal being, he isn't even human, he has literal different blood. Yes, some demigods have harmed gods, e.g Ares being defeated by Percy, let's remember this guy is one of the big three. Any of the big three could easily destroy all the demigods, maybe there is an exception for hades though, although hades could do a LOT of damage as well.

He is such a chill dude! And I know this is supposed to be for demigods but come on! People have to admit that he’s powerful! He defeated typhoon and all the other gods were having trouble with it! And basically all of them were there trying to stop him!

I do not know the Percy Jackson series that will but isn't he a god

Umm, it says demigod, yet I don't know why I'm voting for him.

Zoe Nightshade

Zone is very powerful, not saying she's the most powerful, she just deserves to be higher

She was leader of the hunt for over 1000 years, she was taken down by the Titan general, she beat beckendorf and many others including Nico by herself.

She is a nymph not a demigod

She has a cool name

Drew Tanaka

Why is she on here? Lol.

I don't understand people who like her just because they don't like piper? Piper wasn't exactly evil and yeah, charmspeak seems like it's kind of girly and boring but that doesn't mean it wasnt helpful. If Piper hadn't been there so many of them would be dead and the mission would never have been complete, and yeah she had her faults but so did all the characters. Frank was awful to Leo for all of MoA and he doesn't get nearly as much hate (not that he deserves it) and Drew was just controlling and cruel, I don't see why she would be better than Piper

I think people don't like her because they've never given her a good background,so we don't know anything about her. Her past could've effected her and nobody cares. I think she's underestimate and is awesome.

She's. A weirdo

Ethan Nakamura

I think Ethan could have been very powerful demigod. But Unlucky him, he had an unfortunate past and parentage.

Cunning and sneaky, but vengeful

Was a bit stupid but came out all right in the end and for the record nemesis is fair no favouritism and was only doing her job


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