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Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.


Percy defeated Kronos and Hyperion. Sure he had some help with the Hyperion part but with the Kronos battle, anyone else shouldn't have survived 10 seconds, yet Percy did. He has a lot of different ways to manipulate water, such as: Creating water, water storms, mini-hurricanes. If the human body is 60% water, if my source is correct, couldn't Percy just make Jason stab himself or something related to that matter? He has defeated around, I would say, 93-98% of all mythological monsters and beat Ares at the age of 12 with little training. Jason defeated Krios, yes but honestly? Come on, Krios is the titan of constellations. Sure, he arrived at Camp Jupiter at the age of 2 but could a baby really use a sword at that age? No. My guess? Around 6 or 7 is the age he started his training. Percy defeated the giant Polybotes. Yeah he had help by Terminus but if you recall, all he did was slam the head of Terminus on Polybotes. See my point? Percy did all the work, not Terminus. Percy has also ...more

Percy is a child of the Big Three so he is inherently more powerful than children of other demigods as his father's power is rivaled only by Hades and Zeus. The only other demigods in contention would be Jason, Thalia, Nico, and Hazel. We've seen an almost matchup between Thalia and Percy when Percy was young and they were more or less dead locked. Jason and Percy essentially stalemated while they were possessed and not able to use their own cognizance. But Percy has shown a much deeper connection and ability to draw upon his power than Jason. The only other demigod with a similar connection and ability would be Nico. However, Nico has claimed that Percy is the most powerful demigod he has ever seen. Percy has beaten gods, titans, and gigantes as well as almost every type of monster within Greek mythology. Hera has stated that the Seven would be the greatest heros of all time, so if Percy is the strongest of the seven, he would also be the greatest hero of all time.

Can control water, create cyclones, storms and much more, is also a wicked swordfighter

I had a theory to why Percy it so powerful it's like this; when gods have kids not all the kids are of the same strength because the sea, and by default Poseidon, are meant to be unpredictable and wild I believe that his kids have a wider range, for the lack of a better word, on the power scale so his kids can either be really weak or really strong or somewhere in the middle so whilst a god like Zeus will have kids that are fairly consistent in power so they get a reputation of always being strong a god like posted on may have had s bunch of weak kids giving them bad a bad reputation and then Percy comes along and is the opposite end of the scale and is way more powerful than even a powerful kid of Zeus

This could just be because he's had more time to develop and do awesome things, but whenever we hear about Percy doing something awesome, it's usually followed by everyone else saying something along the lines of "You did WHAT?! " or just generally marveling at what he did, Annabeth is actually frightened by how powerful he is. He fought two titans without dying, and pretty much killed one, while fighting to a stalemate with Kronos on multiple occasions, and can be trusted to fight a legion of roman zombies on his own. You can pretty much forget about defeating him when you're near the ocean, since the water heals him, and he can control it, and even without the water he's pretty dang tough.

Percy Jackson everyone. If he can control water then he can control pretty much everything, even parts of Hades and Zeus' domains (earthquakes and storms) to some extent. There's water everywhere on earth, he can control ice too, make hurricanes and we saw him create water in a middle of a volcano! Besides, he's a really good fighter and a spirited leader. He's inspiring to everyone and even thought a lot of gods dislike him, they all said more or less that he was really powerful.
Don't get me wrong, Jason is powerful too but Percy will always be my hero, and yes, I believe that Percy could beat him. That would be a tough fight but Percy would eventually win.

Percy by a long run. I love Jason, Nico, and Thalia, but Percy is the son of the sea god. According to my research all of the Big Three are of the same power, all Zeus did was win a lot. In fact Zeus is the youngest son if Kronos. Percy can use his powers to an amazing ability. He would've been unstoppable during the 2nd Titan War without the Curse of Achilles. His ability too manipulate water the way he could without any training was amazing. He was one of the most powerful sword fighters with just some help of water right of the bat. He broke Clarrise's spear. Nico and Jason are extremely powerful yes, but the award goes to Percy.

Percy Jackson clearly because of the following reasons:-

1. He has the control over water and ICE (as shown in the The Titan's Curse).
2. Has command over Poseidon's creations such as horses and hippocampi.
3. Has held the sky.(This is usually considered a minor point, but it is NOT! ) Did Jason do that?
4. Has a pet hellhound. She can be called from anywhere, no matter how far.
5. Was offered immortal GODHOOD.
6. Beat Ares when he was twelve.
7. Has one of the most important swords in Greek myth, Anakumolos (Riptide)
8. A unpredictable swordsman.
9. Has been the most respected demigod in Camp Half-Blood and former praetor of Camp Jupiter.
10. Part of the first and the second Great Prophecy.

I think he is the best because he is fast and great with a sword he has many powers that make him great to in the first book the lightning theif he ripped a horn off the Minotaurs face and in the last book the Minotaur throw cars pasted Olympus so Percy is stronger than the Minotaur wich makes him really good because a lot of people in the series are not. Percy is the strongest because he even has way better feats than that one he is the best with a sword because when he never even touched a sword in the first book against the Minotaur new what to do with it so he is best with a sword to and he is the most powerful because he can control water since he is half human he has water in him and he heals bye water so in a he would just heal the hole time and since the other demigods are half human to they have water in them to and Percy controls water so he could just make the water inside them snap there neck and that is why I think Percy Jackson is the best.

I mean guys come on this guy has completed many commendable and amazing feats. Defeating Kronos, bringing back Zeus's lightning bolt, retrieve if the Golden Fleece, and he can create hurricanes. Percy is humble, kindhearted, and loyal to his friends. His drive to protect his friends at the cost of his life is what keeps him going. It is true that Jason Grace is powerful as well but to be honest Percy is on a whole other level. I guess you can say he's "dam" good.

