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Ville Hermanni Valo is a Finnish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead vocalist and main songwriter of the Finnish gothic rock band HIM.


"Love's the devil counting teardrops in the rain" ("Love the Hardest Way")
"This emptiness I've made my home
Embracing memories of dreams long gone
One last caress from the corpse of love
Is all I want, underneath the cyanide sun.
We've sailed the seas of grief on a raft built with our tears
Looking for a way to disappear for a moment from our deepest fears.
I'll be drowning you in this river of gloom
Forever in my heart, oh, my love"
Ville Valo is poet, musically as well as lyrically. Not to mention vocally :)
HIM are such an amazing band! I'm really looking forward to hearing some news about their newest album.

Amazing... no words can describe his talent! One of the best songwriters out there!

I like HIM because of his lyrics mainly. I appreciate when I find figurative lyrics, and Valo's ones takes me to other places, just like the good writers do in literature. And I must admit, I study literature and sometimes I've thought about analyzing one of his songs in a class. Unfortunately, not all my classmates speak English and even I can translate them, I consider touching them can avoid part of the magic they have. The best undoubtedly, not for all minds, that's part of the magic too.

Ville Valo is an smart and charismatic person. And I think the reason that I love H.I.M. is because they lyrics are diferent that the rest of the composers. Ville found the way to make me feel connect with the songs, in my life in the most poetical way... and with his Amazing Voice, the Greatest guitarist I ever seen Lily Lazer... HIM is just perfect...

Definitely number 1, no competition... His lyrics are so deep and healing for all of us who yearn for true love, and who still believe in it in spite of many disappointments, he gives me comfort and hope... When I listen to his words I'm in my on little world where I'm safe and sound... It's nice to know that someone like him exist in this cruel world, I just hope that someone like him waits for each and every of us... The number one peerless )

Ville's deep and sorrowful voice in Gone with the Sin causes me to cry every time. And when he hits his falsetto notes in Funeral of Hearts he just makes me want to dance. His lyrics are like poetry. And only some musicians can write about heartache and pain and really capture the attention of millions. And how in the latest album it was still Ville but happier. He's just the perfect musician.

It's just a genius, has a natural talent, a privileged mind... He is unique in what it does and does everything great, his lyrics are just one example of his creativity. His lyrics reflect his particular personality, with his joys, his sorrows, his fears, his passions... do you feel that you are not alone in the world. Thanks to him for putting the lyrics and the soundtrack to our lives.

He is just amazing, his lyrics touch me and everyone I know so deeply. :) His songs are all about love, pain, and romance. It's things we all go through every day, and I can appreciate someone who writes his own lyrics and melodies, and who can relate to exactly how I feel. There is not one song that Ville and the band HIM have done that I CAN'T relate to! They are AMAZING!

I have a precious treasure, is a very nice journal, kept in a box and tied with a green ribbon (the color of hope) where I have the lyrics of my favorite songs of HIM, translated into Spanish (my language), handwritten by me. It really means a lot to me. His lyrics are the essence of love as I can feel it or understand it.

He puts his whole soul into writing his lyrics as well as singing them. He opens his whole heart when he sits down to carefully choose the most beautiful poems he has to offer. For him, writing his songs gives him the same relief as it does to the fans to listen to them..

of course he is one of the most talented beings from our age, I'm saying one of the most because there are other like Valo but this can be show to the rest of the world because of the mainstream music that we don't appreciate its very difficult to make music in this ages because people are being blinded with foul lyrics.

cheers lads.

The lyrics that he wrotes are his soul, my soul and the souls of everyone else who love him. He can wrote such beautiful songs because he's choosen. I simply adore him and that talent of his.

Ville Valo is the best lyricist I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Ville has been a true inspiration to many including myself. Ville along side his "Mates" have saved many lives through their music. My depression has been slain by Ville's voice no wonder he is number one.

No other way but to describe his work as sensational. I love the band and their music. They have helped me through a lot of hard times in my life. I've seen them in concert about four times and I'm looking to add to that number! His lyrics truly move you in a way you cannot describe. God does love you, he created Ville Valo!

He uses his poetry to transmit his feelings into beautiful songs.

The most painfull of all feelings, but it is also the most beautiful. He is trying (I think) to prove that to all of us.
He is just amazing, Ville is perfect

Ville Valo's voice is truly a beautiful one that can provoke any emotion that he wants. If the melody it that of a sensual nature he can make you feel hot and bothered just by using the greatest instrument the voice. There is no words that can truly describe his ability

The most beautiful and meaningful lyrics I've ever heard and read in my life, were written by, Ville Valo

His lyrics are made from love, pain, and passion. This cannot be imagined, but instead must come out from the heart and the soul. I adore his lyrics, as well I adore him, and HIM. I really hope Ville gets #1.

His is by far the most talented lyricist in the modern world. Just take every song from their recent album Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice as a great example oh just how powerful, heart warming, love felt, and poetic his songwriting is.

Still haven't found anyone else that can write like Ville. He's just an amazing mind, and he surprises me all the time! His lyrics make my day, if it's a bad day, they make it good, if its already good, it just makes it better!

Ville is really the greatest songwriter ever. I knew about HIM 12 years ago when I was a schoolgirl. His lyrics have always been the best motivation for me, and they still inspire me. Thanks to him I am what I am. THANK YOU, VILLE!

The most beautiful lyrics that I've ever heard in my life are written by Ville Valo. And believe me, there's plenty of songs I've heard and listened. Have to love his lyrics. Better yet, I would call it poetry.

Ville is excellent songwriter! ))) I wonder how one person can have so many different talents))) - VENUS__DOOM

His beautiful uplifting melancholy voice is one that has helped me through some darker stages of my life. His way with words and the emotion he shares whilst singing. A true, beautiful talent... In HIM We Trust!

Ville Valo is pure poetry. Simple as that. He intertwines love, passion, death and suffering in a unique way that warms our souls and takes us to a world where heartache and lost are a blessing as well as a a curse.