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21 Clarisse LaRue

She is the best because she cares for her brothers and sisters and is a awesome fighter plus she is actually a kind hearted girl that deserves to be recognized

I think Clarisse is underestimated, just because she stayed at camp, or bullied Percy. Yes she is not the BEST person, buts she is a GOOD person. - Mayachen2006

Gods. There is no one for Clarisse? I swear to the River of Styx that Clarisse is one the toughest demigods out there.

Hello? she killed a drakon with no armor? why is she after drew tanaka, who is mentioned for ONE book.

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22 Hylla

She is really like her sister. She should be right after Reyna. - Mayachen2006

Queen of amazons

She is an idiot.

This girl could wreck hazel piper annabeth and pretty much about half the peeps in the top 10

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23 Magnus Chase

He is not the best character. I'm nit saying that I hate him, but I mean he is not that powerful. - Mayachen2006

He sucks. 15 just learns about his powers, relies on a troll and a elf to save him all the time

Magnus Chase was a late realisation but his Sumarbrander is unbeatable for any demigod weapon. Give him some time and training and look at the havoc he can cause. He is the Percy Jackson of Norse mythology. He is the most important part of ragnarok. So put him in upper tiers and Jason Grace will wet his pants on seeing Magnus' incredible prowess
By Fredrick Chase

24 Zeus

I don't like him, but he is king of the gods

This is demigods, not gods


He is the most powerful god along with poseidon and hades.Was able to beat poryhrion and typhon and kronos with some help. he is not a demigod.

25 Meg

I don't think Meg is the most powerful demigod but she's up and coming! She has been trained in sophisticated fighting style, and has the whole plant thing going for her, plus peaches. I thinks she's an up and coming demigod that will show that "hey Demeter is cool too"

Meg is super young like 7. Once she gets older not even Apollo will stand a chance!

26 Gaea

What? She's the ground itself not a demigod! Plus, she could've destroyed the world anyways when she rose

She's mean but she is strong

She's not even a demigod

OP.The land herself.she is not a demigod

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27 Dionysus V 3 Comments
28 Chiron

Oh he is awesome. Come on people, we all know that. - Mayachen2006

A funny TEACHER of camp half blood

Not a demigod



29 Michael Yew

He had such a cool arrow. A sonic arrow. That's cool, plus it was sad that he died :(

R.I.P Michael...he will be missed :c

30 Ella the Harpy


Really? Really, guys? Lemme spell it out for you: D-E-M-I-G-O-D. Not H-A-R-P-Y.


31 Connor

They are both very sneaky and can hold their own.

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32 Connor Stoll

Amazing prankster like his bro - Mayachen2006

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33 Festus

Festus must be the happiest dragon. His name literally translates to happy. Plus he is straight up boss.

Just so u know. he is not even human

34 Kayla Knowles
35 Clarisse

I don't like clarsse that much but she is a daughter of ares and she can fight and pick on pelople and fight.

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36 Grover

Why is he here? He is not a demigod.

Grover is a member of the council of the cloven elders!

Grover is Percy's BEST FRIEND, Percy PROMISED. People forget that. He should be in the top ten. - Mayachen2006

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37 Zoe Nightshade

Zone is very powerful, not saying she's the most powerful, she just deserves to be higher

She was leader of the hunt for over 1000 years, she was taken down by the Titan general, she beat beckendorf and many others including Nico by herself.

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38 Perseus

As Zeus's first demigod son he must be more powerful than the rest, and he was the only one in the entire demigod histroy who had a happy ending until now (Percy and the gang) as a hero. He stopped the kraken and medusa and he didn't even use his powers as he didn't know about them until his father told him after. As he is the role model of many heroes (including Percy) So yeah has power but unknown. Have to wait for ( Greek heroes book) 😎

39 Phoebe V 1 Comment
40 Theseus

Poseidon's son, extremely wise for a long time, and defeated the minotaur in the labyrinth.

I hate Theseus. He dumped Ariadne in an island and left her all alone.

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