I DEFIANTLY can say without a doubt that Percy is the STRONGEST modern Demigod of them all! He has shown amazing bravery, fantastic feats and awesome fighting skills. No one uses a sword better then the son of Poseidon and what better sword to fight with then Riptide!? Percy Jackson's water abilities are amazingly powerful and with the Achilles Curse he was unkillable! he held up the world, he helped defeat Kronos and his Army, Gaia and the Giants, and many evil monsters! He has earned the trust of everyone at Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter! He has earned the respect of Dionysus (who hates demigods), Artemis (who hates men), and Hades (who hates everyone in general)! No one is better then the GREAT, the AMAZING, the FANTASTIC, the POWERFUL, Percy Jackson!

Well duh the entire series is based off of him and he can control water and poison we don't know how much water was in that poison so if Percy got angry enough like if someone killed an Annabeth he could probably create a gigantic earth quake and tons of hurricanes and maybe even control blood or Ichor. He got through Kronos times spell which took the gods years Poseidon said it himself sure Jason is strong but not as strong as Percy when Jason was all like I'm could have killed you when piper saves them from getting possessed remember Percy was about to kill him first Perct fought 4 Titans and defeated 2 of them which is crazy and one was Hyperion who is crazy strong. Percy is the better demigod and more powerful not evening a argument

Percy is easily the most powerful demigod, not just of this time, but quite possibly of all time. He has a lot more powers of any of the others. His sword skills are almost unmatched, and he's a quick thinker. The air is made of hydrogen and oxygen. If it comes down to it, the human body is almost 75% water. If he tried, I bet he could kill easily, but he's too nice for that. Over all, Percy is easily #1

I think that Percy Jackson should totally be #1 because Nico even states at the end of The Mark Of Athena that he is the most powerful demigod he ever met. Also, he can breathe underwater, control water, summon hurricanes, and he is supposed to be one of the best swordsman at camp half-blood. Percy is #1.

I think Percy is the best from defeating the God of war from defeating Kronos the Lord of the Titans. Percy as a Son of Poseidon is familiar to water which covers up about seventy-five percent of the earth so he has about a seventy-five percent chance over anyone. And did I mention that he can make water appear out of no where. So that's why I voted Percy Jackson.

Dude percy is way powerful then jason if there was a battle percy would defeat jason but not easily. Still jason has powers but percy is way more intelligent, and in terms of battle skills. In moa they fought but no one won but if it would continue I think percy could have beaten jason.

Before I answer this question, I would like to scold the creator of this page for not being specific enough. When we say "The most powerful demigod in Percy Jackson, do we mean just the Percy Jackson & the Olympians (PJatO) series, or all of the Camp Half-Blood series, including PJatO, Heroes of Olympus (HoO) and Trials of Apollo (ToA), or every demigod met in Rick Riordan's mythology universe, so including Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (MCatGoA)--The Kane Chronicles don't have any demigods. I am going to assume the creator is talking about the second option.

Before I tell you why I am voting for Percy, let me go over Percy's powers. He can summon water regardless if there is water around (demonstrated in the Battle of the Labyrinth) and can make it into any shape he wants, including a wave or giant hands (demonstrated in the Son of Neptune). He can breath and stay dry underwater, and is not vulnerable to water pressure. He can even summon a personal hurricane, if ...more

Percy had the upper hand in the fight against Jason (The Mark of Athena) while being controlled even after being shot with lightning, so Percy is the most powerful. He can also control any water not just sea water.

Percy Jackson defeated 3 titans I mean why shouldn't this guy be #1 like also he defeated Kronos the king of the titans that I don't know like KRONOS WAS THE WORST ENEMY THE BIG THREE GODS HAD EVER FACED. Also Percy interested many gods to his liking like Hermes, Aphrodite, Hestia, Hades, and Zeus took interest in him along with Artemis and she doesn't even like men and she said she LIKED Percy because he was so confident and brave. If gods even show him respect he should be number 1.

I think percy jackson is the most powerful Demigod because of he's big heart and his awesome sword fighting skills. I mean the dude held up the sky for his friends and kill god knows how much monster already. He has also beaten gods like Ares, Hades. he's even been in hell and back not to forget he's amazing water abilities. I mean seriously he can make earth quakes. Even if sometimes he is a seaweed brain at a lot of things. He is also 100% born to a heroic leader.

Just so you guys know, Percy destroyed Ares in a One-on-One duel. Ares became so cowardly, he had to take his true form, and even that wasn't enough to defeat Percy, and Ares had fled. Percy Jackson can be said as THE strongest, while Jason and Nico could be arguably tied for 2nd. Percy easily catches the #1 Spot

Percy is number one, he defeated a giant with the help of Terminus not Zeus like Jason did. Nico is second he can call dead warriors to his aid, Jason is good but Percy has better powers and skill combined, Jason can't fly over a tsunami or a hurricane.

Percy Jackson is the strongest as he is the main character meaning the creator of the PJ series (Rick Riordan) will make him sound fierce and brave as that is the scenario in many fictional stories. But my vote goes to Percy as he is the son of Poseidon (Proven to be the actual ruler of Olympus) meaning he is one more powerful demigods. Compared to Thalia and Jason who are the children of Zeus, have still proven to be no match to Percy's powers.

Percy because he's stronger than Jason since he defeated 4 titans wich included the king Kronos and beat ares in a fight on top of that he was afforded a spot to be a god did any one in the seven receive a chance like that. But his flaw can cause them to die but like Hera said he's the glue he showed he is willing to risk every thing for them

Percy is definitely the most powerful. By the gods, he beat a God at TWELVE! Besides, he controls all liquids, and can talk to fishes and horses, and go underwater, which allows him access to places others cannot go! I swear to the gods, Percy Jackson is the most powerful demigod.